How To Build Trust With Your Marketing List

Aug 6, 2013, Affiliate Marketing

Getting content on your blog, making videos, and emailing your list is all great…it’s the first step to success, which is simply Taking Action. But many novice marketers stop there, believing if they simply keep pumping out “content”, the traffic, leads, and sales will flow like milk &  honey in the promised land… But, They […]

Getting content on your blog, making videos, and emailing your list is all great…it’s the first step to success, which is simply Taking Action.

But many novice marketers stop there, believing if they simply keep pumping out “content”, the traffic, leads, and sales will flow like milk &  honey in the promised land…

But, They Miss a Key Step: Building Trust!

You’ve got to realize in today’s world, we are absolutely bombarded by commercial messages and advertising trying to get us to buy something every second of the day – some obvious marketing, and much of it very subtle but still crowding our mind’s resources. This includes being marketed and sold to by many people online.

If you’re trying to become successful in the home-business arena, making money by providing systems that help people make money or teach them how to make more money on their own, you are part of a giant herd of other Internet entrepreneurs trying to make it online too, wanting the same customers you’re going after.

With all this commercialization and constant advertising to us, both offline and online, it has led us to be overly skeptical of most advertising & advertisers that cross our path.

So, it’s essential you Build Trust with the people visiting your blog posts, videos, websites, and reading your emails on your subscriber lists.

How Do You Build Trust With Your List?

Build Trust With Your Internet Marketing ListI could create a whole comprehensive course for several hundred dollars on this one topic, and it would be absolutely worth it, and be filled with hours of content…but let me pack it down to its basics, in this one blog post, for free.

Today, I experienced some results of building trust with my list. One email to my subscribers list, initiated multiple replies with people sharing their connection to Tulsa, OK with me (where my wife and I just moved), wanting to connect with me, and some even wanting to join me and buy products from me.

How exciting is that!? Right, pretty dang cool.

Over the weekend, just for instance, I made $125 on Saturday, and $125 on Sunday, simply by making a video, posting it to my blog (like I am now with this video and blog post), and then emailing my existing subscribers list.

It’s really that simple…and I will soon be earning far more than that each day, with each little bit of activity, as my list grows, my influence grows, and their trust grows. And you can too. You can absolutely possibly earn Thousands of Dollars per day with these same activities…

…When you build that trust with your list/fans/followers.

Here is how my experience has shown me to build trust with my website visitors, email list subscribers, and video channel followers:

1. Share Your Story

youre-awesomeYou don’t like feeling vulnerable do you?

…That’s okay, none of us do. But sharing your real story, of struggles, failures, mistakes, and your flaws – making yourself vulnerable to your audience – is exactly what people connect to.

In the worlds of direct sales, ‘make money online’, home-based business, and Internet Marketing, when people follow you, buy from you, and join you is when they feel like they can relate to you, and getting the sense that you’ve been in their shoes. It’s then that they think to themselves, “If he/she could do it, I can too!”

And you can connect with them on that level when you put yourself out there, your true self, holding nothing back, sharing real stories from your past. It’s uncomfortable at first, but once you make it a habit, you’ll realize the results will begin happening…People begin responding to your posts, videos, and emails like never before…because they feel like you’re a “real” person.

For example, I share with people all of the ups and downs, struggles and failures I went through for 8 years of trying to build my network marketing business. I share how growing up on a farm instilled great work ethic in me, and some values I’m very proud of and thankful for…but also some negative work and money mindset that held me back for a long time. I share how I struggled for so long online because I kept trying to figure out the “how-to”, but when I finally realized my future success actually depended on me perfecting my mindset, things began to finally happen for me.

Try it today, shoot a video sharing a real struggle you went through but came out of, rising to victory through the pain or failure. Make yourself uncomfortable today, it will be worth it!

2. Be Personal, Not Dry, Stuffy, & Corporate

Be yourself - not stuffy, dry, boring, & corporate likeDon’t think you have to be professional, polished, or have what you want to say scripted out.

You may think that rambling a bit and stumbling over your words will look bad. Sure some people won’t like it, some will give negative feedback, but FAR MORE people will realize – just like I mentioned in Sharing Your Story – that if you can do it, unscripted, real, rambling a bit, being yourself (hanging out in a park like I am in the video above, hot, red, and sweaty), then they can too!

Pretend as though you’re sitting across the table from a friend you’re talking to while recording your video…It’s not just an inanimate camera you’re talking at, it’s real people on the other end watching you on video…it’s real people reading your blog posts & emails.

When you make your video, blog post, or video today, just sit down and say whatever comes to mind – pauses, fumbles, mistakes and all, don’t edit that stuff out, and just post it. It may not be great, but with every one you do, you’ll get better and better. I cringe when I look back at my early work online, but I leave it up there because it shows people following me the progression I’ve gone through.

3. Be Authentic

be you be weird be uniqueThis is similar to being personal, but just a bit different. The dictionary defines Authentic as “not false or copied, original.”

In our realm, that means Be YOU! Don’t try to copy the personality and posture of some leader or top money earner who you follow. What they’re doing that’s allowing them to get big results, is being themselves…expressing their true personality.

You won’t have success trying to copy somebody else.

You will have success by expressing your own AUTHENTIC personality.

4. Be Honest – Share Real Results

Be Honest - Tell The TruthDon’t try to impress people by making up huge fake income amounts, or claiming to get more traffic to your site than you do, getting more leads.

Like being authentic and expressing your own personality, not somebody else’s, don’t share or claim fake results that you’re really not getting just because you think you have to match up and compete with the people getting big results.

Whatever level you’re at, even a very beginner level, share the results you’ve gotten. If it’s your very first lead, a little bitty sale, don’t compare yourself to the person getting 100 leads per day, or earning $1,000 per day…No matter your level of success, there are tons of people who would LOVE to have the results you’re getting.

As you share your very beginning results, you’ll attract people who want even those little results for themselves, and that in turn will help you get a little bit bigger results, attracting people at the next higher level…and the cycle continues.

But you’ll never get off the ground and get credibility if you share fake results. Be honest!

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