Of All The Ways To Make Money Online, Why Do I Recommend Network Marketing?

Sep 26, 2011, Make Money

Do you need to make extra money fast? Many of my readers come to me with that same question, because they know I have pursued several different business ventures in my time working online. I have several niche websites that make money from affiliate commissions and Google Adwords. I also help local small businesses with their online presence and advertising. I blog here, of course! And, last but certainly not least, I spend a part of my days trading the markets.

…And my answer to them and to you, is always, without a doubt, if I had to start over with just one opportunity, I would jump straight into network marketing.

Why Network Marketing?

First of all, because it is the only way to make a substantial amount of income immediately.

Earn Money Quickly In Network MarketingLet me explain by comparing to the other ventures that I take part in. They all make me enough money to make them worth my time, but things like setting up a niche website for affiliate marketing takes time to get the  site ranking and pulling in traffic, and even then more time tweaking the design and content of the page to optimize earnings.  With network marketing, you can share your company’s information with people immediately, and once they buy your product or service you will get paid right away.


Secondly, it is something you can do with very little skill.

got the skills to pay the billsThe beauty of joining a network marketing opportunity is they have everything already in place for you to succeed: marketing materials, customer service department, team support, training, payroll department, compliance department…you get the idea, they’re an established business, and they value you for the work you can do in helping spread the word about their product or service. And because of that, they have everything at your disposal to go out and succeed. All you have to do is talk to people and share the websites, DVD’s, or invite to presentations, no skill needed on your part!


Third, there is no need to commute every day to an office.

Commuting To WorkNetwork marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing, allows you to work wherever you like, from your own kitchen table if you like. You’re simply building an organization of people nationwide, or even worldwide, who are collectively working together to move a product or service to the marketplace, and all of this can be done with technology today by phone or over the internet.

Consider the advantages of working from home: no commute to a job saves gas, no lunch to purchase each day, less wear on your automobile, to name a few, plus certain tax advantages of working for your self.

When you consider the savings from working at home, you can translate those savings into building your home based business by purchasing the necessary software programs, etc. to automate your business…all tax write offs. Working from home, generating sales, allowing others seek you out to join your network marketing company; my friend, that all equals additional income.


Fourth, it provides passive residual income.

money grows on trees in your future with passive residual incomeJust about any business takes constant work to keep it going and to keep the income flowing in. With affiliate marketing, you’ve got to keep up with all the changes and constantly improve your websites, offers and everything else to keep up. With a typical brick & mortar business you always have to be there to keep the doors open, the lights on, employees working, and customers coming in the door.

With network marketing, you spend 5, 10, or maybe 15 years (still way worth it) working hard to build your sales organization and then because you built a solid book of business, that you get paid a percentage of, over and over, you’ll have a dependable steady incredible income that will come in whether you continue to work or not.

I will point out that to have a large passive residual income, you’ll want to go with a company that offers a product that people will keep long term; many things like cosmetics, nutritional supplements and such, they tend to only keep on auto-order programs for a limited time.

Do I Have To Bug My Friends & Family?

This is often one of the next questions I get from people who are familiar with, or who were involved in network marketing companies in the past…along with, “do I have to talk to strangers, and attend lots of meetings?”

My short answer to that is NO, but by no means would I tell you those traditional methods don’t work. In fact, I absolutely do recommend when you first start your business, you invite everybody you can over to your house for a Private Business Reception (PBR). A PBR serves as a Grand Opening of your business.  You don’t and can’t care if all the people you invited, friends and family, buy your service/product or join your business, you simply want to let them know what you’re doing just so they know and can call you when they need you or send referrals to you.

If they want what you offer, they’ll let you know, but don’t let on that you need them in anyway because that will drive them away…and that is also what has given people bad images about this, they went to one of those home meetings and were basically begged or harassed into joining, and that only repels a person away!

And as far as the “old-school” traditional methods go, like the “3 foot rule”, hotel meetings, approaching people at gas stations, malls, and restaurants, and handing out magazines and DVD’s, they absolutely have worked for decades, making 1000’s of people ultra successful, and they can still work today.

Using The Internet To Build Your Home Based Business

Building Your Network Marketing Business Online Using The InternetBut with the advent of the internet, there are many ways to both connect with more people than ever before, and also automate the sharing and selling part of your business.  You will still need to talk to people to build relationships to get them to know and like you, and also build commitment to your team, your company, and your cause, but the internet can definitely be used to put your business into overdrive.

The internet now provides almost immediate success for those who are willing to learn the skills that will bring people to them through attraction marketing with the desire to join you because of your leadership qualities.

Today, you can quickly learn a new set of skills which is simple but not always easy. All you need is a really big “WHY” and the determination to see it through until you have acquired the necessary skills to generate a six or even seven figure annual income.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

too good to be trueToo many others have taken this route becoming successful in building their own dreams instead of building someone else’s dream (through a little hard work and by learning some new skills) for it to be too good to be true. The network marketing industry is basically like any other business, people who succeed and many who don’t, except for those who see the big picture and are willing to take advantage of the tools available to change their financial position and eliminate their J-O-B, and stick with the plan with persistence until they reach their goals.

Compare the cost of your current job to the low cost of starting your own home based business through network marketing and you may have found the answer you have been seeking. Think about it this way, will you every achieve your dream lifestyle if you keep working in your career for the rest of your working years? How about if you work at your career for just the next 10 years? Well, in choosing network marketing as your path, your dreams are possible!

How Do I Choose The Right Business?

Our job as network marketers is to find the right program, search for people in our same niche who are looking for a solution to a problem and then provide that solution. And there are literally 1000s of niches out there for those who want to find a way out from the common trouble of “too much month and too little money”.

I consider there to be 5 main categories or niches within the network marketing industry:

  • Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Cosmetics & Skincare
  • Household Products
  • Technology Products
  • Services – financial, travel, legal, discount programs

A crucial consideration before getting involved with a company: Evaluate whether the company offers a “me-too” product; that is a product that can be easily recreated, for a cheaper cost, by big retailers like Wal-Mart and others, once they see that the product is very successful.

Now you know why I recommend network marketing to everyone; it’s a way to really change your life for the better!

The decision to become a network marketer requires you to know exactly why you are getting into this business.


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