How To Make Money Online

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online, then look no further, you’ve come to just the right place! Not only this specific page, but also this whole site is dedicated to everything relating to making money online. There are many paths for you to pursue online, with distractions coming at you from every direction. But I’m here to help you make sense of it all and find the direction that fits you best.

I walked away from my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) in 2006, as a result of building a network marketing organization (not on the Internet) part-time. But then I struggled for a few years, going into residential contracting for a few years to make ends meet. But once I found that I could use the Internet to grow my business, everything changed.

Like any successful entrepreneur, my journey hasn’t always been smooth. It’s been a path filled with ups and downs, but it still amazes me what I’ve been able to accomplish in both internet marketing and network marketing, with some hard work and determination.

Fast forward to today and I’m you’ll see that I’m no millionaire, but I’m able to work for myself, take off from “work” whenever I want, go on vacations without asking for time off, and work as hard as I want to make as much money as I want, not what someone else thinks I’m worth.

Make Money OnlineMany people come to my site who are just looking for a way to earn a little extra income each month, and are new to the “make money online” world. They’ve heard that it’s possible, but have no idea where to start. If that’s you, then this post is for you!

Below I have listed twenty (20) various ways to make money online and it will give you a little insight into the opportunities for you that currently exist…and the great news is, they’re yours for the taking! There is nobody out there just waiting to give you money for nothing though, it will take some effort, determination, and sometimes long hours to make it happen.

If you’d like to learn more about me, Brent Wehmeyer, and what all I do to earn an income online and also through network marketing, hop over to my bio on my About Me page.

20 Ways You Can Make Money Online

1. Make Money Online Filling Out Surveys

Fill Out Surveys: There are many survey companies (some reputable, and some not so reputable) to sign up with. Do a little research first to find a good one. They will pay you per survey that you fill out, anywhere from a dollar or two to $25-$50. They’re usually pretty easy to fill out and can earn you a little extra cash every day.

2. Make Money Online Selling On eBay

Sell On eBay: Many people, tens of thousands even, spend a good chunk of cash buying things on eBay every single day…but sometime has to put those things up for sale. You can be one of them and take your slice of the pie in this moneymaking opportunity.

It’s free to start a basic seller’s account on eBay, and takes very little time to do. I recommend you start practicing with their auction system with some old things you don’t want anymore.

3. Make Money Online Blogging

Blogging: If they’re properly designed, monetized, and managed, a blog can create a substantial income. Creating one is quick and inexpensive, but to make a significant income, expect to put in a lot of time and effort before the big bucks come rolling in.

4. Make Money Online With Websites

Create Websites: You can set up websites, with only the investment of buying a domain name and some web hosting, quickly and inexpensively, that can serve as a virtual storefront for a whole spectrum of money making techniques on the Internet. The websites could be for affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or monetizing with AdSense ads, all of which I’ll cover in this article.

The easiest method for setting up a website today is purchasing a web hosting plan (I use BlueHost) and installing WordPress. With just a few clicks of the mouse, this free web site management platform will be up and running on your new website.

5. Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: This is the act of referring people to vendors who will pay you a commission for every product sold as a result of your referral. There are thousands of stores and websites that offer affiliate programs, one of the most popular today is Amazon.

All you need to do is join an affiliate program, create a web site sales page that matches the products that vendor offers, and drive web traffic to that page, then watch the money roll in.

6. Make Money Online By Website Flipping

Flipping Websites: You can make a good amount of money online building and developing web sites, then turning around to sell them for a profit. Sometimes people make significant money flipping a website based solely on the value of the domain name…pick a good name that a big company wants, and they may pay you $10,000’s or even $millions for that name.

But those cases are rare. What you need to do to ensure you’re successful in flipping a website is make sure your web site has these attributes:

  • Visual appeal
  • Have a consistent high amount of natural search engine traffic
  • High Google page rank
  • Consistent money is generated through ads, affiliate links, or AdSense

7. Make Money Online By Writing Articles

Writing Articles: Every single web site out there needs written content throughout their site.  Not only is that what people read, but the more quality content a site has the more the search engines like it. So every site needs content, but many site owners either don’t know how to write or they just don’t want to write. This makes an excellent opportunity for you to be a copywriter, charging for your services of writing articles.

The only real downside of writing for others is that it’s usually what’s known as “ghostwriting” which means you don’t get credit for being the author. The good side is you can easily find work through Craigslist, Upwork, Freelancer or classified ads.

8. Make Money Online By Writing eBooks

Writing eBooks: There are eBooks scattered endlessly across the Internet today, written on every imaginable topic for every niche. So much so, that the perceived value of eBooks began dropping a few years ago.

