Day 1 Training: Keep It Simple

Hey, welcome back, let’s start right in to what I want to share with you on day 1 of our training together.

You’re obviously online, and found me, because you’re looking to make your business work using the internet and all the other technology that’s available for us to use today.  But you may likely be confused, bombarded from every direction with information overload.

And, if you’re like me, you may think you need to learn how to do everything before you can succeed. First, get a domain, set up a blog, make it look all fancy, make a product to sell to people, get massive traffic from PPC, PPV, Social Media, Solo Ads, Classifieds, on and on and on.

Look, learning all of that is absolutely not necessary!

Just Keep It Simple!

The “old-school” methods of building a network marketing business still work… Building relationships with people over the phone, or at home parties, or local business briefings and trainings are all ways that continue to work in building a network marketing organization…but they also take a lot of your time, and frankly…they suck.

The internet is another medium for you to find people to talk to…the modern way to connect with people where they’re at. Today, you can find people who may be interested in what you have to offer through Facebook groups, forums, websites frequented by people in the niche you’re in, etc.

Learn all the tech crap as you go along…it’s great to know, and I’ve learned a lot of it and implemented it on my website here, obviously.  BUT, I never stopped talking to people along the way, in person, on the phone, while I was learning online strategies. The key point, though, is I use technology – the Internet, blogs, videos, marketing, emails – to sort through the tire-kickers for me, so I ONLY spend time on the phone with people who’ve already joined my team.

Get started talking to people. In Empower Network, we have an amazing system to get your business started with, teaching you what to do NOW to make NOW money…so you can earn money while you learn marketing skills that will pay off BIG in the near future. When you learn marketing skills, you can then stop doing the things you don’t like, and do only what you love.

Once your business is growing online, you can begin to learn the more technical things that will skyrocket your success on the Internet. You don’t need to have all these systems set up right away for yourself, like your own lead capture pages, merchant accounts, sales pages, products, etc…just go with a system like Empower Network that already has that set up for you…so you can learn just one skill…GETTING TRAFFIC (aka Marketing).

Yes, getting traffic is all you need to learn about at first. The rest can be learnt one piece at a time as you go, while you’re making money, growing your business, and becoming wildly successful.