Icebergs, Ants, And Elephants

Jul 10, 2013, Mindset

You may be thinking, “What in the world do icebergs, ants, and elephants have to do with each other?” That’s understandable, it does seem like quite the random trio. I’ll explain, but first…

Have you fallen victim to the Internet Marketing machine that gets you to buy every new product launched? Or have you found yourself caught in a perpetual cycle of learning, learning, learning, without much “doing”?

You thought that your success was ultimately going to come from learning that next little tip, strategy, tactic, or marketing skill.

That’s right where the Internet Marketing niche wants you. The gurus know that products teaching marketing skills and “how-to’s” sell the best, so that’s what they sell you. It’s always the how-to products and the next software or plugin that will catapult you to success.

I don’t fault the marketers any, however, they’re just being good opportunists selling to people what people want to buy.

In the beginning, before figuring out what it REALLY takes to succeed, we all THINK what we need to know and learn are the how-to’s…but that’s not the case at all.

Now if this has been your story up until now…Don’t worry, don’t feel guilty, almost all successful marketers online have been there at one time.

The great news is you can learn from those experiences and become a better person from it, as you move forward into a realization that 95% of your success will actually come from developing your mindset, yet only 5% is determined by learning marketing skills and how-to’s (completely made up statistic to prove a point).

And that’s where Icebergs, Ants, & Elephants Come Into The Mix

In many self-development, hypnosis, and mindset related books I’ve read, and training I’ve gone through, I’ve often heard the metaphor of the Ant & Elephant in describing the roles of your conscious and unconscious minds.

Your unconscious mind is the Elephant that is guiding 99% of your actions every day. Your unconscious mind handles an estimated 2 million bits of information every SECOND! It’s the part of your brain that sorts through all kinds of inputs – sensation from all of your nerves throughout your body, temperature, smells, sounds, vision, thoughts, etc. – and it is constantly prioritizing, enhancing, distorting, and eliminating that data…

…Because your conscious mind, where you actually “think”, can only handle 5 to 7 bits of data per second. That’s right, consciously we can only handle 5 to 7 thoughts at one time. So it’s our conscious mind that sorts through 2 million things per second to be able to tell us the 5 to 7 things per second that are the most important to us.

Have you ever been walking along and suddenly jumped when you saw a stick on the ground? That’s because your unconscious mind instantly connected the image of that stick with an image of a snake slithering across the ground, and it alerted you of that to protect you.

Protect You…did you catch that? That’s what your unconscious mind is always trying to do, protect you from all of your surroundings and circumstances that may harm you…it was absolutely necessary all the way back in Neanderthal times, when a rustle in the bushes could be a saber-tooth tiger ready to pounce and kill us.

So the unconscious mind is the elephant guiding our every action throughout the day, and our conscious mind is the Ant on top of the elephant.

The funny part is that our “Ant” mind THINKS it is actually steering, guiding, and controlling where we go, sitting on top of the elephant. Hahaha. It’s merely riding around within the bounds set forth by our “Elephant” mind.

But just as our unconscious mind tries to protect us from predators and things around us that may harm us, it’s also doing the same thing from patterns and images stored in our mind from past FAILURES.

Right now, as you read this, and you feel that urge to click the button below to find out more about how you can work with us to create the life of your dreams, and you get that gut feeling just to GO FOR IT…you may find your unconscious mind holding you back, telling you, “No don’t do that, you’ve tried that before and it never worked out. Do that again and you’ll be embarrassed or disappointed.”

Your unconscious mind stores memories of all your past failures, disappointments and fears.

But you’ve got to realize and ingrain in yourself that they’re just that, in the PAST!

Live in the present. Realize everything that has happened to you is in the past, can’t be changed, and has actually developed you in some way to prepare you for today.

And there is no guarantee of a tomorrow, or what will happen tomorrow…So live in the present, which is the only thing you can control.

But let’s get back on track…

If you want to succeed, you must get your Ant mind in alignment with your Elephant mind. Your conscious mind must be in alignment with your unconscious. You may tell yourself you want to do something, but if your unconscious mind is not in agreement with that, it will sabotage your efforts and hold you back. It’s really incredible.

But I really can’t do this topic justice in this one blog post. You need to check out some books and resources on it if you want to learn more about the unconscious mind and its role in your daily actions.

The Importance Of Your Mindset: The Iceberg

I explain all this about your conscious mind (the Ant) really being dictated and directed by your unconscious mind (the Elephant) to help you realize how incredibly important it is to have your mindset in the right place if you want to succeed in your business.

You can learn every single marketing skill you ever wanted to learn, you can buy every new product launch…

But if your mindset isn’t prepared for that success and having the right belief about money (making it, having it, keeping it, and how to use it), when you start to have a little success or start to make money, your unconscious mind will sabotage you without you even knowing it. Or if you have fears – of failure, rejection, self-worth issues, etc. – your mind will even keep you from ever taking action.

I know this first hand, seeing a friend in the business have all the potential in the world but just wouldn’t take action. Once he broke through his fears at an Empower Network event, he’s completely changed since then and is taking daily action in moving toward his dreams.

So getting your mindset right is how we use the Iceberg analogy.

You know, I’m sure, that the part of the iceberg you see above water is actually only 20% or less of the whole iceberg…the other 80% or more lies under that water, holding up the part you see above water.

That 20% above water represents the marketing skills you have been trying to learn all along. Sure they’re important, but they mean nothing if the 80% under the water isn’t there to hold it up above water.

That 80% underwater is your mindset. It will pay you FAR BETTER, and lead you to more success than you can imagine.

Spend most of your time working on becoming the person you want to become, which you can do so by doing things like:

  • Reading great personal development books
  • Listening to positive audios (available to you through our Inner Circle Audios)
  • Listening to audiobooks during your daily commute
  • Studying and modeling leaders you aspire to be like
  • Visualizing yourself living your dream life daily (with vivid, exact details)
  • Spend time to become 100% clear on the vision of where you want to go in life, what you want to achieve, and how you want to impact other’s lives

I guarantee that if you focus on these things everyday, more than you spend time learning new strategies, you’ll go so much farther in the next 90 days than you could ever have imagined. But you have to be serious about it, stick with it, and really believe in yourself!

That’s all for today…

Instead of being that silly ant trying to steer an elephant, get your elephant mind in alignment with your ant mind and life will flow so much better for you!

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