Money and the Prosperous Soul – Day 5 – The 4 Levels Of Perspective In Life

Jul 2, 2013, Life

Welcome back to day 5 of my review of the amazing book, “Money and the Prosperous Soul”, by Stephen De Silva.

If you’ve missed my first 4 days of reviewing this book, you can see them all here:

And for today’s part of the review, I talk about the 4 Levels Of Perspective in life that De Silva covers in a later chapter of the book.

Here are the 4 Levels and descriptions of them as laid out in the book:

  • Tactics – We see what we are doing – the details of daily life demand constant attention, so we hardly look away to bigger picture things. Perfectionists can easily get trapped in this perspective of life because they feel comfortable and good at managing detail-oriented tasks. But this perspective tends to lead one to glamorize toil, which only separates you from God.
  • Strategy – We see how we are doing details fit together. In this perspective, you’re able to make plans & goals. You’re highly driven and directed but struggle with control, insecurity, and intolerance of others.
  • Vision – We see where we are going in life. This level is much more fulfilling as one can see the big picture of life. But if we mistake it as the highest level, we may live feeling noble, inspiring & good, but fall short of why we should be going there. Leaves you asking the question, “Does any of this even matter?”
  • Purpose – We see why we are here. Bound to our divine purpose, we can correctly marshal the information from the three lower floors. If you have trouble knowing what direction to go, step back and start by finding your purpose.Once you know your purpose, you can work backward through the other 3 levels, figuring out your vision that will help you live in your purpose, the strategy that will allow you to achieve your vision, and the tactics that will accomplish your strategy.

Money and the Prosperous SoulAgain, I highly recommend everyone read this book, Money and the Prosperous Soul. It will open your eyes to what’s truly possible for you in life, when you live in the flow of God’s abundance, knowing your purpose, and having full expectancy of accomplishing whatever you put your mind to.

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