Why I Don’t Watch The “News” & You Should Avoid It Too…

Jul 15, 2013, Life

NEVER start or end your day with news… I read this post from a marketing & life mentor of mine, Perry Marshall and just had to share it. (You can see his original post here, I’m sure he would love your feedback as well)…


The national news does not make my top 20 list of worthwhile things. And it certainly should not be in your top 10.

Bert Gulick once said, “Don’t watch the news. If there’s anything you need to know, someone will call you and tell you about it.”

This is true and I mostly follow his advice. So long-time subscriber & Planet Perry member Paul Eilers asked me to explain how I stay up on what’s going on despite being mostly unplugged from the world of ‘normal.’

I *would* be all for watching the news IF they told you stuff you actually need to know. But they don’t. Before our last Roundtable meeting, I went to breakfast in the hotel and the TV in the dining room was broadcasting some horrible story about child abuse or something. Nauseating.

I suddenly realized everyone in the dining room thought this was normal. Never questioning any of it. Not one person asked the hotel staff to change the channel. The staff switches on the TV (and maybe never turns it off), never pausing to consider whether this is improving the atmosphere. Whether it’s going to help everyone have a great trip and enjoy their day.

Nobody eating their breakfast seems to be questioning it either.

I took my breakfast outside and sat in the bench by the front door. The morning air was way better.

Unfiltered news is useless. The only exception is if you are actively seeking to publicize your business by harmonizing with existing, fast-breaking trends.

Yes, you can make a LOT of hay by synchronizing with current events. Jay Harper who sells gluten-free lipstick can crow about any number of celebs and their makeup or their diets. Email, press releases, guest editorials and blogs.

Adam Libman who does taxes can zero in on whatever the IRS is up to now or trumpet the impact of new regulations on rich or famous people. Ditto Rob Brown who advises financial planners.

Ben Gorelick who runs a hardcore mountain training school can send an email AND a press release about the Royal Family’s pampered vacation to Switzerland and how renegades choose less trodden paths.

The news is now driven by Click Thru Rates. Which means the news you see is whatever is triggering the Lizard Brain of very mediocre people who have little else to do.

The news is NOT your friend.

Yesterday I found out about the Zimmerman verdict because of a comment my pastor made at church. I found out about Cory Monteith because someone on Facebook expressed her sorrow.

Which just proves: “If you need to know, someone will tell you.”

WHEN you get your news you should be deliberate about it. If you’re looking for publicity hooks and want to ride the coat tails of fast-breaking stories, get Google or Twitter alerts.

You should seriously question how accurate the news you get is in the first place. You can be sure that the most juicy stuff seldom makes headlines.

Average people let the news happen to them. Millionaires are in control of the news they receive. They go out of their way to seek out news that affects THEIR world and THEIR projects.

The most successful entrepreneurs are highly selective about the information they receive; they prize accurate information sources and often go to great trouble and expense to find out what they need to know.

We are highly distrustful of the mass media. We know that the media views us as evil, or at best a nuisance. Wealthy people know that our job is to use the media to get customers, and to get customers DIS-engaged from other media outlets.

The most successful marketers I know all believe that their information is more worthy of attention than the news.

If it doesn’t build your dream, you don’t need it. MY information is more worthy of your attention than the news, because it’s what you need.

You wouldn’t let someone send you emails about random killings in Rwanda would you?

Then why do you watch it on TV?

It just makes you believe you’re powerless.

But despite what CNN says, you’re not powerless.

You can make a difference with very specific people in very focused ways.

Your job is to laser focus your very finite energy and NOT let someone else’s misery define your world.

Perry Marshall

I had the EXACT same experience this past weekend, as my wife and I were in Wichita, KS for a family friend’s wedding. We came down to the hotel dining area Sunday morning to eat breakfast and everyone’s eyes were just glued to the TV as they gulped down their meal.

It was sickening to me to see all these “Sheep” just taking in every word that came from the mouths of the news anchors, as though it was going to dramatically effect their day.

You alone choose how your day will go, what you will accomplish, and the attitude with which you’ll live your life.

Turn off the “Constant Negative News” and create life the way YOU see it!
How do YOU manage your news? Post your comment below…

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