Write Great Emails And You Can Virtually Print Your Own Money

Aug 2, 2011, Affiliate Marketing

No matter what niche or marketplace you’re in, you ABSOLUTELY MUST build an email list of followers if you want to make money with your online business.  And not just a list, but an email list that you keep up with regularly and build a relationship with.

Have you been focusing on getting traffic to your website or blog, and maybe some more time on making the site look good? …But then wondering why the money isn’t rolling in?

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how catchy, enticing, and awesome you make your website…people’s attention spans are short, and they’ll likely get distracted while they’re on your site.  And, once they leave, they’re likely not coming back.

So, the next step you’ve probably heard a thousand times over is to offer something free in return for your reader’s email address.  This has worked incredibly well for several years now, and it still can if you offer something of incredible value that your viewer just can’t resist.

But, in all honesty, it is getting more and more difficult to get people to hand over their email address.  We’ve been bombarded by these offers, giving away our emails so easily, and now pay for it with loads of junk mail in our inboxes.  Heck, many people now put in fake email addresses to get those free offers!

So, building a list is becoming a little more difficult in the traditional “tried and true” ways of doing.  But hey, it’s business and everything evolves and changes, so we’ve just got to keep trying new things and adapting to the changes.

How Do You Collect Readers’ Contact Info?

Of course the tried and true place to have a web form to collect leads in a text widget on the sidebar.  But don’t just take that for granted, test different forms, different placements, and try enticing readers with different rewards.

What I love to use on some of my sites is PopUp Domination.  It makes a lightbox pop up over your website with your email collecting webform inside it, and has multiple visually appealing and eye-catching templates to choose from.  You can customize it with many settings.  This includes: time on page before pop-up appears, show to returning visitors or not, specific pages to appear on, and more.

I’ve had tremendous success with PopUp Domination on some of my sites, but it just depends on your niche, so again, try it out and test many different formats to see what works best for you.

So You’re Collecting Visitors’ Emails, Now What?

Once you have a system in place on your site for somehow collecting viewers’ emails, you will now be able to follow up regularly with them by email.  When you write emails on your autoresponder and have them broadcast out to your whole list, you will want to do 2 things:

1) Send emails that just give great info your reader would be interested in, and info about yourself so they can get to know you. This builds trust with you and your reader, and makes them want to open your emails the next time they get one from you.

2) And sprinkled in with the free info emails, you’ll want to promote either a product back on your website, or a good article you posted on your site you want them to go back to read, or promote an affiliate product closely related to what your market is about.

Even if I just have a small niche website set up, I collect visitor’s email on the first page.  This is because 90% or more will not be buying whatever I have to sell or promote on that first visit to my site. But once I have their email, I can send them 12-15 emails in the next few months and will likely get 30, 40, or 50% more of them to buy something.

Things You Absolutely Must Know In Writing Your Emails

What I really want to share with you today are some tips of writing great emails that I’ve learned from my own experience.  If you get to the point where you have a  list of people who follow you closely and love to open your emails (takes some time and work and patience building your list), you can basically sit down to write an email, and feel like you’re going to be printing your own money that day! How exciting does that sound?

5 Things Your Reader Is Thinking When Reading Your Email:

  • Who are you? – make it personal so they can relate to you
  • What do you want? – highlight a problem or point of pain
  • Why should I care? – what will happen if they don’t do anything to change that problem?
  • What is in it for me? – how will you help them solve this problem/pain?
  • What do I do now? – believe it or not, most won’t just act on their own, you must direct them to the next step[/box]

The Subject Line:

Your goal is just to get the person to open the email.  It’s getting harder all the time to achieve this. A good open rate these days is around 5%…that’s 5 out of 100 people you email actually open it! Now, this isn’t set in stone, you can build a small super responsive list where a lot of people are dying to hear from you, but even then, over time people change emails and other things happen in life. You have to catch their attention and make their head turn right away to get them to open.

  • make the reader curious
  • only use the “Firstname” personalization tool in a conversational way, otherwise they’ll instantly know it’s fake
  • don’t give away what’s in the email in the subject line, or else they won’t click to see what’s inside
  • Ask a question (Ex: Do you make this mistake…?), or make it benefit oriented (Ex: How to…)

The Opening:

  • Greet as if you’re greeting in a bar, no shouting!
  • Conversational, inspire thought
  • Get to the point quickly, “Tell me why you’re telling me what you’re telling me”.
  • Also remember that most email servers, like Gmail, show the first sentence of the email body next to the subject line before you open the email. So, keep that in mind, your readers are likely seeing your subject line and the opening before clicking on the email…make this part catchy too!
  • Remember, people really don’t care about you personally

The Body Content:

  • Keep it relevant, don’t go off on tangents (like I started to in this post today!)
  • Keep the email about one thing
  • Powerful Bullets – must be blind – hint, but don’t reveal the “secret”
  • People will scan the email before actually reading it. If it’s too long or packed together, they won’t read it!
  • Use breakpoints, keeping paragraphs short, and subheadings
  • “Bucket Brigade” copy – pieces of copy that push the reader onward: “Why?”, “Oh yeah, and let’s not forget…”, “And guess what?”

The Magic Question:

What specifically do you want your reader to do?

The Unanswered Question:

Why should I do this, and why now?

  • Use scarcity tactics – time deadlines, quantity deadline, bonuses for first customers
  • Fire sales – cheaper price early, goes up later

The Close:

Don’t wimp out on the close! Be clear and sharp. People subconsciously want you to tell them what to do next…It’s true!

Don’t Forget a “P.S.”:

I believe a P.S. is a MUST! Why? …People scan straight to the bottom expecting to see the catch (an affiliate link, a price, etc). A well written P.S. serves several purposes:

  • It’s like an afterthought and exclamation at the end
  • It can review and sum up everything the email said in a very short summary
  • Ads a personal touch to the email, connecting your experience, thoughts, or story to what the email was about
  • You can use testimonial P.S.’s, extra discount P.S.’s, oops I forgot to mention P.S.’s, recap P.S.’s

Common Mistakes in Email:

  • Overuse of personalization: AutoResponders let you insert code snippets that automatically insert your readers’ names in their place, something like {firstname} or {firstname_fix}. Many people overuse this. I say use it once or maybe twice in an email. And use it conversationally where it sounds  natural. A tactic known is a tactic blown!
  • Email too formal
  • Overuse of Power Words
  • Making an email about too many things…keep it to one or two things.
  • Not giving people a specific reason to act, or direction to take
  • Talking about yourself too much

Well, that’s it for today. Be sure to leave comments below with your input and thoughts!

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To Your Success,

Brent Wehmeyer

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