Are You Letting Your Inner Fears Hold You Back?

Jan 28, 2012, Self Development

What is your GREATEST FEAR? Are you letting your inner fears hold you back from achieving your own success?

I’ve come to find over the last few years that almost 100% of what keeps people from succeeding isn’t their circumstances or situations surrounding them in life, but what’s in between their ears. Now, many people think it’s nonsense, but our human brain is so incredibly powerful, and we can either attract anything we want into our life or hold ourselves back from positive things by what we let in our minds everyday.

Below is a video my buddy Derek LaFargue, at Ruthless Autonomy, passed along from Tony Robbins. And we’re both going to start watching this every morning, just to get us in the right “zone” for the day, ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

If you watch it every morning, it will help you accomplish everything you want, will help expand your mind, and focus on moving your life and business forward.

So, not a lot more to talk about it today, here it is. Watch it every morning to Set The Tone for your day!

Start Thinking BIGGER!

Brent Wehmeyer

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