Do You Have Home Business Lottery Mentality?

Dec 3, 2012, Self Development

Yea, catchy title there, right? …The “Home Business Lottery Mentality”. I bring this topic up today because of the recent GIANT Powerball payout that happened last week.

Lottery MentalityI think it was up to something like $500 million…but I really don’t know because I don’t follow and pay attention to the lottery. It’s a complete waste of time. I’ve heard it said that it’s more likely to get hit by lightning several times in your life than you are to win the lottery.

People will say things like, “You can’t win if you don’t play“, and I’ll admit I do put a dollar down for one ticket every now and then when the jackpot gets really big…BUT, just because I have an extra dollar in my wallet and give it a shot…NOT because my hope of having a great life lies in winning that lottery.

…And that’s what I see all the time, with people who regularly play the lottery, spending money out of every paycheck on 10, 20, 50 or even hundreds of lottery tickets, scratch offs, and all that other crap they sell you.

And seeing this just makes me sad for all those who have that “lottery mentality“, that the only way they could ever have their dream life is by winning the Lottery.

But what I found several years back, through personal development and surrounding myself with positive successful mentors, is that your dream life isn’t up to chance. You can build a business that pays you massive, passive income, that comes in whether you’re working or not.

With your own business, you can dictate your income by how much you work, what you produce, and how much you invest in continually learning more. And you can dictate your schedule: working where you want and whenever you want.

As crazy as it may sound, not only does that “Lottery Mentality” exist throughout society, with people thinking nothing will come of their life unless they hit it rich on the jackpot, but it’s also just as prevalent in the arena of people trying to make money with their own business

In the “make money online” or “home based business” industry, you have basically 2 kinds of people:

  1. The person who WORKS hard, follows a system, and gets rich.
  2. The person who tries to find the latest deal, pre-launch, scheme, no work necessary, make you a million overnight kind of thing.

If you fall into the #2 group of people, you need to check out my video below where I lay out the pitfalls of this type of mindset.

In the network marketing, internet marketing, making money online industries, I see people falling for these schemes, scams, and hype everyday…these things that promise overnight riches, making money with the push of a button, and making sales without any work.

Now, common sense would tell you that those things are all too good to be true. But those scamming marketers know 1 thing: that there are tons of people out there who have the Lottery Mentality and instead of just really working at something, they will pay money to join these hypey schemes…and so those marketers offer what those people rabidly pull out their credit cards for.

But, if you’re the person joining these things, with the Lottery Mentality, you need to just STOP!

You’re missing something that the first group of people know…

The first type of people are the ones who actually become successful…precisely because they recognize that success will come if they just remain steady and consistent with the opportunity/product/company they’re promoting. Sure you need a good product to sell or company to promote, that does make a little bit of difference…but, by FAR, what will ultimately create success is your consistent daily ACTIONS, steadily pushing forward, being focused on 1 thing.

So, it’s simple, ditch that Lottery mindset that tells you winning the lotto is the only way to have a dream life, and ditch that same Lottery Mentality in building your own business online…forget the things you’re worrying about, like choosing just the right new deal to sell, expecting your sponsor to give you secrets, or hoping some shiny new product will teach you the one thing you’ve been missing.

Just get in gear, focus, and start working hard on one thing. Keep doing it until you’re successful.

If you’ve been doing it for 90 days and you’re not rich yet, don’t quit, just keep going! It usually takes 4-5 years of college today to get a degree…which doesn’t even get you a job now…but work hard on your business (and yourself) for even 1 year and you’ll see a huge change in your life.

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