Money And The Prosperous Soul – Day 2 – Prosperity Spirit

Jun 19, 2013, Life

Today, I’m continuing on my review of the book I just read, Money And The Prosperous Soul, which has had an incredible impact on me already!

If you didn’t see Part 1 yet where I went through my basic overview of the book and what reading it can mean for you, check it out first:

Money and the Prosperous Soul – Part 1 – Purpose

Today I want to discuss the first of 2 spirits Satan uses to drag us down, beat us up, and pull us away from the endless resources of the universe that God has made ready for us, and that are laid up to be used in helping us achieve our purpose on Earth.

Satan uses the Poverty spirit and the Mammon spirit (aka – love of money, worship of wealth) to deceive us into thinking those are the only 2 paths to follow, getting you to avoid the one you are more repelled by, but still falling into the other trap…when there is really a middle road to take that gets you to follow God, trusting Him fully to provide your every need to achieve your dreams and purpose.

Watch the video above and you’ll hear me describe how the author in the book lists common manifestations of the Poverty spirit. Here they are, straight from pages 69-71 (Get the book!)

  • A Poverty spirit creates anxiety or fear. When you live from paycheck to paycheck, you constantly dwell under a black cloud of “that big, unexpected expense.” Even after you gain enough to live comfortably, you still worry about losing it all.
  • A Poverty spirit hoards token things, mistaking clutter and junk for wealth. You save the fast-food restaurant plastic cup collection. The path in your garage gets narrower every year because you hold on to everything you or your parents ever broke.
  • A Poverty spirit believes, Things just happen to me. You settle when you should fight You avoid dreaming about the future because it only reminds you of how powerless you feel to change. You take the path of least resistance and try to grab whatever comfort you can. You perceive yourself as a perpetual victim.
  • A Poverty spirit reaches for instant gratification. You make impulse purchases, spending hundreds of dollars on worthless trinkets, yet resist a plan to purchase quality items or make good investments.
  • A Poverty spirit hounds you. You feel chased by trouble, while it seems money is chased away from you.
  • A Poverty spirit makes you feel enslaved. You see yourself as being ruled by your finances. You have the constant sense you are trapped.
  • A Poverty spirit hides you. You find yourself overlooked and ignored. You believe you should be seen and not heard, that your opinion is irrelevant.
  • A Poverty spirit chokes out generosity. You may want to give but feel you can’t afford to.
  • Finally, a Poverty spirit fights to keep you in the same condition. And it causes you to keep others in that condition! If someone has a financial breakthrough, the Poverty spirit in you hopes they lose it. You even take pleasure in the failure of lottery winners!

Those are just a few manifestations of the Poverty spirit, but I’m sure you can relate to at least a few of them – either in your own beliefs, or in the beliefs and habits of some of your loved ones.

But the great news is it’s never too late to change! It can be very difficult to eradicate these beliefs from your subconscious mind, but it’s SO worth it once you have replaced the poverty spirit with the mindset of a Prosperous Soul!

De Silva mentions a great way to begin replacing the poverty spirit with a prosperous soul mindset is by reminding yourself, “There is always enough.” And also giving up in prayer to God for Him to help you with these beliefs:

  • Where a Poverty spirit creates anxiety, a prosperous soul is anxious for nothing. The threat of calamity fails to sway you, for you know that God will be faithful in all things. When He entrusts you with more, you know that He will also give you the grace to handle it well.
  • Where a Poverty spirit hoards, a prosperous soul conserves and uses. You find creative and beneficial ways to recycle and reuse things.
  • Where a Poverty spirit believes, “Things just happen to me,” a prosperous soul believes, “I’m here to be a blessing.”  You dream of how you can best develop your passions and gifts to make the world better, and you gladly pay the price to do so.
  • Where a Poverty spirit hounds you, a prosperous soul brings contentment. Even as you passionately run after the things God has put in your heart, you do so from a place of rest and gratitude, knowing that your source of happiness is not achievement but His abiding presence. You feel His favor on you, you know He is the ultimate prize and you know He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19)
  • Where a Poverty spirit feels out of control, a prosperous soul protects and delights in unlimited access to the strength and wisdom of God. Even in the midst of your mistakes, you know that if you seek Him, God will teach you and give you the ability to grow in mastering yourself and your resources.
  • Where a Poverty spirit hides you, a prosperous soul is completely secure. You know you have the attention and favor of the God of the universe, and that when the time comes for you to speak up, He will give you words of wisdom and grace to help those who hear.
  • Where a Poverty spirit chokes out generosity, a prosperous soul revels in it. You love to give! Practically nothing in the world makes you as happy as blessing someone else with the good things God has entrusted you.
  • Finally, where a Poverty spirit fights to keep you and others in the same condition, a prosperous soul seeks continual expansion and growth, and seeks always to empower and enrich others. You rejoice when others are blessed.

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your life

Remember, this is YOUR life. Find a way to start doing what you love every single day.

If you’re unhappy with something, guess who’s in charge of changing it? That’s right…YOU!

There’s a certain magic that happens when you see that people are creating their life by design. When people are living each day to the fullest and truly making the most out of what life has given us.

So if you needed a little reminder today, here’s that reminder. Your life can be something that you absolutely LOVE, but you are the person who is in charge of making that life.

No one else. Not your boss, spouse, parents or even me. (Although I can help)

You’re in charge of it and I believe that if you have a dream life, that you can achieve it. You’re going to need to dedicate your time and work to it, but it can be achieved with the right focused action.

Now the question is…. are you willing to put in the time?

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