Monday to Friday, 8 to 5…Is It “Real”?

Jul 22, 2013, Life

Everyday, all around you, zombies are trudging through life…They’re mindlessly, aimlessly going through their daily routine: wake up to alarms they hate, commuting in traffic they hate, going to a job they don’t care for but have to go to for the paycheck, the paycheck that just pays the bills and gets them by in life…


…All so they can make it to another day of being alive but not really living.

Not only that, but these zombies are also sucking others who are still young, still dreamers, still full of life & energy, into being zombies as well.

Scary, right?

Does it sound like fiction or an exaggeration?

World War Z is not fiction – it is a documentary. The world is full of Zombies. – Tony Rush

Well, the truth is, it’s REAL! Maybe they don’t look like the zombies you see in movies, but society today is FULL of people who are going through life exactly like a zombie!

People go day to day doing things just because they think they’re supposed to, or it’s the only way to do so, without ever considering one thing: “Why?”

Here’s something I want you to learn and begin doing now…

Question everything: what you believe, why you believe the things you believe, why they were taught to you in the first place, where you learned them…and most importantly today, what societal norms you believe and abide by everyday “just because.”

You see, there are things we do everyday, things we believe we “have to do” to get by, to live life, to fit in and be normal…we think they’re REAL. Our unconscious mind takes things we do routinely and creates habits out of them. A habit formed helps our minds guide us through each day manageably and predictably…they’re there for a good reason, but this habit-forming feature of our mind can be negative for us as well.

Many things we do become habits, to the point we do them just because we think we’re supposed to, forgetting any apparent reason to do so…Our unconscious mind forms “false constructs” of what it believes is REAL but is really nothing more than some sort of habit or belief formed, true or not.

An Example Of False Constructs

One perfect example of this is the Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 work schedule and what we think we should do to earn an income.

Most people work a typical work week of Monday-Friday, 8-5, so we tend to believe you need a comfortable, secure, day job that pays well, and in return for the pay, you give your very life to that employer during those times. You are essentially THEIR property during those times, doing whatever they tell you to do.

Then the nights and weekends, you are lead to believe are YOUR time, not to be infringed upon.

But if you step back and ask yourself the questions I listed before, “Why do I believe this? Where do these beliefs come from? And is it real?”, you may just realize that every minute and hour of your life is just that, YOUR life!

I know for a fact this false construct exists in millions, or billions, of people’s lives.

When I first started having success earning income online, it took tons of hours of grinding away to make it work. But after a while, I figured out exactly which activities made me money. And when I focused on doing just those income-producing activities really well, I found I could do all the real work I needed to do each day in about 3-4 hours!

But then, when I would be done with my work, and feel like goofing off, doing something relaxing, or going for a walk or run, I’d feel guilty…I had a feeling/thought of “I should be working, it’s still between 8 and 5 on a weekday”.

Catch that?

That’s the false construct speaking out, and it was planted in my mind by society…but it’s not real, because I obviously can do everything I need to do to get results and make money in those few hours…so there is no real need to work 8 hours per day just because everyone else does.

Once I realized I was living by that false construct, I was able to do away with it, telling myself it’s okay to only work productively for about 3 to 4 hours per day and then go live life and do whatever I need or want to get done.

That’s just one example of a false construct that could be holding you back, turning you into a zombie going through life doing things everyday just because they’re a habit or because society tells you to live life that certain way.

When you take time to question every aspect of your daily life, if it has to be done that way, or if there is a BETTER way, you’ll find yourself freeing up your mind to begin thinking about how you can truly live life on your terms.

Life is SO MUCH more fulfilling when you find a better way to create an income, a leveraged income (one that produces money for you whether you’re working or not), that isn’t dependent on you giving your life to a job/employer you don’t like, and thus giving them your precious time, rather one that pays you for the results your produce, no matter how little work it took to create the results!

A few years back, building a business online is what I found that allows me to create an income that frees me up to pursue my life purpose and dreams.

And it can do that for you as well. Part of my purpose is in helping people like yourself unlock your inner potential, your inner dreams, showing you the way to live life on YOUR terms.

Sounds amazing right?

I know this, no matter how much persistence, dedication, commitment, and hard work it takes in the beginning to get started on building your business so you can live your dream life someday soon, it’s a whole heckuva lot better than going through life as a ZOMBIE!

Remember this:

The price of success is always cheaper than the cost of failure.

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