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Feb 23, 2012, Make Money

Have you heard about the people who make a full-time living on the Internet, but you have no idea how that works? Or perhaps you know your neighbor next door is home all the time, but all you know is he does something online? Or have you seen those people working on their laptops in your local coffee shops, and wondered what the heck they’re doing that whole time? Today, I’m going to share with you just a few of the ways I’ve created Internet-based businesses that provide income for my family…

Whenever someone in public, at church, friends, or family asks me what I do, typically I would answer back with something like “Internet entrepreneur”, “I help people make money online”, “I make money blogging”, or “online marketing”…I never settled on one title for myself, partly because I’m always trying new things and hate being defined by a label, but largely because every time I would tell them I did something related to making money on the Internet, it would be returned with a big, blank stare!

…as if the idea of how you can have a job where you make money on the Internet, from your own house, is just completely foreign to them.

And then there are those who act like whatever you “do on the computer” must just be a scheme or scam, as they think about all those get-rich-quick schemes out there.

Then, if you have an inquisitive person, it will go into some long interrogation of having to explain your whole business to them, in order for them to understand.

Sometimes, I honestly think it would just be easier, when I get the “what do you do?” question, to just say “I’m a drug dealer.” Hahaha, I kid…but seriously, I think I would get less blank stares then! đŸ˜‰

How I Make A Living Using The Internet:

With that said, I wanted to take time to explain today, to those of you who are brand new to figuring out how to make a living online, exactly what all I do to make a living in my business using the Internet.

Now, as time has gone along, I’ve tried a lot of different things, in pursuit of finding new opportunities and my “one true calling”, but don’t be troubled or overwhelmed by all the ways I’m going to list here…you don’t have to do all of them. Many people make millions of dollars per year in any ONE of the areas I’m going to discuss.

You can get good at one area and stick to that…in fact, I would recommend you do it that way. It’s much easier to focus on one thing, and keep working at it until you have mastered it, than to try every new opportunity that comes your way and never get good at any of them.

1) I Make A Living Using The Internet With An eBook

Before building my business online, I was involved in both the landscape industry and the residential construction/remodeling industry. At the time, I was building my network marketing business part-time too, and that is what first led me to the Internet, to try to get more leads for it.

But, once I started figuring the “Internet thing” out, one of the first things I did was set up a website devoted to one aspect of house remodeling (don’t want to give my niche away). I put up some helpful articles and a photo gallery about the subject, and began getting some traffic to that web site. Then I wrote an ebook teaching Do-It-Yourselfers how to complete their project, and put it up for sell on the blog.

Now every time someone buys that book for $7, it goes straight into my PayPal account. $7 isn’t much, but if you have 10 of those per day (some days) that’s an extra $70 that day from that one little ebook!  Later, I recorded videos of me completing a project, so that I could have them edited and put them up for sale as an “upsell” after people buy the ebook. That is, after they purchase the ebook, they are given the option to also buy the videos for an extra $37. This part, however, isn’t completed at this time.

If writing about a certain interest or skill of your’s sounds interesting to you, you’ll like this…Amazon has made it easier to distribute an ebook to the masses now with their Amazon Kindle marketplace. I’m in the process of submitting my ebook to Kindle and I’ll let you know the results I get. Amazon pays 70% commission for all your books that are sold through their store, so an average priced $8 book will yield you a $5.60 commission.

Again, not a lot by itself, but MILLIONS of new Kindles are sold each month, and here is a staggering statistic. Today, Amazon sells more ebooks through Kindle every single day than they do physical books! You could easily write an ebook that sells hundreds of copies per day. An extra $300, $400, $500, or even $1000 per day wouldn’t be bad, would it?!

2) I Make A Living Using The Internet Through Affiliate Commissions

web-hosting-affiliate-programNumerous major companies have affiliate programs; Amazon and Walmart are the most notable, and there are thousands of other smaller companies that do as well. Unfamiliar with affiliate commissions? Basically, instead of spending all the budget on advertising, these companies are willing to pay you a commission for referring someone their way to buy their products. For instance, Amazon will pay anywhere from 4-10% commission depending on volume of sales you refer in a month, and type of product sold.

So how do you get people to buy those items? Obviously, you need to get in front of people looking for a certain item and direct them to the proper store online that sells that item, but how?

The easiest way to do that several years ago was to place an ad in Google for every item imaginable that someone would search for. For example, you would have created an ad to show whenever a person searched for “Dyson Vacuum”, your ad for a Dyson Vacuum would come up along the side of the search results, the ad would direct them to a web site that sells the Dyson Vacuum (pick the store that pays you the best commission!), and if they bought it, you got paid. This worked like gangbusters, because you could easily target a person searching for a specific item, and take them directly to the place that sold it.  Alas, competition became fierce, the cost of advertising went out of site, and Google banned many accounts who were promoting affiliate offers.

