Living A Life Of Personal Freedom

Sep 25, 2013, Life

Living a life of personal freedom. What does that mean to you? Have you lost faith that it’s even possible for you? Wherever you find yourself today, I want to give you a word of encouragement…


Achieving a life of personal freedom takes time, work, persistence, dedication, commitment…lots of things. But it’s all absolutely worth it, and you can definitely get there. Whatever dreams you have, if you have a vision of the life you want to live…you can have it. Keep going and you WILL get there.

You may just need something you’re missing. It could be:

  • finding the right business vehicle
  • learning some new skills you don’t have – marketing, writing, video, leadership, speaking, etc.
  • working with a mentor who is in the place you want to be, learn from their experience and mistakes instead of having to do it all on your own
  • building a product, website, service, business, etc. that delivers a skill, knowledge, experience, passion or intereste that you have to the marketplace – basically find a way to offer value to people based on something you know or love sharing about and then package it in a way to deliver it to those who are interested

Or just keep going…sometimes you have all the puzzle pieces in place, but it just hasn’t worked yet. This happened to me for a long time. I knew what I was doing, was taking daily action, and had learned plenty of online marketing skills…but it just wasn’t paying off yet. I found that it just took a certain amount of time for momentum to take hold and to finally see results for all those efforts I had put into my business.

With that said, what can you expect in having a life of personal freedom?


It could be that you would like to travel the world, the country, or just take vacations as you please. It can also mean if you’re stir crazy working from home today, you can just take off to the local coffeehouse, as I like to do a day or two each week, and work on your computer from there for the day.

I’m able to pick up and move with my wife wherever she’s working because of the mobility this business has given me.

I have some great friends who just love living outside the mold of what you’re expected to do in life (settle down, start a family, buy a house, have a 9 to 5 job, etc.), who work in the same business I do, making money online, and they just travel the world, living a couple months in Thailand, then a few months in Costa Rica, then off to the Cayman Islands, back to California for a while, and then settling for a few months in the Philippines

It may sound crazy to some, but it’s simply proof that no dream you have is too crazy to become your reality!

Financial Freedom

This one is big…bigger than many people realize. You may have the belief that money isn’t everything, money doesn’t buy happiness, that you’re meant to earn the money you make today…All those false beliefs.

But my hunch is you’re here because you have a dream, you want more for your life, and you realize the great things you can do when money is taken care of.

Isn’t it ironic?…the people who have to think about money the most are those who don’t have much of it but claim money isn’t everything…who have to always worry where it’s going to come from, how to pay a bill, or they have to say “I don’t have enough to do that.”

Financial freedom can come to you by having an online business that pays you by delivering the value you have to the world – through blogging, offering products, services, coaching, writing an ebook, or marketing products others created.

Last week, I was able to earn $1,100 in revenue in just ONE DAY…that was never possible for me when I only did landscape design or construction work! But it was made possible by having systems on the Internet that I leveraged. Systems that allowed me to make sales from marketing, not tied to the number of hours I worked and put into it.

Time Freedom

This almost goes without explanation…but I will, since it’s one of the most rewarding things to talk about!

I love nothing more than being in control of my time, waking up when I want to wake up, enjoy my day doing whatever I like, working whatever hours I want, and spending time with whoever I want.

Life is so rewarding when you get to decide what you’ll do with your day!

Giving & Helping

What’s most rewarding and fulfilling in life is helping others, impacting other people’s lives. But this is almost impossible to do when you’re in scramble mode, trying to simply scrape by and exist, to just keep things afloat…when you’re in that place in life – as the majority of people are – you can only worry about yourself.

…But when you have bills all paid, no debts, and enough money to do whatever you like, and you have the time freedom to live life on your terms, it’s then that you can help people in so many ways.

Today I’m able to begin each day asking for God’s help to allow me to impact other people’s lives, to help give opportunity to others, instead of having to worry about my own life. With the time and financial freedom you have, and prosperity God’s blessed you with, you’re able to sow that into people’s lives.

Being able to do that, to impact lives, is what drives me everyday.

If you are in a place where you know you have a vision of a greater, more fulfilling life you can live, but you just don’t know how to get there, or you’ve been looking but haven’t found the right opportunity or vehicle to get you there, subscribe to my (almost daily) newsletter to learn more about what I do to make an income online, and how you can create a lifestyle business that provides more freedom for you in your life.

not easy but worth it

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