My 90 Day Formula To Success

Aug 9, 2013, Entrepreneurship

A brief setback, living in a hotel until our apartment is ready for us to move into in the town we’re living in for the next 3 months, and having to upload video through a slow Panera connection, got me thinking about how amazing the opportunity is for us to generate income online…

It’s another eventful day in Tulsa for me, as I packed up everything this morning from our week-long temporary stay in a hotel, so we can go to our hometown for the weekend…then next week if all goes as planned, we’ll have our apartment to move into!

After that, I proceeded down to work from Panera this morning, recorded this video for you…

…but it never finished uploading before Panera’s internet connection kicked me off at noon (because of their busy lunch hour they limit you to 30 minutes on the ‘net during 11-2).

So I left for some lunch, and then found my way to this Starbucks where I’m working from this afternoon…and it took me forever to upload this video for you here too, but I was determined to get it to you!

When you think about it, isn’t it crazy that you can make an income completely online, work from anywhere like I have been – coffee shops, the beach, while traveling around the country or the world, etc. – and all you need is your laptop and the Internet?

…it’s even more amazing to me that I’m able to help people and impact so many lives through doing what we do online.

Today, in the video, I explain EXACTLY what I do everyday that makes up my 90 day formula to success online with Empower Network.

Figuring out these daily actions, and then sticking to them consistently over 90 days made all the difference in my business, and doing these things is what finally allowed me to start getting results seemingly on autopilot.

It’s what took me from spending hours per day on the computer, trying to learn everything I could, promoting all kinds of products and systems, chasing down the rabbit hole of internet marketing, but getting nowhere…

…to have people join my team without ever talking to them, and then start making sales without personally hand-holding them.

And today we have a thriving community of people ON FIRE, making things happen, and fully embracing the culture we have here of: Building a Business WHILE Having a Life!

You know what, though, you can do it too…doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, you can apply my plan, my formula, that I lay out in this video, and find the same success I have.

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