Money and the Prosperous Soul – Day 4 – Dreaming Again

Jun 25, 2013, Life

Life has a way of beating us up and knocking us down…to the point many of us forget our dreams and feel like we lost our ability to dream. In the book, Money and the Prosperous Soul, the author discusses how you can live a life of fulfilling all your dreams, and loving every day of life as you live out your life purpose.

Why Do We Stop Dreaming?

  • Many people feel too busy to take time to dream, or just get caught up in the daily routine of life that we forget to think about the long-term path of where we’re going in life.
  • Many are too afraid, or feel to wounded to dream – because of past failures and negative experiences, we let those dictate our future choices that keep us from dreaming big and going after what we really want
  • Some think they’re too far into life to change now, or to go after their dreams now (hint: you can drastically change your life in the next 60-90 DAYS!)

If you have allowed yourself to be intimidated out of dreaming through an experience or loss or failure, take time to seek out the truth of your divine purpose more deeply. God wants to do “far more abundantly beyond all that you ask or think. – Ephesians 3:20

You have a CHOICE today

A) I will get depressed and fear-filled when things aren’t going well, or I’m not accomplishing goals or dreams I’ve had in the past

B) I will trust in God and His unwavering faithfulness. I know his abundant resources are totally available to help me fulfill my purpose.

Remember this:

If it matters to you, it matters EVEN MORE to God!

DeSilva, the author of Money and the Prosperous Soul, says this:

[quote]All power in you and that flows through you comes from God, and it is with that power that you will be able to bless people, solve problems, help eradicate their poverty, mindset, and through it all, give God glory.[/quote]

Re-Ignite Your Imagination!

Spend time each day in peace and quiet, visualizing exactly what you want in life, praying about it, and spending time diving into asking your unconscious mind questions of what you want and what’s holding you back. You’ll come out with some truly powerful results.

[quote]”The first rule of success is imagination. If you can’t see it, you can’t have it.”[/quote]

You need to see so vividly and clearly in your mind – using your imagination – what it is you want that you could almost touch it, feel it, taste it and smell it! It is then, and only then, that your unconscious mind will lead you toward that dream.

Try this prayer out – or your own version of it – when spending your quiet time alone and with God:

“Jesus, I am Your beloved and You are mine. I am being perfected by You, the Author and Finisher of faith. You have great plans for me, beyond what I can ask or think and I cooperate with You. So, I reopen my dreams and visions. I re-light my hope. I release my redeemed imagination. I am a prosperous soul.”

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