Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Jobs

Aug 10, 2011, Network Marketing

Which is Better for You and Your Family?

In today’s economy, when things are spiraling out of control in the¬†wrong direction, Moms and Dads are sitting at the kitchen table scratching their heads and scrambling for solutions.

The problems people face are at crisis levels. Every day more and more families are waking up to a pit in their stomach surrounding their own job security and the rising cost of living expenses. They are reminded throughout the day of the bleeding circumstances as they stop by the grocery store for a few dinner items and the gas station.

But, here’s the thing. People are choosing to bank on that very pit in their stomach for security. They place their hopes and faith in the job market, in bosses, in the economy, in the government because they are too afraid to do anything else.

There’s no such thing as job security.

Anytime you work for someone else, you’re at their mercy.

It doesn’t matter:
…How much your boss likes you.
…How well you do performing your job.
…How well or poor the economy gets.

You’ve positioned yourself to be one pink slip away from possible financial devastation.

Things change. People change. Life happens. Circumstances change. The economy changes.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me?”

Well, today more than ever, men and women may wish to evaluate their situations and their options for insuring financial security for their families.

Hopefully they recognize in the deepest part of them that if they seek true financial security, it’s up to them personally to create it and keep it.

And that’s not with a job, but a business they own where they hold all the cards.

I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship.

However, there’s a great deal of people who have entertained the idea throughout their lives and it’s these people I’m talking about.

I’m talking to those who carry a deep seed of knowing they deserve more from life and believe they have what it takes to make it happen, if they just had direction.

Some have acted on those dreams and perhaps have failed with very identifiable reasons. Others have thought about it but have never taken that first step.

More often then not, people seem so sure that their security is in their jobs, when it’s actually the other way around. They see that paycheck every Friday and bank their lives on it.

Security is in working for yourself, being your own boss.

As a society, we are taught from childhood how to be good employees. Dreams of entrepreneurship are squashed because of it. Since those dreams were not nurtured and honed in on, these individuals lack the skills and belief system it takes to be successful in that arena.

As a result, would-be entrepreneurs never achieve all they were destined to. This is a tragedy.

Let’s put entrepreneurship vs. a job in perspective here.


Workers/Career Oriented/Employees

This group of individuals

1) Invest thousands of dollars on a formal college education and
give up years of their life to classroom study to be able to enter
their career field where they become enslaved.

2) These workers will be told what to do for the next 40 years.

3) It’s dictated:

  • When you get up in the morning (which dictates bedtime)
  • What to wear each day
  • When to eat lunch
  • When you can have time with your family and friends

. . . . just to name a few

3) It’s dictated how much they can earn which determines:

  • When, where and for how long they vacation
  • The type of car they drive
  • The home they live in
  • The entertainment they enjoy
  • The food on their table
  • The gifts under the Christmas tree

. . . . just to name a few

4) IRS tax code was NOT written for them. They get paid,
pay taxes first, then deduct their living expenses.

Oh, and now they have school loans to pay for years.


Home Based Business Owners/Entrepreneurs/Network Marketers

This group of individuals

1) Invest money into seminars, books, and coaching programs to
gain knowledge on how to run a business. (Trivial amounts
in comparison to a college education). Education will come
mainly from on the job training.

2) Invest in a business opportunity, generally a network
marketing company. Initial average investments range from
$300 to $3000.

3) The IRS Tax Code was written for them. They get paid,
deduct their expenses first and then pay tax on the balance.

4) They enjoy a lifestyle that looks like this:

  • They get up when they’re done sleeping
  • They wear what they want
  • They come and go as they please
  • They eat when and where and what they want
  • They vacation when, where and for however long they want

They are NOT subject to:

  • Income caps
  • Time constraints


If people would put their fears aside about being their own boss, they would be able to sit back and assess the
situation and their options in a more rational way.

When one looks at the two comparisons, doesn’t business ownership make better sense all the way around?

So, the question these Moms and Dads have to answer as they scratch their heads searching for answers to their
financial security, is whether they choose:

Plan A: Stay in the work force until retirement; or
Plan B: Take control of their life through a business of their own.

There is no Plan C.

Only a very select few will feel it’s worth rolling up their sleeves and learning new skill sets on how to create security through a business of their own.

The majority will stay in the work force until they retire.
Then what?
What happens to them then?
Where do they live?
What do they eat?
What’s their source of income?
Is it enough to sustain a quality of life?

If you’re one of those individuals who carry the entrepreneurial spirit deep inside, it’s something to think seriously about because it’s here, in the home business industry, that one will find the real security.

But, if you read “Magnetic Sponsoring”, you will understand that your business should be one of a Solutions Provider and not just representing one company.

The training, the skillsets, the mindset are all very achievable when the desire is there.

Yes, it takes time. But what are your options if you don’t? A year and two will go by so fast anyway. You deserve
to have the life you dreamed about for yourself and your family.

To Your Success,

Brent Wehmeyer


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