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Jul 17, 2013, Blogging

You’ve heard friends talk about it. News anchors and TV personalities have shared stories of people supposedly making money simply from blogging. And you may even have that neighbor who is home all the time, never commuting to a job, and they’ve told you they do something like making money online or from a website or selling things online…

How To Make Money Blogging…But, Is It Really Possible To Make Money From Blogging?

…perhaps you don’t have a clue what exactly it takes, or what’s involved in making the Internet work for you and deposit money into YOUR bank account.

I’m here to tell you, as the owner of a successful online marketing business, that it really is possible for anybody, not matter your background or skill set, to generate a significant, life-changing, income online. And, the best part is, you can create LEVERAGED income that pays you no matter if you’re working or not (because you did the work once), and you can work from wherever you want!

As with anything in life that is worthwhile, it will take some WORK to get a blog set up and for you to learn the techniques and steps necessary to actually have a blog that makes you money.

There are millions of people who “blog” – sharing their thoughts, ideas, hobbies, experiences, views, and opinions – but make ZERO money. YOU want to make your efforts worthwhile, getting paid for your time sharing what you love and what you know…it takes work, yes, but it’s far easier than you may think it is.

So there is a difference between “hobby blogging” and “professional blogging”. It just takes learning those key techniques and strategies that will get more eyeballs viewing your blog, and knowing how to set it up so you receive money from those who you share your love and knowledge with.

Can You Tell Me Exactly How To Make Money Blogging?

Yes, I would be glad to help you get a basic understanding of what it takes to start making money from blogging.

While I can share with you in this one blog post some of the basics of making money from your blog, it will take in-depth training to know all the “ins and outs” of blogging. Read through the rest of this post to get a general idea of what it takes to start making money from your own blog.

The Basics Of How To Make Money Blogging…

In its simplest form, having a blog that makes you money involves:

  1. Having a website/blog where you share the topic you love and are passionate about.
  2. Getting people to find and read your blog – aka getting traffic to your blog
  3. Sharing quality content that people want to share with others and refer others to, creating viral growth and a passionate following of fans
  4. Monetizing your blog: having a way to receive money back from readers – from ads you earn money on every time they show, through offering something of value they can purchase like memberships, paid newsletters, ebooks, video products, info/training products, selling physical products and shipping them, or collecting their emails and emailing offers to that email list…many more opportunities to make money but that’s just the start

Note: The topic/niche of your blog could be about anything, but being about something you love will help you keep going on it long-term without getting burnt out or running out of things to talk about)

Now That You Know How To Make Money From Blogging…

…all that is really left to do is: TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.

I know so many people who have the perfect idea in their head for a blog they could start up, focusing on a certain topic they love and are passionate about…BUT, they don’t do anything about it. They let fear stop them in their tracks – fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of exposing their real thoughts to the whole world.

I had a great idea for a niche blog for a long time that I just didn’t do anything about. I finally did it, and went on to earn over $100 per month from that one little blog…It trailed off after a while, when I moved on to focus on other blogs, and I no longer keep up that one blog…but had I started it when I first had the idea, it would probably have put another $500 to $800 in my pocket!

I urge you to learn from my mistakes, my inaction, and get started today. Don’t worry about not having all the answers, not knowing exactly what you’re doing. Don’t let those little fears stop you. I know countless success stories of friends who stumbled their way forward in starting their businesses online, who now make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. They didn’t have all the answers or know what they were doing in the beginning, but because they just took the first step, and got started sharing their passion with the world, look at where they are today…Massive Success!

It’s possible for you as well. You can live the life of your dreams if you have a successful blog & online business.

Whatta ya say we help you get started right NOW?

There are 2 steps to take:

1) Set up your own blog (for the technically inclined), get a hosting account set up (I recommend Bluehost), and venture over to my Revolution Income 101 page to get a few tips on blogging.

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