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If making money online, building your own internet-based ‘Lifestyle Business’, and blogging are all new to you: Welcome, you’ve found just the right place! This blog is the perfect place for you to get started and learn the ropes!

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First, in order to help you the most, we need to be on the same page about what my website is all about.

There are countless ways to earn an income working from home, on the Internet, working part-time or full-time. But many of those opportunities are no different than a job, in the fact that you are still trading TIME for DOLLARS.

Money is great to have; it makes a lot of things easier in life…but what good is it without any time?

What I teach, are ways to create streams of income, from some hard work now, that will continue you to pay you months or years from now, whether you continue to work or not.

We’re in the middle of an economic revolution globally, where we’ve transitioned from the industrial age to the technology/idea age. The system everyone bought into for so long of expecting a good paying job has been thrown out the window. But what is of extreme value today, and pays lucrative amounts of money, are your ideas! 

My belief is, I work hard and do today what others don’t,
so tomorrow I’ll have what others won’t!

I wake up in the morning, check my email, and see new sales transactions waiting for me, because I did the things necessary to make my businesses work for me – no longer me working for my businesses. It’s an amazing thing to experience, and I thank God for it every single day. It seems unreal sometimes, my wife and I can travel when and where we want, I don’t have to commute, and most of all, I get to help other people learn how to do the same thing!

My mentor, Jim Rohn, always said,

“If you help enough other people get what they want,
you’ll have everything you want.”

And I truly live by that thought everyday, putting first helping people, and knowing that my reward will come in the end.

This is the philosophy all of my businesses rest on, and what I share with you on this blog.

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4 Key ‘Lifestyle Business’ Beliefs I Have…

Before I show you how to get started, I want to make sure your expectations are in the right place. Here are a few things to be aware of:

1. You will not become an “overnight success”:

Succeeding at creating multiple streams of income, and having businesses that will provide a passive income, takes time. Nothing I discuss or promote from my blog is a “get rich quick” scheme…Anything worthwhile takes time to develop. It took me 3 or 4 years of working through the learning curve to finally figure it out (and there’s always more to learn).

But then again, compared to working 40+ hours per week, for 40+ years, in order to live out your “Golden Years” – working hard for 5-10 years to then live life however you want does sound like “getting rich quick”…it’s all relative, my friend!

2. Anything worthwhile requires some hard work.

I was raised on a farm with the mindset that anything worth your while in life, comes at a price, and that usually means working hard for it…I always say, “If it’s easy…it’s sleazy”.

Well, the same truth holds true for earning an income online as well. It took me many long hours to piece everything together to where it finally worked. I had to sacrifice some fun and relaxation times for working on my business.  But, keeping in mind the alternatives, I knew that sacrifice was far better than working the rest of my life swinging a hammer and doing home remodeling jobs like I was doing!

In your time online, you’ll be bombarded with savvy marketers who prey on your inner desire to find the “easy button” by promoting the hottest new shiny object that promises to take away all your pain and frustration in return for unlimited overnight riches.  Unfortunately their heart isn’t in truly helping people, rather on making themselves rich…that’s okay though, “karma” will eventually return their deeds upon them.

3. Massive success IS NOT just a pipe dream.

Society is very good about dashing our wildest dreams somewhere between grade school and early adulthood. You’re gradually taught and conditioned to believe that living a life of your wildest dreams is just that – a pipe dream!

But it’s not true. We were made for greatness, and we have more opportunities today to achieve massive success than ever before in human history! The playing field is even, you have every tool at your disposal, you just have to put forth a few percent more in effort than the average person…that’s all it takes, really. I learned from my mentor, Jeff Olson, in The Slight Edge (phenomenal short book), that you just do a few things each day that the average potato couch Joe doesn’t do, within a few years you’ll be miles ahead of Joe in your life.

I’ve experienced a life of abundance. I get to work from home, no commuting, see my amazing, loving wife every day, and we can take off to travel whenever we like (minus her current graduate school schedule), and I get to answer to myself as my own boss…What more could I ask for? …And I want to help you achieve those dreams you may have given up on long ago!

4. Above all else, just DO.

Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to learn every single thing about marketing, technology, business, writing, sales, etc. before you start out. Success only comes by TAKING ACTION. As you learn new things, apply them…test them out like a mad scientist…learn from your successes and mistakes…move on and keeping taking more action!

Now that we have those bases covered, let’s get into the meat of it, talking about the exact methods I employ to generate multiple streams of passive income in my business.

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Ways To Create Your Own Lifestyle Business

I’ll have some more training up here soon at the very basic level of ways to create internet-based businesses that provide income, and employ leverage, allowing you to have time to live & enjoy life too.

I have some key posts from the blog that discuss the various methods, including niche websites, affiliate marketing, blogging, network marketing, video marketing, and more.

Here are some great posts to start with:

And here are some of the most popular resources on my site:

Domain Name & Web Hosting

For almost any undertaking on the Internet, you will find it helpful to have your own website. There are a few options available to you in creating a website.

1. Free Sites

If your goal is blogging, you could create a simple site from a number of free hosting services like, Tumblr, or Blogger. The allow you to have a blog up and running within just a few minutes, and allow you to customize the theme, photos, etc.

There are some downsides to the free blog services, however:

– You can’t control the name of your site. If I were to create my blog at Blogger, it would look like, and that just isn’t as memorable as, nor does it look as professional.

– On many of the free sites available, you can’t advertise anything...and really, if you want to make money blogging, you’ll have to promote something through your writing or in ads along the side of the blog.

– You don’t own your site.  Many times over the last few years, marketers have created streams of income and traffic by way of things they don’t own (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, YouTube, free Blog Sites) and have randomly had their accounts shut down, wiping out whole businesses literally overnight. Having a web site that you actually own is the way you’ll truly protect yourself from that happening to you.

2. Have Your Own Website.

The absolute best option is having your own self-hosted website, because you own it, you can make it look and act any way you want. and it appears professional with your own domain name.

bluehost logoIf you’re starting on a tight budget, whether you are building a niche site, personal blog, sales pages, or review site, I highly recommend getting your domain name ( and web-hosting service through BlueHost. They are who I’ve used from the very beginning on my niche sites. I have quite a number of domain names in several hosting accounts with them, and have had a helpful customer service rep every time I have called in. They also have a live chat feature that will quickly respond to your questions.

WP Engine LogoIf you have a larger budget, and you want the best experience, peace of mind, and technical support your money can buy…then an upgrade to a more “concierge” kind of service, catering specifically to small business owners using WordPress, may be the thing for you. In that case, I recommend WP Engine, where they take care of all issues involving your sites, and keep on top of common WordPress problems like hacking and such.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you choose to set up an account with either BlueHost or WP Engine through my links. There are many other hosting services available, but I’m not listing BlueHost or WP Engine here simply because of the commissions I might earn. Rather, I recommend them because they are who I have used and have great results with. If you do purchase a web hosting account through my link, thank you, I really appreciate your support!

Here is a video that shows you exactly how to set up your own WordPress blog in 5 minutes through BlueHost. This includes registering a domain, installing the blog platform (WordPress), choose a theme to make the blog look how you like, and even write your very first post.



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I’m no different than you, I’ve had plenty of challenges, and not everything has been rosy…but I can tell you that every struggle, every sacrifice, every investment you make into your business, you’ll see in the end that they were all worth it.  So, keep after it, don’t give you, you were made to succeed and live a great life…don’t lose sight on your dreams.

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