Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse?

Oct 11, 2011, News

My intent is never to be a doomsayer and expect the worse to happen. Quite the contrary, I’m naturally positive, upbeat, and planning for only the best. But there comes a time when you just have to be honest with yourself about what’s going on around you.

Broken piggy bank - economic collapse, economy crashYou’ve probably seen over the last couple years how the collective awareness of Americans has steadily increased, regarding the state of our economy, the truth of how ineffective and inefficient our government is, and how corrupt and polluted our monetary system has become thanks to the central banking systems. Most people couldn’t even tell you about such things as the Federal Reserve, Sub-prime loans, government intervention in markets, Plunge Protection Teams, gold & silver, housing bubbles, hyperinflation, quantitative easing, and the list goes on… But today the commotion is growing to a fever pitch.

Here’s what it comes down to. Economies worldwide are close to collapsing and imploding. We’ll likely go into more inflation or even hyperinflation, with currencies losing 90%+ of their value, and the only way to protect yourself is to invest into assets including real estate, gold, & silver, which will retain their value or even increase greatly during the economic depression to come.

But, you may be like many who don’t have the extra money now to invest into precious metals or real estate, and you’re left wondering what your options are. In this video, I go over what the solution is and how you can get started right away. Basically you need to find a system already in place that you can take part in, so you don’t have to spend countless dollars and hours inventing your own system, so you can start making a LOT of MONEY ASAP! ┬áThat way you can put extra money into hard assets that will be safe havens to ride out the coming economic storm of our lifetimes.

Watch the video that is a recording of a recent webinar I held, to see exactly what I’m talking about (it’s about 53 minutes, so set aside some time for it all):

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