Have You Ever Felt Like Quitting Your Network Marketing Business?

Jan 27, 2012, Network Marketing

If you’ve been involved in network marketing for any more than a few weeks, I’m sure that you have probably felt at one time or another like you wanted to quit your network marketing business…

I QuitDon’t feel bad about that, we’re all human, and it’s absolutely normal for you to feel this way. Actually, it’s even normal to feel like quitting when you’re having success…even during huge success. That’s because as your level of success rises, your level of challenges rise along with it! I know I have felt like quitting so many times I’ve lost count, so today I want to help you understand why you feel this way sometimes…and most importantly, how to overcome the feeling.

Think back to when you very first started your network marketing business. You probably listened to a few presentations where they told you about the millions you could make in 1 year if you just go get 3 this month, they go get 3 next month, and so on. Then you had dreams of being a millionaire within no time, and you thought it would super easy…I mean seriously, it’s just going and getting 3 people!

So, as soon as you got started, you told your spouse about the awesome opportunity you found, but he/she tells you you’re absolutely crazy, which right away, causes you to…

feel like quitting your network marketing business because your family will not give you the support you deserve.

But do you know what the honest truth is? That will just be the first of many obstacles you’re going to run into that will lead you to want to quit your network marketing business.

However, as long as you have conviction in yourself, your skills, your commitment, your company, and the network marketing industry as a whole, then you will be untouchable!

I’ll get to a few tips in just a second, but first let me tell you about just one of the times I wanted to quit my network marketing business.

I had been building my network marketing business part-time for a couple years while I was doing residential construction and remodeling for individuals near me in my little small town area of Kansas. It was going good and I felt like I was doing the right thing, working during the day to pay the bills, through my construction work, and then working on my network marketing business at night.

Then my company tried to initiate a new marketing campaign partnering up with a new technology start-up company, one I was sure would push us “over the top” and create huge momentum…I had a fear of loss that if I didn’t build my organization as quickly as possible, I would be left in the dust.

So I stopped taking any more construction jobs and decided to just work 100% on my business for the next 3 months. I made calls all day long, bringing people on board like never before. I was excited, and we were getting ready for this marketing campaign launch with this technology company.

And then on launch day nothing went right, we had so many people amped up, marketing the thing, and raring to go, and the technology company was nowhere near prepared for it.  Long story short, problem after problem, delay after delay, and about 2 to 3 months later everybody I brought on board was mad, disappointed, or had already quit.

I had no income to show for all that hard work, and I hadn’t been doing any construction work for several months, so I was forced to go into more credit card debt, and get back into catch-up mode with more construction work, which I absolutely hated because I didn’t want to do that all my life.

And you know what, it really made me feel like quitting. But I took that negative and let it give me the resolve to push through whatever happens to reach my ultimate goal of time and financial freedom.

In that time, I reminded myself of the quote, “Successful people do today what others don’t, so tomorrow they will have what others won’t!” I just new I had to keep going, against the flow of what the rest of society is doing, and the more obstacles life threw my way, the more I new I was on the right track!

So, when you feel like quitting your network marketing business, here are just a few things you can do to pick yourself up.

  • Become better educated on the network marketing/direct sales profession: the history, the people involved, the companies, the value and power of the network marketing model.
  • Continually work on growing personally through self-development by reading good books, listening to audio training, practicing daily affirmations, and surrounding yourself by positive people
  • Get to your network marketing company’s next live event so you can build in yourself a steadfast belief in the products/services, the company, your team, so that no one can knock you off track.

It’s even good to go over some of your best audios over and over…Some people on my team have said things like, “I have listened to those before, I don’t need to again.” or “I know all that stuff, I don’t need to hear it again.”  But I just reply back with the great quote from personal development Legend, Jim Rohn, when he said,“Personal development is like bathing, it should be done daily.”

Continually fill yourself up with affirmations and personal development so that you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get going again whenever the tough times come your way…and they WILL!

When you feel like quitting, just step away from everything for a minute, take a break, and take a deep breath. Take your focus off the challenge at hand for a moment, and focus on your reason why you got started in this industry.  Get into some personal development, surround yourself with other leaders, and get back into massive action immediately.

You see, I’ve wanted to quit so many times that I’ve lost count, like I said earlier, but the key point is every single time I pulled myself up and used it to drive me even harder toward success that would find me sooner or later!

If you got something good out of this, please let me know about it in the comment section below!

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