6 Simple Steps To Make Money While Building Your Network Marketing Business Online

Oct 25, 2011, Blogging, Online Marketing

In today’s post, I’m going to help you eliminate the frustration and overwhelm that results from trying to figure out how to use the Internet to build your business! I’m going to lay out exactly what to do in 6 simple steps. It will take a little time to get it all in place, but with the framework in place, once you have this system set up, your business growth and income will be unlimited. This isn’t a formula I came up with myself, it’s been tested and proven, TRIED AND TRUE by many successful leaders online.

I often hear from many readers about their struggles in figuring out how to use the internet to build their existing network marketing business. Many come from backgrounds of using traditional methods of building their business, like person-to-person, hotel meetings, lots of calling leads on the phone, and home parties.  These kind of people usually tell me their income has dropped in the last few years, and they feel they’re being left behind by the people who are supposedly raking in the dollars on the internet.

Also, many others who I talk with have been trying to do it all online for quite some time and can’t quite get it figured out. If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the internet trying to figure it all out, you’ll know how quickly you can become frustrated and overwhelmed determining what methods to actually follow after, and who to believe and not believe.

Well, let me help you eliminate that frustration and overwhelm right here and now! I’m going to lay out exactly what to do in 6 simple steps. Sure, it will take a little time to get it all in place, but with the framework in place, once you have this system set up, your business growth and income will be unlimited. This isn’t a formula I came up with myself, it’s been tested and proven, TRIED AND TRUE by many successful leaders online.

1. Set Up A Capture Page To Generate Leads

legalshield lead capture pageLeads are the lifeblood of any business, network marketing or traditional brick and mortar businesses alike. If you want to build a large organization fast, you need lots of leads.  More importantly, you want leads that are approaching you to find out more about what you’re doing, instead of the other way around of you bugging them.

If you have ever called purchased biz opp leads, you know how frustrating and painful it can be, dialing through stacks of leads only to come out beat up with no results to show for it all.  It used to be the only way to do it…buy a pack of business opportunity seekers leads and call through them all. But most no longer wanted to be bothered, claimed they never filled out any info, were too lazy to watch your presentation, never answered again for follow up calls, and that’s after you sorted through half of them that were disconnected or incorrect numbers!

With a capture page, you’re offering people something of value in return for their name and email, or their phone number. That “something of value” can be a webinar you’re holding, a PDF report or how-to, a video series, or anything similar that visitors to your page would love to trade their info to you to learn what you have to offer them.

2. Build A Marketing Funnel

sales marketing funnelUsing an e-mail autoresponder system such as AWeber, create a series of follow-up emails that your leads will receive after they opt-in to your lead capture page. With the email autoresponder, send emails to your list that build a relationship with them by delivering true valuable content that they find beneficial and helpful. By providing that value, the people on your list will develop trust in you in.  And remember this concept: prospects buy from experts, leaders and people whom they trust.

3. Incorporate Offers & Promotions Into Your Marketing Funnel

special offerAs I just stated in #2, most of your emails need to deliver nothing but value and content to your list, but you will want to mix in some emails here and there that promote things that make you money. A good rule of thumb that I go by for my own lists is 1 promotional email for every 3 value emails.

In these emails, you can promote things like e-books (PDFs), webinars, video series, product launches, business building tools, etc. These are great, but you will also want to make it your chief goal to create your own small product…you can make nice commissions promoting other peoples’ products, but it doesn’t even compare to what you can make offering your very own product which you keep 100% of the revenue. Make sure your product addresses the needs of the specific niche you’re targeting your lead capture pages to.

On this topic, a key thing to recognize is how you promote things. The absolute best way to be successful at promoting things to your list is by simply recommending things in a nonchalant way. Don’t try the high-pressure used-car salesman tactics, just be yourself and tell them how you use the product yourself. Also, give both pros and cons, making it more believable to your list that you’re giving an honest recommendation and not just a sales pitch

The key benefit of this step, as opposed to calling generic leads, is that you will make money from your list whether or not they join your business!

4. Drive Targeted Traffic (Prospects) To Your Lead Capture Page

Here is a place many network marketers go wrong in trying to make money online. They think all they have to do is get lots of people to go to their primary company’s replicated website, and the sales and recruits will start pouring in. WRONG! Do Not Use your company replicated site!  It’s well-known by online marketers that people only join something if they have trust in the person doing the selling, they’re usually not going to just buy from any random person.

So, with that said, your job in this step is to continually find more ways to drive traffic to your lead capture page to build your list of leads. Don’t get hung up on this step thinking there is one “holy-grail” kind of cheap amazing traffic.  There is constantly a flavor-of-the-month product launch promoting the idea that they hold the key to that ONE secret form of traffic. Don’t be fooled by this, there are endless ways to get traffic; Google, Facebook, PPV, solo ads, media buys, social media, article marketing, craigslist, youtube, and the list goes on.

As you go along, you’ll get better at this step, learning from past mistakes and successes, building upon that, and continually finding more sources of traffic.  Just be sure to focus on getting traffic specifically targeted to your niche, and always monitor and track the profitability of your various traffic sources.

5. Know That Your List Is Your Business’ Most Valuable Asset

 Besides the knowledge up there between your ears, no greater asset exists in your business than your email list you’ve built. By following the steps thus far, in essence you’ll have gone from promoting some network marketing product/opportunity to building “You, Inc.”  This is the most important concept to grasp out of this process. You want to build your personal brand because people follow leaders. And if your company or product changes or goes out of business tomorrow, because you’ve built a personal following around You, you can continue on with something else without skipping a beat.

Always keep the interests of your list in mind as well. Don’t spam them with promotions, don’t mistreat the list. Treat it well and the people on your list will love you and spread the word about you, helping create referral leads for you and growing your list virally. Don’t just view your list as a bunch of peoples’ open wallets. Treat them with respect, and they’ll honor you back by gladly purchasing products when they see it’s the right fit for them.

Take care of your list, and they will take care of you!

6. Continue Tweaking & Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel

Continually tweak your traffic sources, your email campaigns, and the products your promote and offer. The ultimate goal is for people to join your business, but the goal with your list is to make it profitable, so you can pump endless amounts of money into they process to generate as many leads as you can handle, and either breaking even or making money while you’re at it.

In Conclusion:

I have some technological talent, so I’ve been able to build my own websites, capture pages, and everything else. But many of you are new online and don’t even know where to start. Just keep in mind that your number #1 goal is to build your email list (of people interested in what you have to offer), nurture your relationship with that list through routine emailing, being real and authentic (not salesy), and then offer them what you have! Forget about all the technical details…they matter, but don’t confuse them with being a priority.

Also, where I have learned the majority of everything above, and then put into my own experience, is through Ryan Lee’s online marketing and lifestyle entrepreneur training platform, FREEDYM, the “netflix of online marketing”. Check it out, I guarantee you’ll love it!


  1. Charles HolmesOctober 26th

    The money is definitely in the list. You need to build a large, qualified list and build a good relationship with them.

    Having a sales funnel is essential too.

    You are spot on with this article. Thanks for sharing.


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