Where Are You Focusing Your Energy?

Sep 30, 2013, Mindset

My buddy, Owen, and I got together Friday right before my wife and I took off for a weekend visiting family. We had seen a lot of noise and commotion around Facebook and the Internet over the last week of some people calling out certain marketers and trying to drag others down, and wanted to discuss it on video to share our thoughts with you.

Sometimes there is a need to warn people of somebody who is really doing something shady…there are a few circumstances it’s a good thing to do that.

But the sad thing is, when I read someone’s blog post, Facebook status, or see their video knocking some other big-time marketer down, they SAY they’re doing it to protect you the reader/viewer, almost without fail, they’re doing it to actually try to build up whatever they’re doing.

They’ll make a long post that attempts to concoct a scam story of this industry leader, and then at the very end, slip in some “work with me instead” or “join this thing, it’s the real deal that’s not a scam” kind of crap that’s shamelessly, tackily, self-promotional…

…putting this content out to help “protect me” from Joe Bob The Internet Scammer? yeah right!

Anyhow, we had seen a lot of this going on the last week, and we heard some trying to pin people down with stories that were quite a stretch.

Like I said, there are times it’s beneficial to everyone to warn them of some less than reputable things happening online…but we have a message in today’s video on the topic focusing on what’s really important in these situations.

When you’re tempted to create a stir, gossip about what others are doing, call someone out on a tactic you don’t like, etc, ask yourself…

Could you be more productive by ignoring the commotion and focusing on your own personal production?

In 99% of cases the answer is YES! Just focus on what you can do today to create results in your own business, and you won’t have to worry about what other people are doing.

After all, they’re not paying YOUR bills, are they?

Watch our message above, take notes, you’ll hear a lot of great tips that you’ll want to revisit later. Owen and I have a goal of sharing a video hangout like this every week, because we find that when we just talk back and forth, free flow, casual-style, we bring so much value to you in sharing whatever comes to mind from our own experiences in building a business both in the offline network marketing world, and in online/Internet marketing.

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