How To Win In Life

Jul 9, 2013, Self Development

What’s the “Secret” to winning in life? You have dreams of success, making it big, travelling around the globe, making an impact in other’s lives, and perhaps having fancy things. But what does it take to actually reach those dreams and goals?


It’s likely, since you’re here at my blog, that you’re already involved in a network marketing opportunity, Internet marketing, or other home-based business endeavor. And, if that’s you, and you find yourself stuck or struggling to get over “the hump”, you may be searching for that secret sauce that will finally give you momentum and rain success down on you.

I know because that was me for a LONG TIME. I thought there had to be some super secret of the successful that I was missing.

…That ONE thing that was holding me back. If I could just figure it out, everything would fall into place. And I’ll tell you what that one thing was in just a bit…

You see, I was always looking for the How-To’s:

  • How to do technical things
  • How to make videos, capture pages, and websites
  • How to do sneaky stealthy traffic strategies
  • How to write catchy headlines
  • How to become a social media expert

…And the list goes on, but you get my drift…If you’re like I was, always thinking if you just learn that one new strategy, trick, tactic, or get the latest software or product being launched, that you’ll finally start raking in leads, sales, reps, & cash…Well, the truth is, none of those are going to do it for you.

The Key To Winning In Life:

The thing that needs changed, improved, and worked on, is you and your mindset!

Now before you get all mad and irritated thinking, “Here we go, yet another marketer telling me all I need to do is work on my mindset, what a load of BS!”, just hear me out…

When I was looking for the secret, the next how-to that would catapult me to success, and I heard a marketer, trainer, or mentor tell me I just need to work on myself and my mindset, I would get so irritated. That was NOT the answer I wanted to hear, it had to be something more. So, if that’s what you’re feeling, I know where you’re at, that was me too. But IT REALLY IS ALL ABOUT YOUR MINDSET.

How To Win In Life By Changing Your Mindset:

Now, admittedly, changing your Mindset has many facets to it. There are several different key parts of your mindset you need to tackle. Things like:

  • Having gratitude for what you have and where you are now
  • Having complete faith in yourself and in God providing you the opportunities and circumstances to fulfill your purpose
  • Constantly devouring new information that will make you wiser and more experienced, ready to make better decisions in life & business
  • Living with an EXPECTATION that your dreams will come true
  • Getting your unconscious and conscious minds in alignment with each other
  • And having a VISION so clear that you can almost see, smell, & touch in your mind what it is you want to have, do, or accomplish

…And you can find out & learn more about those things by browsing through other daily video blog posts here on the Revolution Income Blog. But today I want to talk about 1 Key Aspect of your mindset.

Having The Determination To Do Whatever It Takes To Win In Life:

If you want to be a professional marketer, a professional in network marketing, a professional at helping people build their own successful home-based businesses, then you need to act like any other professional does…

Think about the professional athlete who gets paid millions of dollars per year to be great at the sport they’re in. They did make a million dollars overnight, not even their first year or two…They have to go through years of development, practice, training, & failures in school & college before they become GREAT at what they do.

Likewise, you can’t expect to be great and successful at making money online overnight. It will take WORK. It will take failing your way forward.

But know that as long as you keep going, improving, practicing, learning more through experience, and becoming a better person, you WILL succeed. You’re not going to let circumstances stop you. You will only see them as hurdles placed in your path to see how willing and determined you are to WIN and succeed in life.

If you want to become a professional at what you do, and win in life, then act like a professional acts: daily practice, daily activity, daily learning, and constant commitment. Never waiver, stay on course, nothing can stop you from bringing out the greatness inside you!

How to win in life basically comes down to those things, and knowing the you can and will have the life of your dreams, fulfilling the purpose God has given you, if you just keep going forward, letting nothing stop you, and having complete FAITH that God has great things in store for you.

He’s given you the potential to win in life, it’s up to you to walk forward in faith and expectation, taking daily action toward your dreams.

And we’re here to help you when you join our Empower Network team, where you’ll have all the resources you need, the training, the tools, and the community to learn from, share results with, and get ideas from.

So, click the link below, make that decision now to become a professional, so soon you can make the money of a professional online marketer, and have the success you’ve dreamed of. Now that you know how to win in life, it’s all possible! 😉 See you on the inside.

how to win in life

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