Does Network Marketing Really Teach You Marketing?

Sep 21, 2013, Network Marketing

Today, I had the opportunity to have a discussion via Google Hangout with my good friend Owen Graham. We’ve both been in the direct sales industry for over 8 years. Since 2004 for me, actually…getting close to 10 years! We were actually just “hanging out” online, chatting about recent happenings, and the topic got brought up about network marketing and the question, “does the industry really teach marketing?”…

Sure, you may learn personal development skills, and you’re taught how to approach random people in public and try to hand out your magazine, DVD, or business card to them. But I’m talking REAL marketing here.

…Which brings up a great question:

What is marketing exactly?

Marketing is simply presenting your product/service/opportunity with the right message, to the right person, at the right place & time.

You can complicate it, write elaborate books and articles about it, expand upon that, but at its core, that’s all it really is.

(See how Wikipedia defines marketing if you don’t like my definition. hahaha)

The ‘Marketing’ Network Marketing Teaches…

Network Marketing IllustrationIf you’re involved in a network marketing opportunity, you know you’re taught to follow the leader, don’t re-invent the wheel, do what duplicates, etc. Your leaders teach you what worked for them to build their business. Some companies are great at keeping with the times, teaching people to utilize Social Media and the Internet, but the majority of the companies in the industry still discourage distributors from using the Internet and real marketing to build their business. Sometimes leaders train their team to do what they did 10 or 20 years ago to build their organization and they’ve been in team management mode ever since, so they have no clue if what they taught works today or not.

Regardless, 99% of the industry teaches you to do things that work, but they suck, and they’re time wasting, money wasting activities, like 1-on-1 sit down meetings, home parties, hotel meetings, cold-calling prospects, and approaching random people in public.

You calling on friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers is NOT real marketing. Because you’re not getting your message in front of targeted individuals who you know may have an interest in what you have to sell. You’re essentially approaching them in hopes that they may have an interest.

It Works, But Is It Efficient?

hard work signYou see, just because it “works”, that doesn’t mean it’s efficient or effective. You have to consider the number of hours you put into those old methods, and the money invested. Your company pays you commissions when you or your team make sales. Count up the hours you spend at home parties, in hotel meetings, on the phones with prospects or 3-way calls with team members, and divide that into the commissions you earn. Maybe that turns out to be a great number for you. But I can tell you, for most people that calculation results in a rather unimpressive or discouraging dollar per hour figure!

It’s like the difference between digging a hole by hand (traditional network marketing methods) or by backhoe (utilizing real marketing techniques).

…Learning real marketing skills, ways to get your message in front of the right people, using technology and the Internet, gives you your time back.

We get into the industry for freedom – time & financial freedom – but all too often what happens is the vehicle of network marketing that was intended to give us freedom is the very thing that enslaves us.

Learn marketing so you can build a business while having a life!

Marketing Takes Away Personal Rejection

When you have to hear no after no after no, I don’t care how much “rhino skin” you’ve developed, it still drains you emotionally. The special person can plow through them, just looking for the next yes…but most people can’t keep motivated to go through lots of no’s in sit-downs, home parties, and hotel meetings for very long without getting discouraged and dejected.

But why put yourself through that when there is a way to use REAL marketing, and leverage systems and technology that will sort through the tire kickers FOR YOU?

online marketing in wood type

Today, I use content (blog posts, videos, emails, FB posts, etc.) and marketing (free or paid ads & traffic) to get my message in front of the people who are interested in what I have to offer, and then sales pages, emails, videos all work on my behalf to present to them and sort through the uninterested…

…I NEVER have to talk to a lead and hear them tell me NO. I only get on the phone with people after they’ve joined my program!

Watch our video above if you haven’t already. We’re not saying your company sucks, your leaders suck, or that what you’re doing is wrong…just letting you know what marketing is and isn’t, and giving you the opportunity and awareness to analyze what you’re doing in your business today.

What you’re doing, is it working? …Does it drain you emotionally, frustrate you, or discourage you? …is it wasting your valuable time and/or money?

If yes to any of those, you just need to know there is a better way to build your business. You may be able to still sell the product or service you represent now…but invest in yourself and your business by learning marketing skills, and using the internet, to be able to attract prospects to you, leverage technology to automate the sales process, and eliminate those frustrations and discouraging tasks you do now.

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