Empower Network Member Mike Hobbs Fights Struggle & Failure Until Breakthrough Success

Jan 16, 2014, Entrepreneurship

Since my time working with and promoting the Empower Network, I have been able to meet, network with, and really get to know a lot of great people…Not just are they excellent marketers, but excellent people as well. One such person is Mike Hobbs, who is one of the leaders of the “Prosperity Team” inside […]

mike hobbsSince my time working with and promoting the Empower Network, I have been able to meet, network with, and really get to know a lot of great people…Not just are they excellent marketers, but excellent people as well.

One such person is Mike Hobbs, who is one of the leaders of the “Prosperity Team” inside Empower Network. Mike has been through some incredible struggles in life, but he’s persevered, pushed onward, and found his way to success…despite all the naysayers and critics around him who wanted him to give up on his dreams. Ironically, those same people who told him to throw in the towel years ago are now the ones praising him and saying how happy they are for him.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Facebook post from Mike, on his FB Fan Page, that tells about his story through highs and lows, and finally success with Empower Network:

Over the years, Jim Rohn has created a dramatic change in my mindset. He was one of the first people who helped me realize where I started did not have to dictate where I would end up in life. I never got the chance to personally meet but it was like I knew him through his work.

He directly impacted millions and indirectly influenced hundreds of millions of people. He was a teacher of people like Tony Robbins. Other legends like Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker and Jack Canfield praise him as an influencer of finding their way.

Jim recalled an event in his life that I could personally relate to. As he was sitting in his apartment, there was a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he found some young Girl Scouts who asked if he’d like to buy some cookies. There was one problem. Jim didn’t have $5 to buy any cookies. He lied to the girls and told them he already had lots of Girl Scout cookies and they went on their way. He said the only person who knew the lie was him and the good Lord. At the time he was a grown man with a wife and kids. It was then he said, “I can’t go on living like this anymore.” He would do whatever it took to acquire pockets full of cash so the next time he encountered Girl Scouts no matter how many there were he could buy all the cookies they had.

I never liked to share the pains and struggles of my life before, especially in public light. But after I overcame my deepest struggles I felt compelled to share them. I have been in the military for 12 years serving my country. I joined to give my family a better life and get a free education. Little did I know I would be deployed to Iraq during the middle of operation Iraqi Freedom and again at the end of it. My wife was not the biggest fan of her husband being away and neither were my kids.

In 2007, I started an online business because I wanted a better life for my family. I didn’t want to rely on my dinky military income. I wanted freedom for me and my family. Long story short, I went through a personal hell trying to figure out how to make it online. I went over $100k in debt buying all types of courses and training that was basically useless. Things got so bad that we had to go to my church to ask for help with food & our utility bills. I literally felt like a LOSER because couldn’t provide for my family! It was a very humbling experience as a grown man.

That’s when things changed for me. Jim Rohn was always preaching about taking self responsibility for where you are in life. So instead of pointing fingers and blaming someone else for my problems, I made a choice. I told my wife we were not going to live like this anymore. I promised myself I was going to follow people living the way I wanted.

Just like Jim had his mentor Earl, I had a mentor too. Only his name was Franco. It’s insane how quickly life can change when there is someone guiding you and giving you advice who really cares about you and not the money you’re paying them. I went from over 100k in debt earning basically nothing to earning over $25,000 a month within 12 months. Information from people knowing what they’re doing is the fastest way to success.

So many people doubted me when I went deep into debt. Countless times they said, “Why don’t you give up and just focus on military or go to school? At least you’d have a secure paycheck!” They said “Stop trying to be special, you should be happy & grateful with what you currently have.” What I had wasn’t much and wasn’t serving anyone else! I knew deep in my heart I was capable of so much more. My dreams and family were worth fighting for and I knew I could do it with right person mentoring me.

People see how we are living now, and their tone has changed. Now they are saying they are so happy for me. They no longer tell me to quit and give up on my dreams.

Since breaking free, I have been on mission to help others break free. Let me show you a better way if you’re open. I can’t promise anything except that I’ll give you the truth and my best…


P.S. I don’t say this to brag, but to show you what is possible. This is what my reality is like now…

I get out of bed early in the morning because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. I work a few hours before lunch, then a couple hours in the evening. I eat every meal with my wife and kids and I go to the gym mid day while most people are at work. I took 6 different vacations in 2012 (including to the Bahamas & Costa Rica). We had our first 100k month with my business partners (25k personally) and because of this, I’m able to donate more money and time to my church. My family is able to afford organic/healthy foods and no longer worry about clipping coupons or buying things on sale. The best part is I ENJOY my life more than I ever have!!!

You can see this post and others from Mike at its original source, his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mikehobbs

Wow, isn’t that an incredible story!? If you only take away one or two things from this article, let it be this:

1) Don’t EVER give up on your dreams. You’re worth every one of them, and you have no idea just how close around the corner you are from living the life of your dreams.

2) Know that what you’re doing, in building your own online business, is not only going to help you fulfill your dreams, but it’s the best way for you to serve other people…and I firmly believe that’s our main purpose on earth, to serve others…so keep going, not for yourself, but for those thousands of people you’re destined to help in life.



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