Money and the Prosperous Soul – Day 3 – Mammon Spirit

Jun 20, 2013, Life

Today, I want to share with you the 2nd of the 2 kinds of spirits in your mind that can work against you and cause you to fail. Yesterday I talked about the first spirit, which is the Poverty spirit…the one that I feel most Christians today are afflicted by. But the Mammon spirit is just as invasive, just as destructive, and very prevalent in our society as a whole today.

If you didn’t read my book overview on Day 1, you can do so here. And to read Day 2 where I covered the Poverty spirit, you can click here.

Remember how well-known Christian author, C.S. Lewis, described how Satan operates, in his book Mere Christianity:

[quote]The devil always sends errors into the world in pairs – pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them.[/quote]

…and that is exactly true when it comes to his use of the Poverty spirit and Mammon spirit against all of us.

Mammon wants us to have passion, power, and dreams – BUT doesn’t want us to steward them for divine purposes. It wants us to deify and worship wealth itself and our accomplishments.

Where the Poverty spirit tries to tell you you’re “nobody”, the Mammon spirit tries to make you believe you’re “really somebody”.

You’re somebody in God’s eyes, but you’re only somebody through HIS power and in the life, breath, talents, skills, and opportunities God gives you!

Mammon can encourage things like:

  • lust & greed
  • flattery
  • using wealth to acquire & possess things, and to attract people to you
  • destroying loyalties and relationships because of allegiance to money over others – suspicion, competition, division, etc.
  • sensual living, entitlement to pleasures, comforts & signs of wealth

These manifestations of the Mammon spirit only serve to pull you away from God and focus on YOU, what you can do, how great you are, etc. And it also removes all generosity from your soul, and any concern for the well-being of others.

In this business, the home-base business and direct sales industry, if you want to succeed, you can do so very quickly and make a lot of cash if you’re just out for your own gain…but it will not last, and the things you did to take advantage of other people for you to get the top always come back to haunt you later one…some way, some how.

But if you want true, long-term success, to become wealthy, you must do it through caring for others, lifting people up, being generous, being caring, helping transform people’s lives, showing them their potential, breaking them free from the bondage in their life, and helping them dream again!

It’s all possible in this industry. Dreams can come true. And, more importantly, you can live out your life purpose of serving others and serving God, expanding His kingdom on Earth!

If you want to work with a team of Christians working along side each other, lifting each other up, pushing onward in our mission and purpose of helping people realize their dreams and live out their purpose on Earth, being able to do so by becoming wealthy, and having all the money needed to help people and give to great causes, then you have found the right place.

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And as you watch the video on the other side, begin to imagine what great things you can do in your life, with God’s help, and in alignment with His will and the purpose he’s planted in you.

Step into that place where all your dreams have come true, you’ve helped countless people, and you’re living a completely fulfilled life.

See yourself there and everything around you, hear the sounds you’ll hear when you’ve arrived, and feel how powerful you’ll be when you’re in that moment of success.

You see, when the little things of life are taken care of like bills, and how much is in your bank balance, are taken care of, it FREES you to live life on PURPOSE, without consuming your mind and your time with fear, worry, doubt, and struggle.

You were made for more than that! You are made for greatness!

Now, as you begin to step into the future, seeing yourself where you want to be, know that you have all the potential within you to reach those dreams, and you have every resource in the universe at your disposal, if you just ask for God’s help, guidance, and providence, and YOU now step FORWARD in ACTION today!

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  1. Erna SosaJune 29th

    This spirit is infamous for shrouding itself in the role of financing the wealth of the Kingdom. However, if you are supposed to finance the wealth of the Kingdom, you shouldn’t be going for luxury in your personal life. It is ok for us to have things, but it is not ok for things to have us. This is where we step out of God’s Word. All we are really doing is furnishing mammon’s luxurious lifestyle. Of course, we want the nice stuff, the big house, and all the extras, but we must realize that we are actually buying into a lie. Most people are just competing with one another while they feed into their own sense of insecurity. It is a curse, and it needs to be broken!

  2. Brent WehmeyerJune 30th

    You’re correct that it’s okay for us to have things, but it’s not okay for things to have us.

    The problem in many Christian communities today is with Christians demonizing the “things” and the money itself. In reality, everything exists by God’s creation, or through human creation (which God gave us the gift of creativity mirrored in an image of His creativity)…and money is simply a tool that allows us to buy, sell, and trade things through an equal medium. Neither things nor money are evil in themselves, and neither is HAVING things and money.

    The pursuit of those things over our relationship with God, or Mammon, is the sin of following after riches & wealth.

    The other error made far too often is in considering Prosperity to only mean financial riches. Many Christians falsely believe money is evil and then claim God doesn’t have an intent for everyone to have “prosperity”. The scriptures make it clear God DOES want us to be prosperous. But that prosperity has many more meanings and forms than just money. He wants us to prosper in pursuing our life purpose and helping expand His kingdom on Earth…this can all be through Prospering in our relationships, health, family, wisdom, wealth, and more.

    When you find your purpose, in serving God and helping others, whatever form that purpose takes on, you’ll have a life of fulfillment (still with struggles, hurdles, trials, & frustrations), and knowing that all things around us, are created by God, and available to us as resources to fulfill our purposes.

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