The “Forever Recession” And The Income Revolution

Sep 30, 2013, Entrepreneurship

We’re in the middle of an ‘income revolution’, one that will prove to have a greater impact and cause more dramatic change than the last revolution we can remember: the Industrial Revolution. You can choose to be scared, or choose to learn how to be prepared so you can succeed & profit through the challenges…

The video above, of an interview with best-selling author Seth Godin, is a couple years old now, recorded at the beginning of 2012…but the message is no less relevant today…

Talk of the recession, that began in 2008, has waned, but the economic environment we’re in today is more turbulent and unsettled than ever before.

Everyone is talking about hot button topics like food stamps, job security, Obamacare/Affordable Healthcare, employment & unemployment, job benefits.

And the sad fact is we’ve moved farther than ever away from the roots of freedom, liberty, independence, creating a life you’re proud of, and self-reliance that all helped form our country’s heritage.

NOW is your chance to step back, learn and understand exactly where we stand today – with an Income Revolution having already begun – and instead of calling on the government and employers to save you, rescue you, or provide for you, realize you have a unique skill or passion you can get paid providing/delivering to others using the Internet.

Starting today, you can learn what it takes to be completely self-reliant, providing for yourself – likely far better than you ever imagined – leveraging technology and the Internet to live life on YOUR terms.

An Income Revolution Has Taken Place

FACT: Almost 75% of businesses have no payroll.

I remember when this was predicted back in the 1990s.

It was radical talk: the idea that big companies were choosing to NOT hire employees but, instead, focus on contracting people who were specializing in a certain task.

Here’s what a lot of people don’t realize, though. This is actually a return to where we were about 120 year ago.

What A “Job” Used To Mean…

Blacksmith You see, at the turn of the century, the definition of a “job” was a “temporary, one-time task”.

Imagine a blacksmith coming home and his wife saying, “Good day?” …

…And he’d reply, “Why yes, I got three new jobs today: horseshoes for Farmer Brown, a new frying pan for Miss Thomas and a new hammer for the pastor.”

The average person had a trade they performed. They were essentially self-employed contractors who made a living – brought home the bacon – by getting one-time projects from individual customers.

The country was built on this independence and self-reliance: doing whatever it takes to provide value to others with the skills you had and getting paid according to what you produced and sold, or through the services you provided.

Jobs After The Industrial Revolution…

assembly line after industrial revolutionIt wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that people got attracted to the idea of someone giving them a “long-term” job.

It meant that the blacksmith could just go to work for a big company and he didn’t have to worry about finding steady “jobs”…they would simply give him ONE “job” and they’d buy all the output he could produce.

And, just like that, America (and the world) got addicted to The Job Teat: someone else is going to take care of me and make sure I have plenty of work to do to get paid.

Compound that by a few decades and what do you get? A whole nation of people who think that their life is their employer’s responsibility.

Screw that.

When I discovered that a “job” was very much like having a 200 pound ball of molten lava chained to my ankle every day, I couldn’t get out of that thing fast enough.

As a result, I had it better than many of my former co-workers who didn’t see the writing on the wall and who thought that their boss would employ them forever. They were still working there when the ax-man came.

What A “Job” Means Today…

Let’s be clear: if you think that you’re going to work for someone for 40 years and retire with a gold watch…’re deluding yourself.

Or if you’re young like me, 20s or 30s, and you think Social Security and other government programs will be around to save you and provide a comfy retirement for you, you’re sadly mistaken.

That idea is for people who watch too much television and who actually believe in the financial fairy-tales of the 1950s.

The best day of my life was when I realized that, if I wanted to get rich, the best thing I could do was quit my job.

And – SNAP – just like that: I had ALL day to work on my own fortune instead of building someone else’s.

That’s not a plan for the faint of heart. It’s not for the timid. And it’s not for those who don’t have a drive to succeed.

But, if you’re willing to do the work and you’ve got a “fire in your belly” for living life on your own terms…

…one of the best decisions you can make is to create a plan for firing your boss as fast as you possibly can.

Click below to learn how I generated a job-replacing income online, taking advantage of this Income Revolution – this “Forever Recession”, as Godin called it – and now make money by providing value to the world through the power of the Internet…

…and how you can too, starting now…

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