But now, with 10’s of millions of eBook readers like the Kindle Fire being sold, there is a huge opportunity for you to write your eBooks and put them up for sale on Amazon’s Kindle market.  You can earn a few dollars every time your eBook is sold, and it can be very achievable to earn $3,000-$10,000 per month in this manner.

9. Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Google AdSense: Google makes all of their billions of dollars from advertisements that show up to the sides of their search results, and also through their content network which are their ads showing up on millions of web sites. Placing a block of Google’s ads on your web site is known as AdSense, and they’ll pay you anywhere from a few pennies to almost a dollar for every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of their ads.

It’s free to use, and it’s smart enough to only place ads that match what your web site content is about. If you have a website, this is a beginning point to make some money, but eventually you can make far more money from something like affiliate marketing.

10. Make Money Online With ClickBank

ClickBank: ClickBank has been named America’s #1 affiliate network, serving as a middleman for thousands of digital products to be sold, and millions of people who want to offer them as an affiliate.

With ClickBank, you can either make a lot of money promoting products that are on there, or create your own products to put up for sale on there.

11. Make Money Online With CPA Offers

CPA Offers: Where affiliate marketing pays you when your referral leads to a sale, CPA (Cost Per Action) offers pay you per LEAD. They pay you every time you send someone to their page to either fill out personal information, email address, or even as little as paying you just for them entering their zip code.

Signing up with CPA networks is easy and setting up some ads on your site will take no time, but to make significant money, you’ll have to really practice and be good at analyzing numbers and lots of testing.

12. Make Money Online With Membership Sites

Membership Sites: Instead of relying on ads and affiliate programs to make money from your web sites, you can build a membership program into your site, where people pay a monthly subscription to get “Insider” access to your training, product, newsletter, or whatever else you want to charge for.

If you choose an interesting topic that people are willing and eager to pay money to learn more about, your membership database will continue to grow and the profits will compound each month as you gain new members.

13. Make Money Online Trading Forex

Trading Forex: Trading Forex is the buying and selling of foreign currencies for profit. Much like buying and selling stocks, you’re trying to buy low and sell high.

This can be tough, and you can do it from analyzing charts and trends, but it also takes a little luck, losing sometimes and winning other times. This is something that having experience in trading would be a definite plus. If you’re new to this, I would highly suggest starting out with a fake demo account.

14. Make Money Online By Guest Writing For Other Bloggers

Writing for Other Bloggers: Many companies today are constantly searching for bloggers and guest writers to write posts for their corporate sites or community sites. There are even companies like Pay U 2 Blog that would be willing to pay you for writing on your own blog.

The benefit of doing this as opposed to a job, is that you can work for as many different companies as you have time to handle, you’re not locked in to working for one company.

15. Make Money Online By Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant (VA): You can earn great money online if you have marketable skills like accounting, bookkeeping, translating, proofreading/editing, or administrative assistant skills. If you have a good computer and Internet connection, there is no reason you couldn’t work from the comfort of your own home.

16. Make Money Online By Bringing Offline Products To The Internet

Sell Offline Products On The Internet: You can become an independent sales agent for a brick & mortar company that has yet to sell their products online, and take a commission for selling their stuff online. I did this for a company when I was starting out online and it proved to be very lucrative for what little time I had to put into managing the website. Just create an eCommerce web site, placing their products details and pictures online, and driving traffic to the site to make sales.

17. Make Money Online By Establishing Internet Forum Communities

Create Forum Communities: People interested in many topics and niches are actively looking for communities of people passionate about the same thing to chat with and discuss topics with. Adding a forum to a website adds a tremendous amount of value to existing sites, increases search engine rankings, and builds a community of followers eager to return to the site making it easier to monetize.

18. Make Money Online Helping Small Businesses Get Online

Help Small Businesses: Many small businesses are stuck in a spot of knowing their old ways of advertising in Yellow Pages, newspapers, etc. don’t work like they used to, yet not knowing what else they can do to get results. And many small business owners are so busy running their business that they don’t have time to figure out how to advertise their company online.

This leaves a gaping hole of opportunity for you to walk down the street and get dozens of companies to hand thousands over to you to help them out.

19. Make Money Online At Fiverr People go to to charge $5 to do just about anything you can think of, from silly to scary to actually very helpful services. If you have a skill, go offer your services on Fiverr. For instance, you could write a 500 word article for $5 in just about 10 minutes, and do about 6 of those per hour.

20. Make Money Online Through Network Marketing

Network Marketing is the business vehicle that allowed me to originally quit my job. If you have little money to invest, but you have time, choose network marketing as not only a way to make up front quick cash, but also long-term residual income that will pay you whether you continue working or not…this is the power of LEVERAGE!

Instead of spending money on traditional advertising methods, and hiring salespeople, some companies go the route of offering their products through a word-of-mouth format, paying you on both your own sales efforts and also allowing you to build your own team of part-time referrers and earning a percentage of everything your whole organization sells!