The Death Cycle Those In The Middle Class Fall Into

Feb 16, 2012, Self Development

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Most men die at 25, we just don’t bury them until they are 70.” Think about that, and what he meant. What he said several hundred years ago holds just as true today. In fact, I believe his quote is THE definition of today’s middle class.


You’re young, just out of high school, and even though everyone acts like you should have your whole life planned out, you don’t have a freakin’ clue what you want to do. So you either go out and find whatever job you can right then, or you go to college, picking a major out of a hat, hoping it’s the right choice of a career path.

Then you get caught up in the flow of life…you have a job that pays the bills. No, you don’t love it, but it’s comfortable and easy, and lets you come home at night to have your down time. You get a girlfriend/boyfriend, you get married, then a mortgage, then kids. Before you know it, you’re stuck in the Death Cycle of the Middle Class where you spend the majority of your time awake doing something you hate!

…and may I point out, your TIME is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have on this Earth.

never give upMost people are too afraid of losing their “middle class” status, or worried about what their friends and family are going to think, that they don’t do a damn thing! They decide to just stay comfortable in the same position for the rest of their life…which ends up being very uncomfortable in the end!

I can tell you right now, I didn’t want to have any part of that! I wanted to make the most of my time on this Earth. God has given us all incredible talents, and I didn’t want to spit in His face by not putting them to use.

Jeff Olson, author of the Slight Edge, says, “50% of the people at your funeral won’t go to the graveside service if it’s raining that day…So if half the people that know me won’t stay at my funeral because of the weather, why would I give a damn what they think about what I do with my life?”

I loved what CEO Ryan Blair had to say about this, and the life-story he shares in this video.

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