It’s Darkest Before The Light

Oct 28, 2013, Mindset

It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn. Author Brian Tracy puts it this way: “It’s hard before it’s easy.” You have likely heard the phrase “It’s Darkest Just Before the Dawn” many times in your lifetime without even giving it much thought. After all, it seems like a simple, obvious statement, right?

Perhaps, but there’s a deeper meaning and understanding to it than just what you see at the surface. At least to me there is…

I had a revelation this past week, listening to the video of a good friend in the industry, when she shared a bit about what happened with her recently when she had finally broken through to success. After many years of struggles in business, in life, and even in her husband’s health, her husband was finally healthy again and with many crazy unbelievable circumstances coming into place at once, they were able to sell everything, pack up, and get ready to move to Colorado for the winter to pursue their life-long dreams of being ski bums.

…well they won’t exactly be “bums”, she’ll still be working and building her online business from the slopes!

But what happened to her during that process is what resonated with me and similar mindset issues I’ve dealt with. She was finally breaking through to the “easy”, or at least “easier”! She’s now finally getting to break free and live that dream life with her husband, that they’ve worked toward for so long. Her vision and dreams are HERE NOW!

But recently, she found herself fighting a battle with her mind almost daily. Although she is now in the easier part, she’s breaking through to the light of dawn, her subconscious mind kept pulling her back to the feelings and reactions she had in the times of struggle. Her subconscious mind had created various safeties, barriers, and false constructs that were meant to protect her from the bad things during the struggle. Our mind wants to protect us, to get us out of bad situations, that fight or flight mode kicks in sometimes…they’re all there for a good reason, to help and serve us in times of chaos, crisis, and struggle…

…BUT, once we are OUT of those situations, and we venture toward new, uncharted territory, our subconscious mind sometimes doesn’t like it…it feels unsafe. So our subconscious falls back on those safety mechanisms to protect us. In reality, it’s actually just holding us back.

She tells her revelation here:

For me, I had a similar revelation I share in the video below. We have things going well right now, we just moved to the lake and got an awesome 4 bedroom lake house with an awesome view of the lake, but I find my mind telling me things like, “What if business dips and you can’t make enough to afford this?” and all kinds of other What Ifs…

…But I had to realize I’m in the EASY now, life is EASY if we say it is….whatever we expect and think about, we tend to get!

So why not just remind myself everyday that I’ve been through the dark, and it sucked at the time, but it was a great thing that prepared me for where I am today…not so I can get stuck in the past struggles, failures, and flops, but so that I can fully enjoy, embrace, and relish in the EASE with which life happens and progresses forward today.

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