Who Wants To Be Average Anyway?

May 8, 2013, Mindset

“Results aren’t average.”

…You see it at the bottom of sales pages, videos, blog posts, marketers’ emails, and many other places. We have to put those income disclaimers there by law because some yahoo’s along the line decided it wasn’t their fault they failed at a business opportunity, and went crying to the government to protect them and give them reparations for their hurt and losses.

Hahaha, that reminds me of this guy who spent his life savings (a little over $2,000) trying to win an Xbox at a carnival, failed, and then went back the next day crying about them rigging the game and taking his money. He went home unsatisfied, even though they gave him $600 back and an awesome one-of-a-kind Rastafarian giant banana.

Man loses life savings trying to win Xbox at carnival: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/04/29/nh-man-loses-life-savings-on-carnival-game/

Anyhow, I digress. In the case of online income generating opportunities, the reason people fail is almost always because they weren’t coachable, quit right away, or didn’t stick with their original commitment to make something work.

The fact is vast numbers of people fail at everything in life. Think about how many people buy gym memberships but never lose weight. Do they sue the gyms for their gym membership not working?!  (Well, it IS America, somebody has probably tried it!)

Nonetheless, among the endless rules and regulations of our wonderful all-knowing government, we have to post disclaimers everywhere to let people know the “average” results people get in business opportunities.

But Seriously, Why Would You Want To Be Average Or Consider Yourself Average?

When I see a disclaimer like that, I say to myself something like,

“It’s a good thing those awesome results aren’t average, because I don’t want to be an average guy. I have great potential and I’m going to go big or go home!”

Here is what my friend Tony Rush posted on Facebook recently about “Being Average”:

Average people are never successful. That’s what the word “average” MEANS: pretty much like everyone else.

But you CAN be a person from an average BACKGROUND who becomes wildly UNaverage.

That’s what most people want. That’s what I wanted.

But if you want a life that’s wildly UNaverage…you cannot act or think the way that other people act and think.

Acting and thinking like the masses is a recipe for being average. (Again, think about the meaning of the word.)

No, if you want to have WILD success and abundance…you’d better get used to being the oddball in a crowd when it comes to how you think about things.

And you’d better get rid of that addiction you have to the approval of others.

You’d better decide RIGHT NOW that you’re going to live your life according to a VISION…not according to what everyone else is doing.

The “status quo” is the enemy.
Mediocrity is the enemy.

And the worst thing you can do if you want an amazing life is to stay comfortable in “the herd”.

WRITE THIS DOWN: The only purpose of the herd…is to keep you in the herd.

Herd of sheep

That sums it up about perfectly there.

Your are not average!

So stop letting average person issues hold you back.

You can truly create a life of your DREAMS, if you just follow the course, commit to taking daily action, creating positive habits, working alongside people who are running in the same direction as you (away from the herd!), and BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!

NOW is your time.

That’s right, your time to take action, changing the rest of your life for the better is most likely RIGHT NOW.

You’ll be amazed, when you give yourself permission to take action on achieving your dreams, just how radically you can change your life in  the next 90 days!

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