Today, I have a few web sites, called “niche web sites” (my construction related topic web site is an example of this), that attract people to the site who were searching for information about a certain topic or product. And because my site had articles and information about that topic, my site shows up in the search results when somebody searches for that topic. Once they’re on my site, I have links throughout the text and in banner ads along the side of the page that have my affiliate link behind them, and lead my readers to sites with products related to my niche. Then if they buy anything, I get paid.

I have handful of niche sites, and some earn me on average $100-200 per month. Again, not a lot on their own, but if you set up 10 sites like this over time that each bring in that much money, you’ll have an income of $1000-2000 per month, with very little ongoing effort. Some people do only this form of marketing, building thousands of little sites, OR focusing on building one mega “authority” site about 1 topic, and make hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions per year with this one strategy!

I Make A Living On The Internet With Helping Other People Get Started Blogging

As you can see here at the Live Without Limits blog, I have created a resource packed full of information for anybody to come learn from, it’s nicely and cleanly laid out, has all the right plug-ins and technology on the back end to make the web site look and act how I want, and in the end makes me a good amount of money.

I love teaching other people how to get their own blog up and running nicely just like mine, but what I’ve come to find over time is that many people have great ideas they want to get onto their blog, and would make a great blog based around whatever their interest is, but they are held up by all the technical challenges of building the blog.

Still another set of people, get their blog set up, but aren’t 100% sure in the beginning how to make their blog profitable, and that in itself takes months to learn and figure out how to generate maximum profits from your blog.

So, today I’m so excited to be able to help people get their Internet-based business started the right way, through my Brent Wehmeyer Mentoring program. It’s a private coaching & mentoring monthly membership that gives you access to video training from me, on everything from the technical aspects of starting up your blog and websites to how to properly monetize your business in the beginning, and from marketing basics to advanced marketing strategies.

Click here to get more info about the Brent Wehmeyer Mentoring program.

I Make A Living Using The Internet To Build My Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing PeopleIf you know my story, you know I started right out of college as a landscape designer, but I soon started building a network marketing business part-time so that I could eventually get away from a job that required crazy hours to earn the money I wanted to make, which meant I had no time freedom.

My methods of building that business have changed over time as I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t work. Today, I’m able to build a business using the Internet, meeting like-minded, positive, ambitious people around the world to work together helping people earn the money they truly deserve…and have the time-freedom we all should have. Because life is short!

Making a Living Using The InternetNetwork marketing is the business model that provides me the most income of all of them, and it’s the best business that will provide PASSIVE income, income that you work hard to build now, but will continue to come in down the road whether you’re working or not (if you do it the right way).

As the economy gets worse, gas prices rise, prices of everything inflate, more become unemployed, and everything else happening today goes on, thousands of people are looking everyday for a way to earn extra income, and network marketing is THE best option for many people to start doing so. It’s a business you can start that has very little start up cost compared to traditional businesses, but has huge earnings potential compared to the investment required.

With the Internet, you can easily connect with those people who are actively searching for a better option in life, you can help them out by starting their own network marketing business, partnering up with you, and it’s something that takes little skill to get going in the beginning, but pays you great money as you learn.

I Make A Living Using The Internet Helping Small Businesses Market Their Business Online

Main Street MarketingMany small business owners today are in a place where they know the Yellow Pages just don’t work like they used to. They know they need to advertise their business online, because everyone is searching for products and services online or on their mobile devices…

…but most of these business owners are either too busy running their business to have time to get everything set up online for their business or the just don’t have a clue where to even start.

With the knowledge I’ve accumulated through building my own business online, I realized I had the skills necessary to get more leads for many small businesses located near me. So I also today manage the online marketing for a handful of small local businesses.

This includes listing their business in online listings, getting them properly listed on Google Maps/Places, and numerous other listing sites. Also, it can include building custom social media campaigns to create interaction between the businesses and their customers. Search Engine Optimization is a very needed and lucrative service, where you need some serious skills and it takes a lot of work, but basically is the service of helping get a business’s web site ranking higher in search engine results.

The services you can provide for small businesses are endless, and many are willing to pay good money if you show the value that you can provide them in terms of increased leads, customers, and business.

Lots Of Ways To Make A Living Using The Internet

In summary, these are just the ways I’ve put the Internet to use, and there are countless more ways people use the Internet to make a living. As technology continues to grow, so will the ways for you to make money online.

All in all, what I love most about making a living using the Internet is helping change peoples’ lives, like my buddy Howie:

Making A Living Using The Internet Testimonial

When you get messages like that at the end of the day, it makes everything you do all worth it!

If you’re one of those people who are confused when people tell you they make a living using the Internet, I hope this post helped clarify that for you! The world is full of possibilities, and it’s my belief that you shouldn’t spend your life slaving away for somebody else, under their thumb, getting paid what they say you’re worth, having to live with a set amount of income, and only getting a few weeks off per year…you can work hard for yourself today, set up streams of income that will continue to flow in long after you’ve done the initial work to set them up.

So do you like what you’ve read here? Has it gotten you excited about building your own business online in some fashion or another? I am happy to help you however I can. Fill out the contact form at the Contact page and I’ll get in touch with you shortly!


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