Celebrate The Small Successes

May 22, 2012, Entrepreneurship

Do you ever get hung up on how far you are from the big goals you’ve set for yourself? You look up that goal of making $100,000 per year, or recruiting 100 people into your business, or traveling the world, or whatever that big goal is…

…but you’ve only made a few bucks so far, you’ve only recruited 1 or 2 people, or you’ve only been to a few states throughout the USA. And you start looking at those goals like they’re some huge mountain staring down on you, casting a huge shadow over everything you’re doing right now.

But if you ever want to make it to those big goals, and succeed like you want and really deserve, you’ve absolutely GOT TO break down those big goals into little easily achievable goals, and then every time you achieve one, take a little break and freaking celebrate the heck out of it!

1) This will keep you going far longer than driving yourself crazy, never being happy until you reach that ultimate goal (and this is the main reason people quit along the way, because they don’t feel any closer to that giant goal)

2) It will make you a whole lot happier along your journey to success…and YES, Success IS a journey, not an overnight thing.

So here’s a little video I shot about this topic today, when I achieved a little success for the month, getting my 3rd customer of the month…In my company, ViSalus, once you have 3 customers with the same Challenge Kit or higher as yours, you get your next month’s shipment for FREE! So I set a goal for myself to go out and get 3 new customers every month, either for me or someone on my team, so we can all have free autoships coming to us!

Once I hit that goal today of my 3rd customer for the month, I stopped everything I was doing and took my wife out for a nice iced coffee from Starbucks and we took a walk along the creek in the park…now that just made my day, and my wife’s too!

So go after your big goals, don’t ever let your dreams die because of the small obstacles and road bumps along the way…but remember, you’ll get to those big goals much faster by chasing after, and celebrating, your SMALL GOALS!

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