Online Network Marketing: The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

Aug 3, 2011, Network Marketing

Shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Today’s guest post is by MLM Industry Legend, Daegan Smith. Here’s what I want you to do: 1.) Read his guest post below. Then go see his website: ) That’s a link to one of his capture pages. 2.) Write down the headline on a sheet of paper and study […]

Today’s guest post is by MLM Industry Legend, Daegan Smith.

Here’s what I want you to do:

1.) Read his guest post below. Then go see his website:

That’s a link to one of his capture pages.

2.) Write down the headline on a sheet of paper and
study WHY that headline makes you want to optin.

3.) Optin and get on his list.  Note: the guy sends out
a TON of emails.  Study his subject lines and the content
in the messages.  Too many emails?  Just unsubscribe, no
big deal.  But if you open them and read them, they’re
just filled with marketing knowledge.

4.) Watch the sales video in it’s entirety.  Think about
WHY it’s converting at over 10% (which is amazing by the way!)
Why does it make you want
to buy?  What words does he use
to convey his

Daegan’s one of the smartest guys in the industry,
and you’ll love his laid-back attitude.  Sit at his
feet and LEARN all you can from him.  Really.

The question I get asked MOST often is this …”If you had to start all over from scratch, no products, no downline, no list. All you have is a credit card with a $2,000 limit and you MUST get back to a six figure income in 90 days or less or you’ll face certain death what would you do?” I get asked this so often I chuckle.

If you want to know exactly what a person who has earned several million, generated over 500,000 leads, and has recruited over 4000 would do, if …

It was ALL taken way and needed urgently to get back into the six figure income range within 90 days or something really bad would go down, then this email will be the MOST important message you ever read.

Pay close attention. It could change your life over the next 90 days …

My answer will likely shock you.

Here’s what I wouldn’t do.

My first move would not be to find the hottest opportunity on the planet and tell everyone I know about it.

Nope, it doesn’t make any sense.

There’s no leverage there, that’s like saying “How can I put myself in a worse financial situation?”

Home business entrepreneurs get this wrong all the time.

They focus all their time, effort, and energy on trying to find the “perfect” opportunity thinking that’s the ultimate solution.

Thinking …

If I just get myself into the “right” opportunity it will sell itself.

No it won’t and you’ll go broke trying.


Because making money in your home business is about THE hardest thing to do.

It’s what I call “anti-leverage.”

The money you bring in gets sliced up into so many different chunks to pay the company and your 8 levels of upline you get almost nothing.

The advantage is, when you have 8,000 people below you you’ve just created a VERY stable income (as long as the company doesn’t go out of business.)

Which brings up the second point here.

You have no control over company. Never fool yourself into thinking you do.

They can change the comp plan or go out of business and leave you high and dry.

I would NEVER place my financial destiny on something I don’t ultimately control and neither should you.

There’s absolutely no leverage or control.

I’m after the ultimate unfair advantage starting from scratch, not digging myself deeper into a whole.

Remember I’ve got to get back to six figures in the next 90 days or I’m in deep dog poo.

“So it’s leverage your after Daegan, I know what you’d do. You’d start building your list wouldn’t you?”


Although that would be a lot smarter than the first option because at least when you have a list full of people who know and trust you you’ve got some leverage, but …

It’s not enough.

It’s not going to get me back into the six figure income range anytime soon, especially not in 90 days.

If all I have for leverage to start is a credit card with a $2,000 limited I’d be lucky to even break even after spending that money on ads to build my list.

I’d need something better, something faster, something that gives me a complete unfair advantage that would absolutely insure my six figure income in the next 90 days, but …

If it’s not joining the perfect opportunity, and …

It’s not building your list, then …

What is it? It’s this:

Watch This Video
Link Broken? Click here:

Make sure you watch what’s in this video, if you pay attention and DO what it say it will change your life, and …I’m only leaving it up for a VERY short period of time.

To the top,



P.S. There are two missing pieces you won’t see in this video, but tomorrow I’m going to share them with you.

Understanding them is the difference between rapid business growth or complete and utter failure.

You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s AM edition. It will change your entire perspective on what you “thought” you knew about creating wealth online quickly.

I’ll put it to you like this …

Give a person with a 6th grade education what I share tomorrow and he’s FAR more likely to become a millionaire than a Harvard graduate.

Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.

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