3 Keys To Successfully Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Feb 1, 2015, Entrepreneurship, Income

There’s little I hate more than seeing great people with dreams and desires to create a life of their design stuck where they’re currently at and never succeeding because of things which are totally within their own control. In this post, I’ll share the top 3 things I’ve come to find are absolutely necessary to succeed in building your successful online business, and 100% of people fail without them…

1. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs From Your Life

Have you ever noticed when people are trying to get their business started, who haven’t had success yet, how they certainly seem to know all the reasons why things haven’t worked out for them yet?

…You have to have money to start with.
…I don’t know how to write code, design websites, create ads, make videos, etc.
…You have to know the right people.
…My internet connection is too slow.
…I’m not good at selling stuff.

These are simply limiting beliefs: stories made up by our own minds to hold us back in our current comfort zone, that stop us from ever getting started.

What stories are holding you back?

…Whatever that story is, throw it out right now! Because, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist, and absolutely has nothing to do with your lack of success up until this point. You have to realize, you don’t know anything about what it takes to succeed and hit a goal if you haven’t hit it yet.

Remove those limiting beliefs that are telling your subconscious you can’t do it…even once you get started building your business, those beliefs are part of the subconscious operating system running your day to day life.

If you don’t believe you can win the race, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never win. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to and take action upon.

Don’t form your beliefs on what you “think” it takes to succeed. Instead, form your beliefs AFTER you’ve taken action and observe feedback that life gives you. Whatever you believe, your mind turns into reality…so choose to believe you have everything – absolutely every freaking thing – it takes to be wildly successful. Believe that you succeed at everything you do.

Some of those excuses I listed above that I’ve heard from countless people are easily things I could have used as excuses before I began building my Internet-based business. I didn’t have any money to start with, I didn’t know anything about code or computer programming, I had very little marketing knowledge, and the list could go on.

…But you know what? None of that stopped me, and to this day I’m still not an expert in most of those areas. I simply focus on the things I’m good at, and then build a team of experts around me who I can pay to do those things which I don’t know how to do.

Whatever your excuses are, they don’t even exist anywhere but in your mind. I guarantee you they’re not an issue. Choose to sweep them right on out of your mind and replace them with the understanding and belief that God has given you every bit as much capability of success as the most successful business owners in the world.

It all starts with eliminating the limiting beliefs and filling your mind with supportive beliefs that will guide you to the future you want to create for yourself.

2. Success Requires Problem-Solving

Different from the excuses and limiting beliefs we just talked about, many times in our lives there are challenges and obstacles that really do exist, and can be pitfalls that slow us down or stop us…Call them problems, challenges, or whatever you like – every successful person has the same ones as you, if not far more – so, they absolutely are not what is keeping you from having the successful business and laptop lifestyle you want.

If making money came down to pressing a button, and no problems were involved, anyone could go out there and do it, and everyone would be rich and successful.” – Alex Becker

The essence of making money and successfully living a laptop lifestyle comes down to one thing: Problem Solving.

…Whether it’s increasing conversions, making a better product, creating a more original angle for your product, finding a solution to a programming issue, making sure your physical product is the highest quality, or finding more efficient and profitable ways to run your business, making money and succeeding always relies upon solving problems.

They’re all a good thing to have in your business.

How could problems be a good thing,” you ask?

Great question. Problems only exist when you’re first taking action. And taking action is always the first step toward success, which only can mean if you have problems, you’re moving forward and on the path to success.

I firmly believe there is NO failure in life; only feedback.

Everything that doesn’t work out as I hope or planned, isn’t failure. It’s simply feedback that some piece of the puzzle wasn’t right, and if you can correct enough of the problems, and test it again, you may have the right combination that will succeed.

You don’t have to get everything right. Create something with ideas you have…get a product out there in the marketplace. Market, test, and analyze the feedback you’re getting. If something isn’t right, GREAT! That’s something you can improve, and go back out there with an improved product/service to keep on testing and improving.

…never leave that cycle of 1) receiving feedback, 2) problem-solving and improving, and 3) testing to receive more feedback.

The difference between the linear-growth income of an employee versus the potential for an exponential-growth income of an entrepreneur comes from the fact that employees aren’t paid to solve problems, primarily to do as told or follow a system, whereas entrepreneurs and business owners area rewarded exponentially for solving problems.

So, choose to embrace problem-solving in your business. It’s the sign you’re on the path to the success you want.

And this thought ties into the 3rd thing required to live the laptop lifestyle…

3. Choose To Be A Winner

You don’t have to be the best at anything or everything to succeed. You don’t have to be set up already for success with a silver spoon in your mouth. You don’t have to be the most creative person with the best, most original ideas ever.

In order to be successful, you have to be a winner. Having a successful business, and living the laptop lifestyle, depends upon winning and having a winning mindset.

What does it take to be a winner?

…It takes not accepting your shortcomings can hold you back, instead embracing them and being grateful for them, because they are what make you unique, and then choosing to push past them. If you lack certain skills, talents, experience etc., choose to work harder and crush your problems…make up for what you lack with more effort.

Don’t be the lazy person looking for the easy button, magic pill, or secret loophole.

As you take action in building your business, you’ll realize there are things you don’t know or aren’t great at…But don’t let that be your excuse. Don’t let it slow you down.

Success nothing more than a CHOICE. Decide what you want, take action to get it, improve from feedback, and keep moving forward. Decide who you want to be, what you want, and to create the life you want. We are who we choose to be.

Watch how Will Smith explained his perspective on what it takes to be a winner in this great, timeless interview…

…As Will said, the only thing distinctly different about him isn’t his skill, intelligence, appearance, talent, or numerous other things – it’s that he will outwork anybody. On a treadmill, he’ll either stay on longer than the guy next to him, or die trying.

That’s the same attitude of a winner that you need to have to successfully live the laptop lifestyle, running an online business that gives you ultimate freedom to live life as you choose.

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