Put Down The Phone & Pick Up The Paycheck

Jul 24, 2013, Network Marketing

If you’re currently building your network marketing business, I have a question for you: Do you do things you’ve been taught by your upline and company leaders simply because they tell you to, without questioning if it’s the best, most effective thing you can be doing with your time & money?

I ask you that question because I’m really looking out for you, and I want to help you realize some habits taught by the network marketing industry and many leaders out there…habits and cultures that are really just keeping you in a slavery model business of working hard, long hours, and not earning what you’re worth.

I’ve been there myself. From 2004 to 2009, I did everything my upline told me to do, without questioning. Things like:

  • Handing out magazines and DVDs to random people I would encounter
  • Dragging reluctant guests to weekly hotel meetings
  • Bugging friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues about my product & opportunity
  • Cold calling biz opp leads 3 or 4 hours per night almost every night of the week

Those are just some examples. They all cost me MY time & money, not my upline’s. They’re okay with teaching me all these methods – whether effective/efficient or not – because it was me and 1000s of other reps/distributors investing our time & money into those tools and activities. So to the upline leaders, it didn’t matter how inefficient they were, or how much of our money it took to get a few new customers or reps…it was all gravy to them when their overrides came in.

See, it’s a slavery model. They teach everyone on their team how to do incredibly inefficient tasks & activities to keep you and all their team grinding away, hoping for success someday, while they profit greatly from everyone running themselves ragged to get a few results.

Just Because It Worked Then, Doesn’t Mean It’s The Thing To Do Now…

Man shouting at network marketer on the phoneI don’t mean to throw all leaders under the bus. Often they do mean well, but they continue teaching method that worked for them 10, 20, 30 years ago…but they’ve long been out of the “growth & building” phase of their business, when they were really in the trenches recruiting and selling. So what they teach did work for them, it just doesn’t any more.

A perfect example of that is picking up the phone to cold-call prospects…from home business opportunity lead sources, or even from contacts you’ve developed through social media, networking events, or collecting people’s business cards.

Can cold-calling people to recruit them into your business work?

Sure, it does work…but it SUCKS, and it is a terribly inefficient use of your time, when today you can connect with far more people, without any of the rejection, on the Internet (while you’re out enjoying life)!

As I mentioned, I cold-called leads every night of the week, a few hours per night…and I got fairly good at it – after about 3 years of it – but the people I recruited didn’t do jack squat, so I was barely making enough in commissions to cover the cost of my leads.

Think about it: many leaders teach calling people on the phone because it worked for them a long time ago, and many teach it simply because it’s what they were taught.

– Back in the 80s everyone picked up the phone every time when they were home.

– In the 90s people still picked up the phone, but became more jaded by telemarketers interrupting their down time, and when Caller ID came along, people began to just ignore certain calls.

– Fast forward to today, people under the age of 40 or so won’t even pick up their phones (most people only use mobile phones now) if it’s a number they don’t know, and in many cases will even let people they do know leave a message to see what they want before talking to them in person.

It’s just the way it is, times change, for better or worse…but you have to adapt to that, and not be stuck in old-fashioned ways that just don’t work anymore.

At the time I finally learned a better way to actually “market” my business opportunity, I was calling through 100 people to get about:

  • 40 wrong numbers, 20 who wouldn’t answer
  • 20 who would hang up on me
  • 10 voice mails
  • & 10 who would actually talk to me
  • …about 5 of those would actually be interested, but only 2 or 3 would answer at the follow up time
  • And then if I was good that day, I could get 1 to join me

…All that work for such terrible results, and all the rejection and frustration I had to put up with to get through that. Not worth it if you ask me!

We were doing what I call…

“Preaching the Dream, But Living the Nightmare!”

Our company leaders, and everyone following them (including me), sold this grandiose dream of building a business that pays you whether you work or not and lets you live the life of your dreams, traveling the beaches of the world…

…But the reality was we were living the lives of well-paid telemarketers, chained to our phones between cold-calling leads and handling 3-way calls night and day for our team.

Questioning The Status Quo In Network Marketing…

…will lead you to discover that you can learn on your own to adapt to, and market efficiently to, people in society today. And that you can learn new marketing skills that will make your life and business so much easier and more fulfilling!

…Funny, it’s called network MARKETING, yet most people in network marketing don’t actually know, teach, or utilize REAL marketing!

My life was freed up to do what I love, and my business became so much more FUN when I found out there was a much better way – Using the Internet to attract people to you, who are actually searching for what you have to offer, using automated systems, videos, blog posts, and emails to communicate with them, and then only talking with those who join you!

Always Think For Yourself – Question Everything


“But Relationships Are Built On The Phone!”

phoneThis is the #1 reason every network marketer will tell me they “just HAVE TO” keep calling prospects, so they can build relationships with them and close them into their deal.

Like it can’t be done any other way?

Today I never cold call a lead or prospect. It simply is a waste of my valuable time. And you should feel the same way if you value your time.

I use things like video, blog posts, and emails to connect with people who find me. I make them once, share them on the web, go live my life, but those are assets working for me day and night all across the Internet.

And, how do I know they build relationships with my prospects?

I know for a fact it works to build relationships with my prospects just as well OR BETTER than cold-calling on the phone, doing 3-way calls, and closing people into deals, because when I show up to events, people walk up to me and start talking to me like we’re long-time friends, and I don’t even know who they are yet…because they’ve been watching me and following my marketing!

Amazing, isn’t it!?

A little thinking for ourselves, learning what truly works – and works efficiently – and doing that lets us do what we like to call…

“Build a Business While Having a Life”

That’s one of my mottos today, because that’s exactly what I want to help you do. Following that as a guideline, I analyze everything I do in my business, asking myself the question, “Will this action/system/tool/process make my business grow while also making my life simpler and easier?”

…And, if the answer is no, I don’t do it – no matter how well it works or how much money it will make me.

I sell the dream just like I always have – of creating income, running a business, and living a life on your terms, having the freedom to do what you want when you want – but unlike before, in the broken model of old-school network marketing tactics, today I teach people how to actually live it!

What are some action steps for you to get there?

First, I recommend finding the best online marketing training available, learning how to promote whatever you’re selling (whether it’s a product, opportunity, or service) through the use of tools & systems online that provide you leverage, so you don’t have to be the message – the person calling everyone on the phone – you just have to deliver the message. This is more powerful that you may realize…

It allows the system to do the training for you, so you don’t have to go to people’s houses to host parties, you don’t have to hold meetings & trainings in hotels, you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with new team members…It eliminates all of that, freeing you up to do what’s important for your business: market & get more traffic.

Ultimately, YOU are the one responsible for your own success, and that’s just how you want it to be. You don’t want your success dependent on whether or not your team members get trained and then actually go do something. You want to be able to have the marketing skills to recruit virtually on command, dictating your results – and your income.

Second, I highly recommend you check out my training product “Work Less. Live More“, where I give you a look behind the curtain into my business, seeing the systems and processes I employ to make my business work for me, and what I leverage to give me time freedom to live life more fully, work less, and make more money…because a life spent chasing money, but having no time left to enjoy life, is a worthless waste of time & energy.

With the old, outdated ways of growing your business we discussed, you can have an abundance of money – but you’ll have it at the expense of a lack of abundance of time.

Implementing what I teach, you can work to create both an abundance of time AND money in your life.

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