Trade In All That Guru B.S. For These Three Little Words

Apr 5, 2012, Network Marketing

It wasn’t all too long ago that I was headed down that road of frustration from trying to market my business online. I started building my network marketing business offline, the old-school way. But, after a while I ran out of people to talk to about my business. And when the use of the Internet exploded, I knew there had to be a great way to use it to find more people to sell to and recruit…if I just found a way to talk to lots of people who were interested in what I had to offer, life would be great! …or so I thought.

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So, that first step of looking to the Internet as an answer to my business is what led me down what I like to call the “rabbit hole of internet marketing”!

Just like the rabbit hole in Alice And Wonderland, your journey never seems to end, learning one thing only leads to another, and after every new thing you learn you feel no further ahead than before.

Now, when I very first started online, it was fairly easy to utilize simple techniques to get leads and find a lot of interested people to talk to…and it helped that I’m moderately tech savvy. But as time went on, the competition increased to a furious pace, as everybody and their brother came online to do the same thing.

So what was once simple, turned into a very complex, tedious, frustrating, and difficult task. If you want to get your business noticed online today, you’ll have to learn details about such things as:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blogs, setting up WordPress, web hosting, etc.
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Linking, back linking, social bookmarking
  • Copywriting
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Web Site Design & Creation
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Ezine List Advertising
  • Banner Advertising

If you can name it, it’s something that some guru out there tells you you MUST know if you want to succeed online. The list of products, systems, paid webinars, ebooks, continuity memberships, and shiny objects that promise to give you “the answer” to all your problems of not getting enough leads is never-ending.

But, the business of network marketing was designed as something people could do in their spare time or part time to slowly build up to replace their full time income, and something fun people enjoy doing on the side…And today, with everybody thinking they have to learn everything just mentioned before they can ever be successful, that spare-time part-time business has turned into a full-time endeavor!

My Wake Up Call To The LIES

I did okay with it all at first because I personally love learning new things, and being a little tech savvy, I can figure out how to utilize new tools and technology to improve my business.

But I kept hearing from people on my teams, and people who I worked with, things like this message:

“Brent, you tell everyone they need to keep it simple if they want to be successful online. But what if I’m new to it all, and I don’t really know anything at all…how can I get anywhere when every person is telling me something different I need to do. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I just don’t know where to even start. ???”

Hearing things like this from people began to happen more often, and I started to get a little concerned about what I was seeing. So, I began thinking about the whole online marketing scene, stepping back and taking a big picture view of everything.

The main thing I noticed? Many of my clients, customers, and friends online had a lack of numbers and commas on their checks, and little to show for their hours upon hours of work on the computer…it’s even the same case with many of the guru’s who tout they know all these ways to get leads and convert them into buyers and recruits for your network marketing company…they make all of their money from selling all their products online, and truth be told, have little proof of actual success in their network marketing organization.

The most important thing to me has always been to help people on my team succeed. I live by the philosophy of Jim Rohn, where he says, “Help enough other people get what they want, and you will get what you want.” I know if I do my job helping others find success, then I will be rewarded with success.

Do I want to make lots of money? Sure I do, but I work with real people who have real lives, real feelings, and I run a real business built on relationships…so the last thing I want to do is shake people upside down to get every last dollar to fall out of their pocket just for my personal gain.

So, what’s a person to do?…

Drop The Guru Bull Crap!

No More Internet Network Marketing Guru Bull Shit

Everything I’ve talked about so far is all part of the “GURU” churn and burn mode of operation: find struggling marketers who have an inner fear of just picking up the phone and talking to people, tell them all the answers their every problem in business lie with them and what they can teach them on the Internet…and then once they’ve fed these struggling marketers with their bull crap, they tell them they need one more thing. And then as things change online, as they do in a major way about every 3 months, these goo-roo’s tell everyone they have their next answer to the latest change.

One thing you’ll also figure out is that many of these guru’s operate through “back room politics”, allowing certain people into their throne room, and then work together to cycle people through all of their products, referring their “lists” to each others’ products so they all get rich together.

Now, is there anything wrong with making some info products and selling them to help people figure something out? No, NOT AT ALL.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. The problem is the “bait and switch” and preying on struggling marketers. These guru’s main goal is to churn numbers (not real people) through their funded proposal, then their info product, then their coaching, and then into a continuity program – with no thought whatsoever of actually helping people grow their real business like they’re claiming.

That is just LOW character. You can dress it up, put lipstick on that pig, but it’s still stinkin’ pig. Listen, I grew up on a farm, I’m very familiar with the look and smell of bull crap, and many of these “guru’s” today look and smell just like it!

Internet Selling DOES NOT EQUAL Building A Network Marketing Team

Quite simply, the tactics they teach you DO NOT duplicate inside network marketing. And they know it too…because what they teach doesn’t duplicate, they’re constantly churning through their list to sell the product/training, and once everyone is burnt on that one not working, the guru “finds a new direction” promoting the next hot trick.

I had a conversation online with one of these guru’s recently, who was made popular by getting into the “guru throne room” of a circus of a system out there. This person told me they were “always growing and developing into their own skin”.

But here’s the cold hard truth. If, in fact, what they taught actually WORKED and duplicated through their network marketing organization, they would have blown up their team to huge proportions and have no reason to “find their own skin”!

End of the day, the only way they’re going to keep making money is to keep coming up with new products to sell you about every new problem or change.

Enough Of The Problem. What’s The Solution?

Now, sit down, take some deep breaths, and get ready…the solution is going to blow you away, it’s soooo complicated!


Keep it simple and JUST DO IT!

But you’re saying to me, “Brent, that can’t be it, this business is so complicated, I’ve got to find people to talk to, get them to look at my business, then get them to join…” blah blah blah. Get out of the mentality that you have to learn things you don’t already know to be successful in your network marketing business.

Now, don’t take everything I’ve said here and twist it to believe I’m telling you not to use the Internet for your business…not at all what I mean. The Internet is a fantastic tool to connect with tons of people worldwide. You can use things like a blog and Facebook to find and connect with people who are open for an opportunity or who have similar interests to you.

But just remember, your #1 Goal is always just TALK TO PEOPLE. Don’t think you need to get those people into a sales funnel, market them a funded proposal product, info products, or anything else. Just get their number and give them a call.

Talking to people, being interested and caring, building relationships, and sharing your business information with them is all that builds a super-successful, duplicating network marketing organization! pure and simple!

Use Facebook to share pictures, success stories, great quotes, positive uplifting stories or jokes…all these things will get people to know and like you, and also get interested in learning what it is you do.

Start a conversation with them, and in a private message tell them, “I would love to have a more personable conversation than typing on a keyboard. What’s your number and I’ll give you a call.”

This business was meant to be easy to do, it doesn’t have to be that complicated…

And what are those 3 little words?…


One friend earned a BMW bonus ($600/month!) in just 28 days by simply posting and sharing images on Facebook, connecting with people, and helping them do the same. AND, it duplicated, she helped 2 other people on her team earn their BMW bonus in that same time!

So, that’s all you need to know. Get off that “GURU” merry-go-round and get out of their freak show 3-ring circus. Figure out what you want in life, and out of your business, and just go after it!


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