Why You DON’T Want Everyone To LOVE You!

Sep 6, 2011, Entrepreneurship

In today’s post, we discuss why you DON’T want everyone to love you…it’s a bit counterintuitive, but read on to find out why it is the case…

Well, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and now it’s back to work again!

I just got done with my daily morning run, about 4 miles or so this morning. I made it to my favorite coffee shop at the halfway point for a little break and a hot cup of coffee as it’s finally cooling off here in Kansas City, and was almost in the 40’s this morning! I don’t know about you, but I love fall!

I know many people absolutely dread Mondays, (or in this week’s case, Tuesday!) but I know personally I love them and can’t wait for them, to me it’s a day of getting back to what I love doing, and thank God for every day I’m able to help people like you learn how to make an income working from home, for your own dreams!

When I was running, I had a thought, a memory of a breakthrough I had not so long ago…

To Succeed, You Don’t Want Everyone To Love You

You see, when I was newer to building my business online, I tried to do everything I could to please all sorts of people…whoever was going to come across my websites, I wanted to appeal to them and get them to like me…after all, that’s when I could make money, when they liked me and trusted me, right???

Not the case! After months of plugging away, posting articles and advertising my business in a way to attract all kinds of people, I realized I was spinning my wheels, and more importantly, I wasn’t showing my true self to my visitors and readers.

It was then I realized, as I studied and observed other leaders in the industry, that True Leaders aren’t worried about other people’s perceptions of them. They show their true personalities and that leads to almost cult-like followings in many instances, creating unique brands built around their own unique personalities.

True leaders have core values and they stick to them:

Regardless of the storm

Regardless of the outcome

Regardless of the perceptions

They don’t get phased by anything! Now that’s magnetic…

I feel bad it took me so long to realize it myself, after trying for so long to copy off other successful marketers, but you just can’t copy other people’s personalities, you gotta be true to yourself.

And here is what this does for you:

1) It fine tunes your audience.
There are no “maybes”, “I don’t know’s”, or “on the fence” followers of you. It’s either yes or no, do they want to follow you or not. At first you probably hate the thought of all those people you could be losing by offending them or their likes and personality just not meshing with yours.

But the result is actually a filtered group of followers, more closely aligned to your own beliefs, values, likes, and dislikes, and this makes it so much easier to market to those people. These people know what to expect from you, they will even look forward to emails or posts from you, and overall it will just make you magnetic to your fans!

2) Many of the people who will not follow you because you just don’t appeal to their likes or needs, will still respect you for taking a stand and being true to yourself, not just trying to be a bland, neutral, all-encompassing corporate brand, and they’ll likely recommend you to someone who they think may be interested in your offer.



Here Are Some Examples:

  • I’m not good at calling and prospecting professionals over the phone…but if someone visiting my blog or a person on my team are more inclined to that, instead of trying to teach it to them, I refer them to Todd Falcone.
  • Or if somebody is really into tracking results of their marketing efforts and learning exactly where to go to get traffic to their product or business offers, I could try to teach what I know about it, and share what little experience I have with that, or I could just refer them to Daegan Smith, the king of this kind of stuff, and tell them they should get in on his Maximum Leverage Inner Circle training system.
  • If a person is interested in learning the in’s and the out’s of Google Adwords, it’s certainly not me, but can sure send them over to Perry Marshall.

So, just think about all those experts out there, and what subject they’ve centered their own brand around, how they’ve become the go-to person for that one thing.

You just can’t be successful by being all things to all people!

And it’s not just subjects or topics, but also your personality,¬†as I mentioned earlier, that you can build your following around.

Think of someone like David Wood, he’s a little crazy, he’s full of energy, he’s “out there” on some issues, and he just seems to love to have fun. This is great for a lot of people, but some who are all buttoned down and professional, they may be driven away by David.

But I’ll tell you what, all those raving rabid fans of his far surpass in value the value lost from those who don’t follow him because of him being so transparent with everyone.

What are your thoughts on this?

I’d love to see your comments below and discuss it with you!


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