Shifting FOCUS and Creating a Bigger Vision

Feb 14, 2013, Self Development

In With The New, Out With The Old If you scan through older posts here on my blog, you’ll see I’ve created a good deal of posts that gave “how-to” training. It’s all good content that I put a good bit of time and effort into making quality. And it’s helped a lot of people…I’ve […]

In With The New, Out With The Old

GoodbyeOldHelloNewIf you scan through older posts here on my blog, you’ll see I’ve created a good deal of posts that gave “how-to” training. It’s all good content that I put a good bit of time and effort into making quality. And it’s helped a lot of people…I’ve generated a generous amount of traffic to the site from people searching for various “how to do xyz” keyword phrases.

So, it’s been good for both me (getting traffic) and my visitors (getting their questions answered).

But, I had a realization, an epiphany if you will. I realized that I have knowledge gained from my experiences marketing online and running my own business, at a higher level than just teaching the “how-to” stuff…but it’s been hidden inside of me, because I had focused more on the technical aspects of building a business online.

I did that because, knowing keyword research and a little bit of SEO, I could get traffic and visitors from targeting those type of topics where people were searching for how to get certain tasks accomplished and ways to create streams of income online.

However, as I said, I know now that I can serve you much better by teaching and sharing the things I’ve learned are what hold most people back far more than not knowing the technical, how-to sort of things.

And for that very reason, from now on, you’ll be seeing more posts and videos of me sharing from my heart stories and lessons on topics such as mindset, abundance vs lack mentality, FOCUS, winning over your subconscious, etc. Also, I’ll cover ways to take your online business to a higher level through leverage, productivity, and outsourcing…all things I’m working on myself and will share with you as I learn.

Now, all of my existing posts will still be here for your reference, and my Revolution Income 101 Page is still here, which walks you through exactly how to begin generating an income online, if you’re completely new to building your own business online. But all of my future posts will have just a bit of a twist on the focus of my thoughts, stories, and training.

What Caused My Focus To Shift

Shifting Focus in 2013 for Revolution Income BlogIn the middle of January, the ONE system I promote today, Empower Network (*2016 update, I know longer promote EN, but gained a lot from the experience), had an amazing event of 3-4,000 home business, entrepreneur, “Bad Asses’ converging into one place to learn from the top earners in online marketing today and move to a new level of marketing online…we’re literally revolutionizing the way the direct sales industry works, we have network marketing companies threatened, and soon we’ll turn their old, outdated business model on its head.

While I was there, I learned so much from one of my greatest mentors, David Wood, who I’ve followed for a few years now, watching him go from struggling old-school network marketer (like me), to budding online marketer, and then skyrocket to the level he’s at today with 100’s of thousands of people following, watching, and learning from him.

One thing that particularly stood out to me was that Dave Wood, and almost all of the top earners wouldn’t get on stage to talk about how to do certain things, that’s what we have our how-to products and team training site for…

No, I’ve watched all these leaders, and every time on stage, or on Facebook, or in videos and blog posts, they talk about these higher level thoughts they have to share, giving more value to people, not getting them or their followers stuck in the mire of teaching low-paying activities.

They all focus on the high income producing activities, because they know teaching you every little how-to will only enable you to return to them with questions of how to do other things…all tasks you could likely figure out on your own from a simple search on YouTube!

Everything I do here is focused around providing you value, teaching you ways to elevate your game, break free from the job mentality or the lack mindset that is gripping you, and help you create a revolution in the way you earn an income – creating passive income streams that will pay you whether you work or not, by LEVERAGING the work of others and systems.

It really is, and always has been, about how I can help you. Life is meant to be lived abundantly, not in the shackles and slavery of society and the corporate world. Your future, your life path, is up to you, not by the control of any other person, government, or society.

…And I’ve discovered that I can BEST serve you by elevating my training here to another level.

You see, in my time marketing online and sharing training on my blog about things that have gotten me results, I’ve noticed one glaringly huge FACT. People always THINK they need to learn how to do things: the latest traffic strategy, how to write copy, technical things about setting up a blog or other software, how to close people, how to…and the list could go on…

But, after they learn every how-to in the book, the majority of them still fail to reach their goals or have success.


Because what’s really holding them back, and maybe YOU as well, isn’t the fact that they don’t know how to do everything. I have friends who I work with online who have gone out and made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in months without knowing how to do very much at all. They just went at it full force, all out, and made things happen.

So, what is it that’s different about them? What is it that causes most people to still fail, despite learning how to do every strategy, tactic, and trick?

…It’s almost always one of these:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Lack mindset
  • Doubt of Self-w0rth and other subconscious issues
  • Financial Head Trash
  • Lack of FOCUS

I’ll go into each of these a bit more over the coming weeks to help clarify what those are and why they hold so many people back…but the point is, I have fought through those things myself. I know some great resources to point you to, and I can teach from my own experiences how I’ve dealt with some of these issues.

So, I know now that no matter how many tactics and strategies I teach you, you still may not succeed, and that I can better serve you by teaching you how to overcome these obstacles and hindrances that are mostly in your MIND.

It will be huge for you, I promise.

