Understanding More Opportunity Exists Than Ever Before

Jan 23, 2015, Entrepreneurship, Life

While the world around you attempts to persuade you into believing everything is falling to pieces, the truth is there are more opportunities to succeed and create a fantastic life for yourself today, more than any time in history. I’m going to prove it to you in this post.

Turn on the nightly news, and you’ll be led to believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket, everywhere you go and everything you do is unsafe, the economy is in shambles, and that war is the only answer.

If this is the only piece of positive news you hear for the day, let it be this: That is all GARBAGE! It’s absolutely false, sensationalized propaganda, negative mind control, and fear mongering to keep your eyes glued to the screens so they make more money from advertising.  Statistics actually prove that we live in the safest of times.

Just check out these ThinkProgress stats here

That’s all about how safe and awesome life is for most people in the world today…Then comes along in the 90’s a little thing called the Internet. Because of the pervasive takeover of absolutely every area of our life by both technology and the Internet, today we have absolutely more opportunities to succeed, going from complete rags to riches, than EVER before in history. 

No, Seriously…It’s Easier Than Ever

In 1980, there were 500 millionaires in America. Out of a population at the time of 225 million or so, millionaires were very rare! There weren’t many books written by them, and few knew their strategies (unlike today, with books and courses everywhere).

Today, there are over 8.4 MILLION millionaires, after there being 5.2 million only 3 years ago.

Now, hold on,” you say, “there has been a ton of inflation over 30 years, so of course there are more millionaires today.

I hear ya there, but check out the math…

Out of a current population of 315 million, that equals  2.6%…2.6% of Americans today are millionaires, compared to only .0002% back in 1980. That’s a 13,000X increase!

Likewise with Billionaires: from 13 in 1985, to 500 today. (a 263X increase)

Yes, I would agree there is more income inequality than ever before; a complete result of the crony-capitalism, giant-bank run economy…the ultra rich are more ultra rich than ever before, just as the poor in our country are poorer than ever before. I won’t ignore that. There is an incredible amount of change needed to right the ship in our society. But I will tell you my 2 cents, and that’s that the solution most definitely does not lie in simply taxing the ultra-rich (aka stealing from them and redistributing to others), because 1) they will have loopholes to avoid those taxes, and 2) don’t ever trust the government to use wisely that money collected…it won’t actually ever go toward real solutions that create real change.

The answer is always to let a free economy run itself.

But that doesn’t work!” you say?

You don’t know that, and can’t say that for fact because none of us in our lifetimes have ever lived in a truly free economy…it’s always been manipulated by governments and big banks that are above the law.

But, I digress…

My main point is, despite our obvious problems (which there will always be, forever), there is also absolutely, undeniably more opportunity than ever before to take yourself from nobody & nowhere, to rich and wealthy in very little time, with very little experience or expense.

Let’s just look at one simple example: getting your message to the world.

Whatever your message may be – experiences or knowledge you have that many people would want to learn – in 1980, if you wanted to get that message out to the masses through a book, you absolutely had to find a big publisher that would take on your book and get it from print to bookshelves. This was a daunting, time-consuming, highly-selective process that eliminated many would-be authors from ever  having their book idea see the light of day.

Fast forward to today, with Amazon, you can publish a book on your own for FREE…and get paid on the sales of that book without spending a penny!

With technology becoming easier, more inexpensive, and more accessible to the masses, we have moved into an era where ideas and knowledge can be shared with ease at almost zero cost. There has never been a time in history where this was possible, due to the burdens and heavy expenses of communication and transportation of books and data, which can all be transmitted digitally with ease today.

In 1980, if you wanted to share some of your wisdom on audio, you would have to pay a company thousands of dollars to record your message on cassette tapes, and then you would have expenses of a dollar or two per cassette for fulfillment and shipping. It would cost you thousands of dollars before even getting your audio product to market.

Again, compare that to today. You can now simply record an audio or an HD video with your freaking smart phone (the power of multiple computers from just 10 years ago in the palm of your hand!), upload it to the web, and within minutes sell the video to customers and stream the video to them for delivery through your own website, podcast platforms, or social media.

Any individual can now custom manufactures goods, crafts, clothing, you name it, and sell it online with ease…or again, just ship into Amazon and let them do the selling and fulfillment.

And don’t even get me started on 3D Printing, which most people don’t even know much about yet! Geesh, just watch the explosion of products in the next couple years that you can buy the digital file of on sites like Amazon, and 3D PRINT that product from your own home with your 3D printer! Many Millionaires will be made in this one small niche alone. You have a creative idea of some little gadget or gizmo people would want? …Create the digital blueprint of that thing, upload to Amazon, and get paid every time it sells!

What I’m about to show you is almost unbelievable.

…Even insane, perhaps.

Not a single day goes by when I don’t see something and say… “I could do that.”

Cue The Exploding Kittens

No, I’m not referring to some ghastly story on the nightly news. Rather, one amazing example of a simple idea – a new card game – that can radically change a person’s life.

I’m showing you this because there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t do this exact same thing and make $3,320,890! (The total will be even higher by the time you read this).

And that’s just in the last 48 hours or so since their KickStarter project launched. These 3 guys are going to end up making a whole lot more in the next 27 days.

These guys raised over $2 Million Dollars in only the first 24 hours of their KickStarter campaign…

Exploding Kittens


Crazy, right?!

But, wait, there’s more!

Does It Pay To Open Boxes?

How’s $5 Million in one year sound for simply opening Disney products’ boxes on camera and posting to YouTube?

An unidentified person or group responsible for uploading videos that simply show a woman opening Disney toys made an estimated $4.9 million last year, on a Channel created in 2012 with 1,600 videos currently, that now gets over 380 Million view per month!

In Conclusion

So, I’m curious….

What’s stopping you or I from coming up with the next ‘Exploding Kittens’ or ‘Unboxing’ idea?

I’m sharing this message with you because I truly hope that it plants a seed of inspiration and confidence in you about what is possible today.

…There has literally never been more opportunity in the history of mankind to “get ahead” and “strike it rich” with simple IDEAS, than exists today.

That’s right, while the rest of the world whines and moans about how bad everything is, I’m telling you things are actually better than ever before.

…and facts actually prove it, the media just wants to fill you with fear and worry to keep you trapped in their web…but that’s a whole ‘nother tangent I could go down!

You, however, have the choice to make anything you want out of your life…from a simple freaking IDEA.

You are literally only one idea away from your fortune!

You and I are truly unlimited when we put our minds to the task of formulating an idea AND take the proper action. (Note: it does take both the idea and action.)

Simply unlimited.

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