The Producer’s Manifesto

Nov 20, 2015, Entrepreneurship, Life, Mindset

I recently heard quoted a beautiful piece of writing that, as it hit my ears, instantly transported me to the time 10 years earlier when I first read Francisco d’Anconia’s “Money Speech” in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I remembered how deeply that message had resonated with me then, as I felt the character had just articulated the very core beliefs of life and achievement that I had formed but not fully grasped. And this piece I was hearing now, “The Producer’s Manifesto”, had almost the identical effect…

…It was a feeling of me silently screaming “Yes! Yes! This speaks to exactly who I am, from my very core, and what I want to be written of MY life!

I was on a investment and cash flow training webinar inside a group I’m a member of, “The Wealth Factory“, where the host, Garrett Gunderson, read this piece called the Producer’s Manifesto. He said his first inspiration for it came from seeing a poster once that spoke to the essence of creating the life you want, being led by your vision and passion. Garrett then partnered with a friend, Stephen Palmer, who co-authored Killing Sacred Cows with him, to help him fully flesh out the thought into this beautiful composition.

The Producer’s Manifesto, by Stephen Palmer:


I produce more than I consume.
I reject complacency, mediocrity, conformity, and dependency.

I am not held captive by fear. I am fueled by vision and passion, governed by principles, guided by ideals and values. I do not succeed through luck. I succeed through conscious effort. I am not entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor. My life, my results are my responsibility. I am not a victim of circumstance. I am a victor by choice and determination. I live by design, not by default. I seek not the stale comfort of a safe harbor, but the thrill of the open sea.

While others complain about problems,
I create solutions and opportunities.

I see abundance where others see scarcity. I am relentlessly innovative. I do not wait for “someday” happiness; I choose happiness now. I am not afraid to act and fail; failure is simply accelerated learning.

I trust my inner voice over popular opinion.

While others gnaw on the bones of security,
I feast on the meat of freedom.

While others criticize from couches and demonstrate in streets, I toil in trenches. While others are blaming, I’m busy building.

I am a producer.

With the help of a masterfully creative graphic designer, they made it not only an amazing work of written art, but visual art as well, turning it into this print:

I Am A Producer - Producer's Manifesto

You can purchase The Producer’s Manifesto on high-quality poster or printed canvas frame at Stephen Palmer’s Life Manifestos website. I make no affiliate commission, I just highly recommend this one and several others he has produced:

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the “Money Speech” of Francisco d’Anconia that I referenced, in the book Atlas Shrugged, here it is in its entirety:

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