Where You Can Still Get The How-To’s

Don’t worry though, all of my past How-To posts are here for reference, and my Revolution Income 101 Page is still here too. But if you really are needing to find out how to do a certain task, here are my recommendations:

YouTube: You can find literally anything on YouTube – crazy, fun, entertaining, weird, gross, educational, how-to, etc. – you name it, it’s on YouTube. So if you’re stuck with a technical aspect of your business, do a quick search there.

Google: Things like coding, programming, and web design aren’t my specialty, but I’ve hacked my way through building my own sites, mainly by searching for answers on Google for HTML, CSS, and WP issues.

Join Our Team: For as little as $25 per month you can join our Empower Network team, which includes a Blog System ready to go, all set up for you, hosting paid for, and has a marketing funnel built it already. Additionally, I’ve been able to get blog posts to rank on their authority domain much faster than on my own domains.
When you join our Empower Networkers Team, you’ll have FREE access to our team training community, which is packed full of literally HOURS of videos walking you through step-by-step on subjects including:

  • Blog setup
  • AWeber and other autoresponders setup
  • Video marketing: equipment to use, lighting, software, and techniques
  • Free marketing tactics
  • Paid marketing strategies: solo ads, PPC, PPV, FB, etc.
  • How to build out your own Unique Selling Proposition and your sales funnel
  • Create Your Story – a $197 course walking you through creating your personal story and how to share it with the world through your marketing
  • Mindset and personal development training
  • Email marketing – the art of story-telling is covered deeply
  • How to blog, and various blogging techniques that rake in traffic and generate leads on autopilot

And there is so much more, we’re adding new training to the site every month. And this is just a nice little BONUS added on top of everything else you receive being on my Empower Team! We also have a private mastermind group on FB, it’s closed and only the members of our team have access…no spammers and squatters are there. It’s the place where we share marketing results and questions, and help each other achieve success.

So, if it’s help with How-To set up your business you want, you can still get that from me, but it’s all available in video form in our team site. So get started in Empower Network now, get your own personal totally customizable blog, by clicking HERE.

Then you’ll get immediate access to all of my bonuses for joining!

But you see, there is a lesson within this topic right here. I’ve recorded videos explaining all those individual things and put them into digitally accessible form on a private site…This frees me up to live life, which is what you’re after too, right?

You wouldn’t follow me if I told you I worked 80 hours per week staring at this computer screen, would you?

Of course not! I’m working toward living the life of MY dreams, starting with reducing my workload, and I’ll teach you how I did it, so you can follow my lead!

Things I Can Be Better At In 2013

So, I’ve found my new focus that will benefit both of us the most, but don’t confuse that with thinking I believe I know everything. Far from it. Everyday I’m learning and progressing, earning more money as my mind expands, and I speak into existence more abundance that is flowing to me and my team.

What I’ll be doing is sharing things I have already learned, through my own experiences…many times learned the hard way, but if you keep following me, it will save you from having to go through the same mess and struggles I did!

I’m always striving to improve and become a better person. Education isn’t done after school, it’s a never-ending process. So here are just a few things I know I need to work at improving upon throughout the rest of 2013…

Outsourcing: That’s my #1 thing to get better at. I spend too much time on non-income-producing activities, things that slow me down and hold me back from skyrocketing my income.

I’ve started to learn a lot on this subject from Chris Ducker. Throughout the rest of 2013, I’ll be plowing more and more of my income back into hiring Virtual Assistants who take care of business tasks for me.

There are 3 types of work, I learned from Chris, that you as a business owner should be outsourcing:

  • Things you’re not good at – trying to figure these things out isn’t worth your precious time, just pay someone else who is great at it to do it for you
  • Things you hate doing – whether you’re good at these things or not doesn’t matter…it’s just the fact that it brings your mood down and takes away from the joy of building your business and doing the things you really like. Have an assistant do these menial, boring, frustrating tasks.
  • Things you shouldn’t be doing – As a business owner and entrepreneur, your income is largely tied to your ideas, your connecting with people, and leveraging teams and systems, not doing tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, technology issues, customer service, etc.

Here are some things I’ve recognized as hesitations I’ve had of outsourcing more work. Thoughts and apprehension in my mind that has held me back from really getting serious about outsourcing everything possible.

  • Scared of losing control
  • Concern about confidential information, and giving out passwords to things like the website and databases to people
  • Believing it will cost too much
  • Not having the time to train the staff on how to do everything
  • Maybe not having enough work to keep the VA busy everyday

Good reasons, worth exploring, but really all just procrastinations.

Mastering Traffic & Conversions: I’ve learned through trial and error, and learning from some close friends/mentors that virtually all big incomes earned online come from mastering traffic and getting it to convert into sales.

You can sit and blog all day, or make videos, or “engage” with people on Social Media all day long and get nowhere close to the results you can get from knowing how to generate traffic on demand and getting it to convert through a sales process into members/signups/sales.

I’ve begun to figure it out, but yet to create the amazing income results from it. But I’ll do that sometime in 2013. When you optimize your traffic sources, your lead capture pages and methods, and perfect your email marketing abilities to convert high percentages of your leads, you’re really set in this business.

All things I’ll be working on and reporting back here at the blog about, so keep an eye out!

Live Life On Your Terms,

Brent Wehmeyer

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