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It’s the launching point for learning what I’m about, what I believe is important, what I teach, and how I can help you with your business & lifestyle goals and plans.

The Best Of BrentWehmeyer.com

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with me, and want to dive deeper into helpful content here on the site, head over to this “Best Of” page to see a quick list of the most popular content on the site, broken into various categories to help you get straight to the info you want most!

How You Can Build A Lifestyle Business

If I could wrap everything I do in my business, and what I teach here on my site, into one neat little ball – which I really can’t! – it would be that everything I pursue needs to fit into the “lifestyle business” description, and that what I share and teach others should fit into that “lifestyle business” model as well.

What is a Lifestyle Business, exactly?

If you’re not familiar, check out this page and you’ll get up to speed with me right away!

The Tools I Use To Build My Business

Self explanatory; if you want to know what tools, products, and services I use in my business that keep me productive, make me money, and make my life easier, you will find it all on this one Toolbox page. Even my favorite books and courses I’ve learned from are there!

Your Online Business Jumpstart

Coming Soon – I’ve had this course in the works for a while, and quite honestly have been procrastinating on getting it out to the public – but when it’s done, it will be your comprehensive source for learning what it takes, step-by-step, to get your own Lifestyle Business (several different sub-models taught within that business model) up and running in no time.

I teach how to start an online business lean and efficient, no bells & whistles need, to get revenue coming in right away…then we can optimize, improve, and make things fancier later.

Work Less. Live More

Coming Soon – Okay, you caught me, yet another thing I’ve procrastinated on getting out to the public, but I promise I will! A few years ago, I read “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller, and it had a massive impact on how I operate my business, my daily actions & habits, and how I pursue life in general.

The overall goal? …Work Less & Live More. I’ve cut out what’s not helpful, beneficial, or productive, and trimmed everything down to what works to make money and build my business in a way that doesn’t simply trade time for dollars, but works toward building a system that provides residual, passive income long after I’ve done the work.

I will teach all of my methods, routines, habits, and more to help you become more efficient in your business as well, so you can Work Less & Live More!