What State Are You In, Procrastinating, Productive, or Prolific?

Feb 11, 2013, Self Development

Today we’re going to dive into the concept of creating your “Million Dollar Day”…and it just might radically change the rest of your life.

For just a moment, put yourself in the mind of a millionaire, imagine yourself in their shoes.

Do you think they got to where they are by putting things off?

…how do you think you would spend your time?

…would you put off doing things that you have always dreamed of doing?

…would you put of fixing all the broken things in your life, delay tying up unfinished projects, or leave ideas in your mind to cover with dust?

…OR would you finish everything that needs done, and if not by yourself, by someone you delegate the tasks to? turn every idea in your brain into reality and money?

Procrastinator, Productive, Prolific

I used to be a procrastinator, and honestly, there are days where it still consumes me and raises its ugly head. But I know if I’m to create my life by MY design, it’s only going to be done by accomplishing BIG things.

So for a long time, I’ve striven to be productive: to accomplish everything on my To-Do lists, to get ideas out of my head and “onto paper”…

But it wasn’t until recently, learning from my mentor, Mark Hoverson, that I realized there is an entire level above being productive…being PROLIFIC!

YOUR Million Dollar Day

1 Million DollarsHere’s the concept Mark Hoverson dives into in his new program, ‘Be Prolific’:

We have a tendency as humans to put off little things that could be done in minutes or a very short amount of time, because we feel they’ll take us off task from more important things, or because we’re just lazy.

In reality, what happens when we do this is, our creativity is sucked dry, and our subconscious gets bogged down as these untended tasks all around us pile up in our mind. The big things we think need done first, the things that are more important, perhaps the income-producing activities, don’t get done, or get done in a poor manner, because our mind is muddling through all these annoying undone tasks in our head.

Make sense?

So, with what you’ll learn in Be Prolific, you’re going to set aside 1 day, just ONE DAY, to come up with an exhaustive list of things that need done. Things you’ve put off for who knows how long. And you’re going to act as if someone would pay you $1 Million if you finished all of your tasks on your To-Do list by the end of the day.

It starts with making a list of every single thing that needs to be done that you’ve been putting off for months or years. Then begin planning everything you need to have on hand to finish them, and people you can delegate certain tasks to.

Now, imagine the feeling of accomplishment, the weight off your shoulders, when you wipe out that whole list in just one day! The relief you’ll have, the freed up creativity and space in your mind to be PROLIFIC!

But, don’t get caught up in the details though, Mark covers EVERYTHING inside…


Live In Abundance , Starting With Creating Your First Million Dollar Day

You can get access to everything inside this course, and the bonuses that Mark attached with it, for just $37. Just one of the bonuses gave me an idea that will save me at LEAST 20 hours a week!

It’s not a long course that you’ll never have hope for making it all the way through it either. Mark does a fantastic job of being concise, fast-paced, and getting straight to the point describing what you need to do to create your million dollar day.

And, if my recommendation weren’t enough, Mark guarantees that if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can request to get your measly $37 back.  (C’mon, would you really ask for $37 back anyway if you have an abundance mindset?)

I’m planning everything that needs done and getting ready to tackle my Million Dollar Day. I can’t wait to work with all of you who decide to JOIN ME in being PROLIFIC NOW!

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