Aim Small. Miss Small

Feb 21, 2015, Self Development

Do you know how to get MASSIVE results in your life and your business? People often look in the wrong place, aiming their sights on the big prize, the giant goal they want to reach…and then are upset when they didn’t get anywhere close to reaching it. But it’s really quite simple…

…to achieve massive results in your life, you must start by focusing on achieving tiny results.

You only need to shift a few degrees to drastically change where you’re headed,

It reminds me of a clip in one of my favorite movies of all time, The Patriot.

The father character, Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson), is about to get in an epic shoot out against the Brits who’ve kidnapped one of his sons.

While preparing in the woods near the road where the convoy of Brits will soon be passing by, Martin asks his two younger sons helping him prepare for the ambush what the one thing was to remember about shooting…

…to which they both quickly reply, “Aim small. Miss small.

Watch the clip here real quick

(WARNING: It gets a little violent and gory once the shooting starts, so don’t watch all the way through if you don’t like that stuff)

Aim small. Miss small.

…the story line of shooting a brigade of Brits is quite far from our topic of achieving massive results, but the lesson holds true just the same.

Don’t keep your eyes fixed on this massive goal you want in life or your business…it will likely lead to overwhelm and despair that it’s so much farther away than you think you can even reach.

Instead, simply get to work on creating tiny results.

Small hinges swing BIG doors.

Achieving those tiny results will fuel you to go for bigger ones, and before you know it, you’re like David knocking down Goliath…against all odds, no matter what the world may say is possible, you’ll be unstoppable!

“Small actions create momentum, and with enough momentum, you can bend reality to your will.” – Jesse Elder

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