Is Money Stopping You?

Oct 16, 2013, Entrepreneurship

I sent an email to my subscribers on Monday, asking 2 questions: 1) What do you still want to accomplish in 2013? 2) What’s been stopping you?

And, among the responses I received, a significant number of them had something to do with “not having enough money“, or “needing more money to start an online business.”

I’ve worked in the home business arena and online marketing a number of years, and have worked with a lot of people to help them become successful in their businesses. And through all of my interactions, I’ve heard those excuses many times before.

…And that’s all they are – excuses – but it’s not entirely their fault. And if you have let similar thoughts hold you back from succeeding, from creating your online business, from taking the action necessary to completely change your life…it’s not all your fault either.

It’s simply the wrong mindset you developed based on things you heard and learned as a child.

I know this first hand, because I heard things when I was a child like “It takes money to make money” and “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “you have to work hard to make a living“. These are all false statements my parents believed to be true, but if you study the wealthy, you’ll learn that they don’t believe those statements.

Here are some financial truths you may not have been aware of:

  • It doesn’t take money to make money – sure, having money can help allow you to invest in opportunities that will create even more money, but you don’t have to have it to get started.
  • Money is simply a means of facilitating a transfer of value from one person to the next – it holds no value in itself, only the value you place upon it.
  • Money, Resources, & Opportunities are everywhere – they’re endless, nothing limits you and your creativity
  • Making money has absolutely nothing to do with working hard – It may be virtuous and good for the soul to work hard, but it has no connection with how much money you can earn. Some of the richest people in the world work much less than the poorest people. Why? Because they understand LEVERAGE.

But recognizing that you may be holding on to false concepts of what it takes to succeed, to make money, to live the life of your dreams, is just the first step.

You then need to set a vision for what you do want. Don’t worry about how you’re going to get there. Only focus on what you want to do, experience, achieve, accomplish, etc…and as you go forward, keeping that vision clearly planted in your mind every day, you absolutely will move closer to that goal and the “hows” and opportunities will show themselves as you progress.

Start Making Money Online For FREE

That’s right, you can start making money online with no upfront investment, contrary to what you may believe.

It will take some money to invest in building a business online that earns you a significant income, but you can start by making money now and plowing your profits back into your business.

Here are some quick ways to start making cash now online with no money invested:

  • Provide services or complete tasks for people on which earns you $5 every time you do a job.
  • Complete “Freebie Offers” on a site like that pay you $20, $40, or more for completing free offers and referring others
  • Start posting videos to YouTube whatever you can think of – of interests, hobbies, experiences you’ve had, skills, teaching & how-to, something entertaining – all you have to use is the video on your smart phone to get a good quality video. Then set up a Google AdSense account, link it to your YouTube account/channel, and turn on the advertising on your videos. This can earn you a few pennies every time someone views your videos.
  • Write an eBook on your computer, in Word, and then upload to Amazon Kindle Store, and you’ll earn 70% of the revenue from the sale of your books! Can’t get much easier than this, since Amazon is getting the traffic and doing all the sales and delivery for you.
  • Create a tee-shirt at and sell it to people. They’ll PayPal you directly the profit that you set for each shirt. It’s so cool, and sooo easy. I made $193 off selling one t-shirt to 32 people.

If you have no money to start with, you’ll have to do some of the things I just suggested to make some initial money. Otherwise, if you do nothing else but complain about not having money to get started, then you’ll have to just stick with that day job until you decide to make a change!

But get started, do something I mentioned, use the skills you have to get paid for doing something. You can do just about anything on Fiverr and someone will pay you for it. You can write your own book and put it out onto Amazon and start getting sales in a matter of days. And anyone can shoot videos with their phone and upload to YouTube, it just may take some extra creativity to make videos that get lots of views.

Then, you’ll want to invest the money you make back into your business to buy tools, software, and products that will help you grow your business bigger. You can then get your own website, either build your own with WordPress or buy a ready made blog from Empower Network. You can create membership sites, your own e-products, video training products…the sky is the limit, you can make money in so many ways online it’s ridiculous!

And invest in education and information to train yourself on becoming a better business person and a better marketer. I’ve found the biggest return on investment I’ve ever gotten is from investing in my own education.

Some great programs to invest in are:

…But if you’re starting with no money right now don’t worry about this stuff yet. Simply get started today by trying one of the free methods I listed above.

Get going!

Money loves speed! …Meaning, if you take action, move forward, unafraid of the mistakes you’ll make, good things WILL happen to you.

It does NOT take money to make money online.

If you want to change your life for the better, to live the life of your dreams, I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it, but it takes getting started, putting aside false ideas that have held you back, killing those excuses you’ve made that have stopped you. And it takes listening to people have what you want to have, no questions asked, just do as they recommend.

It’s time you start moving toward your vision. I believe in you, and I’m here to help you. But you have to take action, starting from wherever you are.

To Your Success,

Brent Wehmeyer

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