The Moment I Decided Is The Moment Everything Changed

Jun 13, 2013, Empower Network

Shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Don’t you just love the opportunities network marketing provides? I just recruited yet another person into my business, while I was on vacation in Miami, last week. So, today, I’m sitting here in utter gratitude for how EASY this business is now, as I think back over my 8+ years in […]

Don’t you just love the opportunities network marketing provides?

I just recruited yet another person into my business, while I was on vacation in Miami, last week.

So, today, I’m sitting here in utter gratitude for how EASY this business is now, as I think back over my 8+ years in network marketing.

I had just graduated from K-State and landed a job as a landscape designer in Kansas City. Things were going fine at first…

…But here’s the deal about people like you and me…

We just don’t like jobs.

Being corralled in by rules, clocking in and out each day, answering to a boss, and ending each day feeling like you’re simply a hamster running in a wheel.

I originally wanted to have my own landscaping business, but I quickly saw that the life the owner of my company had was nothing I wanted part of.

I knew there had to be a better way.

And then I found network marketing.

From the moment I attended my first ‘Super Saturday’, I was HOOKED!

As I listened to the big income earner speak about the freedom the business had given them, I could feel my heart begin thumping, butterflies forming in my stomach, and my mind began racing with thoughts of what could be possible for me.

I thought, “I don’t care how much this thing costs, I’m buying it!

I put my all into that business, just knowing it was my ticket to a life of freedom.

I did everything they told me – even really STUPID stuff – like:

  • approach random people in stores, malls, and coffee shops saying something silly like, “excuse me, you look like a sharp individual, I’m expanding my business in the area…” (barf!)
  • hand out DVDs and magazines to whomever I could find at gas pumps, book stores, and elsewhere
  • cold call leads for 3+ hours every night of the week, only to get hung up on, screamed at, and stood up
  • host ‘ghost town’ home parties
  • drag reluctant guests out to dry, stuffy hotel meetings
  • trap unsuspecting victims into 3-way calls with my ‘expert’

…I spend the next 8 years building my business part-time, going through cycles of failure, frustration, and just enough small successes to keep me going.

I made just enough money each month to keep me ‘in the game’, but not without experiencing constant struggle, rejection, & burn out.

Although I never had the success I really wanted, in hindsight, it was the best investment I ever made to join that business opportunity.

…Because it showed me what was POSSIBLE.

And it was those years that helped me develop key traits that make me successful today… determination, consistency, and it gave me the understanding that the best investment you can make is investing in yourself. That’s something that will weather even the worst of economic downturns.

I constantly pumped my mind full of good, positive info & training from personal development GIANTS like Jim Rohn, Jeff Olson, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, T Harv Eker, and Napoleon Hill.

What my “old-school” network marketing leaders had taught me to do had worked at one time, and still worked for some, but man was it frustrating!

I knew with technology and the Internet at our fingertips, there had to be a better way to reach out to more people about my business.

…People who would ACTUALLY be interested in building a business with me, unlike my friends, family, and neighbors on my ‘list.’

So I spent the next few years diving deeper into the ‘rabbit hole’ of Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

…only to encounter just as much struggle & defeat, and the learning curve was incredible!

Then, with near miraculous timing, a little over one year ago…

…a mentor of mine shows me a video with a guy who’s rich, yet he still seemed like a real person.

You can watch the same video for yourself here:

Yes Let Me In!

I was about to throw in the towel and call it quits.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in this place emotionally or not, but you feel as though nothing you’re doing is working, and you’re filled with fear, thinking: “What if this never works for me?”

So, I made the decision, like you may just find yourself doing by now, to take the leap of faith, and click this link to watch the video.

Yes Let Me In!

And it’s in that instantaneous moment of decision my life changed forever. The decision to step out in faith and take immediate action can instantly change your life should you now make that same empowering decision to click the link below.

I felt the same feeling I had nearly 8 years before in that ‘Super Saturday’ event, but only this time I knew this guy was telling the TRUTH.

Almost immediately, in a moment, I knew the secret I had been missing. I knew exactly what I needed to do.

So I did EXACTLY what the guy in that video told me to do…

Fast forward to today, my life and business have completely changed!

I’ve had days earning $625, $1,500, even $3,000 in ONE DAY online.

…All without home parties, hotel meetings, making a list of my friends & family, or ever picking up the phone to recruit somebody.

All I did was follow the simple instruction laid out step-by-step in that video, the one you will now experience for yourself by clicking here:

Yes Let Me In!

You may find your life changing the very moment you decide to click the link and watch the video.

You’ll see that you can literally recruit hundreds of people into your business – with EASE – without ever picking up the phone or doing any of that nonsense.

My life has radically changed and yours can too…

You can end the struggle & frustration…

…the moment you go here and watch this video, just as I did:

Yes Let Me In!

See you on the other side,

Brent Wehmeyer

Brent & Tiffany Wehmeyer Love ViSalus

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