Adjust Your Game Plan As You Go

Sep 12, 2013, Online Marketing

Change Your Course, Not Your Strategy

A friend in online marketing┬ámade that statement in a team hangout the other night. I had this thought in my mind already of sharing with you the importance of adjusting what you do as you go along – learning from your failures & successes and applying that to your marketing – but when I heard her say that, I thought she phrased it perfectly.

Do you see the difference between changing your course – aka adjusting your game plan mid-game – and changing your strategy?

The best way to become a great Internet Marketer is by picking a certain marketing strategy and sticking with it, determined to learn and improve your results, until you get good at it.

But what I see most people do who are newly venturing into the online marketing realm is quite the opposite. The average new marketer tends to jump from strategy to strategy, one week to the next. As one advertising medium doesn’t provide immediate results, they jump to a completely different medium, only to find a week later that it didn’t produce results either.

The fact that you’re bombarded every single day with a new product launch, people selling you various traffic strategies, lead sources, and the next big training you can’t live without, doesn’t help keeping the new person focused on one strategy.

…It’s understandable, I’ve been there myself, trying 10 different things at once, hoping one would work out and then I could focus on that one thing…but it just doesn’t work that way.

Find a strategy you’re intrigued by, one that seems to fit your personality, interests, skills & strengths, and then commit to going with it until you’re successful.

I chose to pursue mastering Facebook’s ad platform…by no means have I arrived yet, but I’ve definitely improved my results since I first began. I had many times that was at an impasse, and couldn’t seem to move forward…but I kept going, even at a loss much of the time. But I considered it all part of the learning experience, and when I finally mastered it, it would all pay off.

I urge you to do the same today. If you don’t know where to even start, I recommend joining FREEDYM, wherein you’ll find countless case studies and training videos on all kinds of marketing strategies…and you can watch the trainings to decide which you like best to focus on. Then you can keep learning more in the training and videos, applying what you learn, getting better and better results.

The best thing to do now, is just decide it’s your time to master marketing online, generating an income virtually on command, and live the life of your dreams.

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