Where Have All The Product Launches Gone?

Oct 2, 2012, Affiliate Marketing

I updated this post on December 22, 2016 to reflect the things I currently promote and recommend. Things change rapidly as the internet has matured from the Wild West days it was. Some opportunities have gone away, but others have also come along. Enjoy this post and know that what I’m sharing is applicable to today’s online marketing environment.

If you’re involved in the I.M. space whatsoever, you know there aren’t nearly the number of product launches there used to be just a couple years ago…

…Sure, there are still a few here and there by well-known marketers like Ryan Deiss, Mike Filsaime, etc. Jeff Walker just had another re-launch of the Product Launch Formula. And people are JVing with each other on smaller launches, and WSO sized launches…

…but overall there isn’t a new BIG $1,000-3,000 product launch week after week after week. If you were sick of being bombarded by product launches like that, then maybe you’re happy about that change!

But if you were an Internet Marketer who was relying on those launches for a good part of your income, then you might be finding yourself frantically searching around for what the next direction should be in your business.

Is it selling your services to local businesses? It sure is being pushed by WSO types, and it’s even pushed by big guys like Frank Kern. But it has its downsides too: cold calling and going door-to-door calling on business owners, convincing them why they need your services.

Is it going into the mobile market? Yeah “everything is going mobile”, but you’re kidding yourself if you think there isn’t some serious competition from large corporations going against you in that market.

Is it creating mobile apps? This can be lucrative, and so stinking easy…if you are the one in a hundred thousand who hits the jackpot and gets your app to go viral. Other than that, you may have to create dozens of apps before one really is a good seller.

Is it in Network Marketing? It’s absolutely despised by most Internet marketers…and understandably so. You want to make a virtually automated income ONLINE, not on the phones, in hotel meetings, and by hawking products out to everyone you know.

Is it pitching a high-ticket coaching program? That was the business fad of late, where every marketer was being bombarded by “coaches” on Facebook Ads about their programs – costing $5k, $10k, and more – that would teach you how to be a high-ticket coach of your own. Basically ponzi schemes if you ask me, and they definitely hit their peak and are fading away as more and more people are feeling the burn of shelling out all that money to jump into a saturated market (my opinion).

Nope, none of those sound like a solid base to build your Internet Marketing empire on.

Drawbacks of the Product Launch Business Model

  • A product launch is one-and-done – You know how it goes, the product launches pay out big for a few days, but then the next month you have to start all over with another launch…and you’ve got to constantly replenish your list, because your existing customers are burnt out on buying product after product.
  • They require extensive planning, creating, producing, and coordination – a LOT of work goes into creating your training material, membership site, marketing messages & videos, emails, and coordinating with JVs (affiliates), before ever seeing a dime in revenue.
  • For a product launch to be successful, you need to first have built a list – if you have one already, that’s great…but if you’re just getting started building your business online, you’ll need some other business model and products/services to offer to make money to pay to build your list and keep you in business.
  • Big pay days from the launch don’t always equal much in profits – A lot of costs come with running a product launch that take a giant chunk out of the sales revenue; including transaction fees, bank charges, costs of delivering the content/training/course material, membership site and web hosting costs, chargebacks & refunds, and of course generous commissions to your affiliates.

What Online Business Model Do I Recommend Instead Of Product Launches?

So, you’ve gathered by now that I’m not a fan of product launches…mostly, I’m not…but I do understand they have a place in the market, and there are times and situations that call for them.

…But I focus on helping people like you build the foundation of a successful online marketing business that will create up front money, as well as stable long-term income that can break you away from a job, give you more freedom, and let you live life on your terms.

And the best way to have both long-term income, and up front money for most people starting out, is absolutely not a product launch. The answer really is quite simple though.

The online business model that has worked for me and many who I’ve worked with, is simply choosing the niche you are interested in, passionate about, or have a solution for a problem that niche has, and building a list of people in that niche who you can email and market to over time.

The process of building your business like this can be summed up in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Develop an offer – a product of your own, an affiliate product, a membership site, whatever. In my emails to you I’ll discuss all of these options at some point.
  • Create a landing page to collect email addresses of people likely to be interested in the offer.
  • Relentless email follow-up to nurture a relationship of trust with your readers, then soft pitches along the way to what it is you have to offer.

That’s really it.

Maybe you get people onto your email list by giving away an eBook related to the offer, so anyone interested in the eBook is at least potentially interested in your offer.

Rinse and repeat.

What Tools Will I Need To Generate Income With This Online Business Model?

The model is so simple and streamlined that there are only a few indispensable tools you’ll need to get up and running – building your list, emailing them, and offering them what you have – in no time.

  • Landing Page Builder – the landing page, or email capture page, is where you’ll direct people to join your email newsletter/subscriber list, usually in return for something enticing, like an ebook, video, or just the joy of being connected with you on your list and getting your regular emails. You can create these pages yourself, but it’s time consuming and requires website design and coding skills. Or you can push the easy button and use a landing page builder, like Instapage, with drag-and-drop functionality to create a beautiful lead capture page in minutes.
  • Email Autoresponder – Your landing page is where you’ll send people to join your email list; an email autoresponder is the service you need to collect those names & email addresses and send out regular emails to them. I highly recommend GetResponse, which I’ve used for several years to follow up with my newsletter subscribers, and have always had great service and support, at a very reasonable price.
  • A Way To Collect Money and Provide Content – This part can vary, depending on what your product or service is, and how you plan to deliver it…but keep in mind here, your number one goal should be to keep it as simple as possible in the beginning, to simply start earning money…then you can improve and refine it over time. You could simply send people to a PayPal link to charge them for a coaching call, your product, or membership to a secret Facebook Group. Or you can use a number of sites that let you build digital courses, and they handle the payment processing, membership access, and delivery of content for you. Some sites like this include, Teachable and Thinkific.

Keep it simple.

1) Know the exact audience you want to speak to, provide a solution to, and build a community in that niche of people through your email newsletter/subscriber list.

2) eMail that list regularly, routinely, and often…speak to them like you would someone sitting next to you at the coffee shop. Build a relationship with them.

3) Create an offer – a membership site, coaching calls, a private FB Group, digital courses, whatever fits for you – and sell it to your list through soft pitches at the ends of your emails.

…Follow these steps, and you’ll never need a stinkin’ Product Launch to succeed in your online lifestyle business!


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    Well heck, if y’all are gonna optimize for my domain, I may as well leave a comment and get some credit myself! 🙂

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    Hey Jason! You’re right, some bad judgment got the better part of me.

    There is enough success to go around for all of us. I’ve changed the text of the post to give you some cred. You rock by the way.

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