The Trust Triangle

Nov 18, 2013, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing

Today, I’m sharing with you an insanely effective method of building trust with your subscribers, while building engagement, and getting sales, all at once! It’s an “oldie but a goodie” technique I learned several years ago from Internet Marketing legend, Frank Kern…and it’s called the Triangle of Trust. If you haven’t learned about this mysterious […]

Today, I’m sharing with you an insanely effective method of building trust with your subscribers, while building engagement, and getting sales, all at once!

It’s an “oldie but a goodie” technique I learned several years ago from Internet Marketing legend, Frank Kern…and it’s called the Triangle of Trust. If you haven’t learned about this mysterious triangle before, read on, you’re in for a treat. Something that can skyrocket your results with your list and your blog over the next few months.

But wait! There’s More!

…I learned and applied Frank’s Triangle of Trust method to my marketing a few years ago, and I saw immediate results.

But now, I have formulated – oh so scientifically – my own new, updated version of the Triangle of Trust. It still operates on the same premise, but using a new marketing medium. Hang on, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I get there, and it’s not all too complicated, either…which is good for us who just want to make money online the easy way!

The Original Triangle Of Trust

In his original teaching of this technique, which works very well to this day to increase trust from your readers & sales simultaneously, Frank shares how to most effectively engage the subscribers on your list…enticing them to click to find out more, watch what you have to share with them, and then buy from you!

The triangle of trust has 3 components:

  1. Video
  2. Blog
  3. Sales letter or money site

Here’s how it works…First, you’ll record video that promotes or sells whatever you want. This can be selling your own product or you can be endorsing somebody else’s product as an affiliate.

Second, you’ll place that video on your blog.

And third, you’ll email your list, giving them a link to go check out your new video on your blog. It’s key, in the email, to use something similar to the words “check out the new video on my blog.”

…Why do you need to use the words Blog and Video specifically?

Let me explain why this technique works so well.

1. Videos

Videos has a high perceived value, especially in non-internet marketing niches where much fewer companies and websites are using videos. When you send an email to your list with a link to a video, you will usually have better response than a standard email or a free report…because people perceive a video as giving them higher amount of value.

In your videos, you want to promise a result of some sort at the beginning, in order to keep people watching it to the end. Frank always recommended having 95% content and 5% pitch at the end.

I think it should be obvious to you, but I’ll mention it to be certain you’re away, the content needs to be relevant to your money site and to the interests of the people who you’re sending the email to.

2. Blogs

Several years ago when Frank taught his Triangle of Trust formula, and still today, blogs are identified as “safe places” to go for information, news, stories, ec… Not a place that you’re just going to get sold something, such as a video sales page, where you know the intent of the site as soon as you land on it is to sell you something.

The blog is the perfect place to send your readers to view your video because it invokes a level of trust. Going to the blog is harmless, it’s yours, it’ll have your face or picture on it somewhere, and the barriers are down when they land on it.

Once they land on your blog post, the first thing they see is the video, which they’ll go straight to before anything else. As they’re watching, if they happen to scroll down, you may have some helpful content, bullet points, or whatnot waiting there for them. And, directly below the video, you’ll have a discreet link that reads something like “Here’s the link to the cool deal I told you about in the video.” You don’t need anything more than that, you want to be as “non-salesy” as possible.

If you follow this 3 step process, getting your subscribers back over to your blog to view a 95% helpful, content-laden video, that just happens to nonchalantly sell something at the end, what you will have effectively accomplished is lowering their barriers, building their trust with you, giving them something for free (value/training/info), and predisposing them to want to buy from you.

How cool is that!?

It works like gangbusters!

The New Updated Triangle Of Trust Method

Frank Kern first taught this method a few years ago before launching his Mass Control product. Even though everything changes so fast on the Internet and in online marketing, this still works very well. Blogs are still seen as trustworthy sources of information, and videos have a high perceived value, even though the web is becoming a video based media.

But, it’s no secret that Facebook is pretty dang hot right now for generating traffic. Every online/internet marketer is trying to figure out how to best monetize Facebook, and make money teaching others how to use Facebook.

…but how do we get the most leads for our money while creating a loyal following?

Keep in mind what I just talked about with Frank Kern teaching his Triangle of Trust method: our goal is to get the sale WHILE building trust and loyalty from our subscribers. It’s EASY to sell something to a bunch of people, annoying most of them to get you those few sales. But it’s something else to get lots of sales AND build the loyalty of your fans. That’s the mark of a good marketer who can do that.

Using Facebook, I believe, is critical in your online marketing today. Just as I said a blog is perceived as a trustworthy place to get info, Facebook is viewed the same way. Anytime you can connect with your followers on Facebook is great because it lets them see you as a real person, they can connect with you, and it’s all within a highly trusted site – one everybody spends hours per day on – where they let their barriers down.

But it’s still smart, once you build some rapport with fans/followers, to get them off of Facebook and over to your blog. This is where your content is, your branding, and most importantly, multiple ways of getting them to opt in to YOUR LIST!

You want your marketing efforts and your advertising dollars to result in subscribers on your list. That should be your #1 priority at all times: build your list.

triangle of trust

So, today I place ads on Facebook a few different ways – varies depending on the situation and goals of the campaign.

Page Likes

First, I like to generate cheap Likes to my Page from targeting a broad group of people who could loosely be interested in what my Business or Page offers. Once they become fans of the page, I can post anything relevant I like to the page, of which a percentage of the fans will see the post on their newsfeed. This method is a three-step, indirect way of advertising to people your offer:

  •  Step 1 – get the Likes, accumulate Fans
  •  Step 2 – grow engagement on the page (higher engagement means more fans see your posts) by posting things relevant to the topic of the page, but non selling – just info, humor, questions, images, etc.
  • Step 3 –  sparingly post offers, links to blog posts with video (as described in the triangle method above), and other ways to get a lead or sale

Direct Selling Method

If there is a one-time product I want to market, that has high enough conversions and earnings to make it worth it, I’ll run ads to the right niche (using interests, targeting, and custom audiences)…

And here is where I employ my updated version of the Triangle of Trust. I make the ad with a link to a capture page, which redirects upon opt-in to a blog post on my blog with a video. But if I didn’t make the immediate sale from the video in the blog post, I have their email to follow up with them.

AND, I’ll ask them on the Video Page to Like me on Facebook, inserting a Like Box on the video page…so now I have the lead on my list and them as a fan on my Facebook Page.

So I’ve built trust by getting them to my blog, offering a valuable video and making a small pitch at the end. But most importantly, I’ve generated Likes AND Leads.

Now how cool is that?!

If you’re experienced with advertising on Facebook, and building your following via Facebook, what experience do you have with using your own method similar to what I just described? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Likewise, if you’re brand new to marketing online or using Facebook, let me know if this helped and what questions you have that I can answer for you!

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