This One Thing Will Either Make Or Break Your Network Marketing Business

Oct 26, 2011, Network Marketing

When I got started in my network marketing business, I literally was in the dark. My upline all quit fairly soon after I got serious about building my business. But, the funny thing is, for some crazy reason I just wouldn’t quit.  I got started with the same advice that most of you did – and it goes something like this…

“Make a list of EVERYONE you know, call ’em up, and keep following up with them until they either join or die…”

Hahaha! Funny but true!

For some unknown reason, for the next 4 years, I just kept hanging with it in this business and kept on doing the same things over and over again – simply “wishing” that it would all work.

Four years later, it didn’t work any better than when I had started in the first place. It’s interesting how so often we see people get into the network marketing industry and try to do things that massively large cap companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets do. We’re small businesses, NOT large business, and our business has to be treated differently.

What do I mean by this? What is the difference between small business and big business marketing?

Big companies can throw chunks of money at advertising campaigns that only have the intent and purpose of “building brand awareness”, without concern of sales and customers coming directly from that advertising.  We have limited marketing budgets, so we can’t do that. What you do has to be created with one goal in mind: responsiveness. How does your target market respond to what you’re doing? …and does the response result in a profit or loss for you?

If you look at this concept from the perspective of an intelligent business person running a “for-profit” enterprise, your network marketing business really just has 3 simple goals.

  • Sell products, services, and marketing tools.
  • Recruit distributors to sell products, services, and marketing tools.
  • Help your team sell products, services, and marketing tools.

Do What Works

do what works for your businessThat’s it, pretty simple, right?

So instead of trying to stick to one particular strategy, because it’s what some have always done, why not simply look for the most effective and efficient way to make the above things happen?

For instance, in the case of the “friends and family” approach, we must ask the question, “Do friends and family respond well to home meetings/parties, or not?” …If not, why bother with them?

Through my experience, I’ve seen that home meetings work very well in some markets, but not in others…and also better in certain cultures than others. If a person has a sphere of influence that respond well to whatever they say, a home meeting will work great.

But many people who don’t have a responsive sphere of influence, follow the advice to hound their relatives and friends until they “get in”, only to result in frustration and feeling like they’re banging their heads against the wall.  And why keep doing this, trying to tell people in your team there is only one way to promote their business? Just for the sake of “teaching what duplicates”?

Slow & Steady, Or Periods Of All-Out Action?

snowball effectI also remember when I first got into my company in this industry, they taught everyone if you just sponsor 2 people per month, consistently, you will be Platinum (position in the company where you’re set for life) in 3-5 years. Funny though, there’s almost nobody in the industry that produced such small numbers to create any kind of massive leverage.

The idea of teaching this is to keep the masses plugging away, and eventually they would bring in a “super star” into their business…helping the higher-up people more than the person plugging away recruiting a few people here or there.

In network marketing, the reality is that you have to drive a massive amount of people to action to create any kind of sustainable, BIG result – so that begs the question:

Why play small?

Money follows momentum, and momentum comes from recruiting large numbers of people at once. Your team sees you doing that and they do the same thing.

The majority of network marketing leaders earning over $100,000 annual residual incomes have recruited well over 100 people, and many have even recruited 300-500 or more. So, rather than piddling around with little, ineffective techniques, and repeatedly banging your head against the wall, I would strongly suggest you find out what works, stop doing what doesn’t work, and stick with that which is effective!

Is Having A Vision Everything?

network marketing business man with a visionMany people will harp on the idea that you must have a VISION. However important a vision may be, interestingly enough, that is NOT what is going to make the biggest difference in your business! You can have a great vision, huge dreams and all, but still find yourself spinning your wheels going nowhere. What is going to make the greatest difference is learning the simple ACTIONS that WORK to create the results you want to have…meanwhile keeping the VISION that will motivate you to follow through with those actions.

Your vision is what will keep you going, make you stick with your goals through the ups and downs, and will also drive your team to follow your lead. But, if you want results, you have to learn the skill of direct response marketing, and you have to think from the perspective of a small business entrepreneur who only has time to do whatever will increase bottom-line profits.

What is it again that we make money for in this industry?…Selling, Recruiting, and helping our Team with Selling & Recruiting…that’s it!

So, with that said, let’s not make it all mysterious and complex, because these things are easy to learn, simple to master with practice, if it’s what you’re properly focused on, and you’re able to look past the hype spewed out there by many.

In conclusion, just make certain you keep focused on what MATTERS in your business – that is, what WORKS to produce results and profits – and you will be on the right foot in the right direction!

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