MLM Industry At A Crossroads Today

Feb 11, 2013, Network Marketing

Shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest It’s the 21st Century, and the network marketing industry is finding itself at a crossroads. Warning – The following results you hear discussed in this video and talked about on this blog post are not typical. We cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results. We have an income disclaimer […]

It’s the 21st Century, and the network marketing industry is finding itself at a crossroads.

Warning – The following results you hear discussed in this video and talked about on this blog post are not typical. We cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results. We have an income disclaimer that you can read here that shows you the actual results that people are experiencing in real time.

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This past Thursday, February 7th, I had a blast with some buddies of mine on a Google Hangout, as we discussed, for 2 FULL HOURS, all the truths of the network marketing industry today. We’ve all known each other for a while, and have been in the same company at one time or another, but we weren’t on each others teams…just friends and business colleagues.

So, in this Hangout, we had a goal to start with, and then we just let it roll from there. We started with the intention to reveal the truth of the network marketing industry today. We talked about our experiences in network marketing, totaling over 30 years between all of us, and each of us has spent at least 7 years in 1 business.

We went into topics such as what attracts people to the industry, some of the truths of what really goes on in MLM “behind closed doors” or “under the table deals”…but you’ll just have to watch the Hangout above to get all those juicy details.

Our discussion reminded me of what first got me involved in network marketing. I was fresh out of college, working a job that I enjoyed but quickly realized would consume my life if I wanted to make even a decent income. I knew to ever have a life, a family, and time freedom that I dreamed of, I would have to come up with something different.

It was right around that time that a good friend introduced me to a company that would pay me commissions every time I sold their service, and on top of that, I could build a team and earn a percentage of all their work as well! I went to a “Super Saturday” event and saw people talking about the large amounts of money they were earning, while living a life on their own schedule.

My mind was blown.

I was sold, “hook, line, and sinker”. I went out and told everyone I knew about the service, and I had a bit of success, earning about $1,000 per month for the first 4 months or so. This was just awesome!

But there was a problem.

It wasn’t sustainable.

The business model of network marketing, or MLM, at its basic level is the majority of customers & distributors coming from people’s “warm market” (the people you know, friends, family, neighbors, etc.). Which is great…until you run out of friends and family in your warm market to talk to.

Ideally, the business works great because by the time you run out of your warm market, you’ve built a big enough team to be earning lots of money and you can focus on helping your team sell, recruit, and build through their warm markets, and keep digging deeper as the team grows.

But idealism and reality aren’t usually the same thing, are they?

Reality in this case is that it hardly ever works out like that. For a few people, it does, and those are the ones who the companies put on a pedestal to show everyone how the system works. However, most people go through their warm market only to find a lot of rejection, and the few people they do recruit quit soon after or never do much.

…So they go through their warm market only to recruit a few people, and then those few do nothing, so they’re left scratching their heads figuring out the next thing to do.

This is the point when the majority of network marketers will quit.

I was persistent and stubborn enough to keep going until I figured it out. What happened for me, I moved on to buying hundreds of dollars worth of leads per month, to spend 3 or 4 hours per night calling them on the phone…facing more rejection than ever, and spending precious hours of my life on the phone talking to broke people who couldn’t even afford $50 to start their own business.

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I say I was just persistent enough to keep going, but sometimes I thought maybe it was really that I was just DUMB enough! Nonetheless, I plowed forwarded, determined to find a way to make it work, find success, and have time freedom in my life.

But everything I did, and I tried lots of crazy things, just consumed MORE of my time, taking me farther away from my goals and dreams of living life on MY terms.

…I did things like go to bookstores, put my business cards in business related magazines, and then wait around the corner to see if some unsuspecting victim would pick up the magazine, who I could then go talk to about “keeping their options open for income opportunities.”

…Or I would go to a gas station, even though I didn’t really need gas, and only put a few bucks worth in, just so I might be able to see a “sharp individual” around the pump who I could hand my magazine or DVD to.

Oh, I shake my head now at the things I used to do, and wonder, “If only I knew marketing skills then that I know now, how much success could I have had then?”

Now this video above, it’s not for you if you’re one of the successful in network marketing. If that’s you, you’ve broken past that barrier most people never do, you have the connections, friendships, and relationships that can carry you to success in whatever company you promote. And I congratulate you for that, it took you a lot of hard work and determination to get there.

This video IS for you if you’re like me and you’ve had to grind it out for years, spinning your wheels, and finding yourself in the same spot year after year. You’ve been selling the dream of what network marketing can provide you, all while living a nightmare yourself!

The recording of this Hangout is also for you who, like me, spent hundreds of dollars per month on weekly hotel meetings, trainings, monthly regional events, biz opp leads, tools (magazines, DVDs, cards), conventions, travel, and more only to break even at the end of the year, in reality earning yourself nothing for all your time lost.

And, you’ve also got to watch this video if you are a network marketing professional, you’ve made it to the ranks of leadership. You spend hours of every day, at all waking moments, on the phone doing 3-way calls with your team. You travel hours in all directions to be the guest/expert at home presentations for your team, even when 1 or 2 people show up. You’ve done it all to achieve that dream lifestyle we’re promised, but it continues to seem farther and farther away.

I worked with my first company for 8 years. I did all of the above, went to every convention, was committed to the end…and my best month might have been about $2,000, maybe.

Now, I know the better way, that does allow you time freedom, allows you to build a business while having a life.

My friend, Roosevelt, who was also on the hangout, just started in his new business 90 days ago, and using the techniques we know, and the systems we have in place, he was able to make $1,500 in just ONE DAY!

…Without ever going to a hotel meeting.

…Without hosting a single home party, challenge party, or PBR

…Without ever picking up the phone to do a 3-way call

…Without ever cold-calling prospects on the phone

If you want to learn about what I’ve found to be a better way to build our business, you’ve got to watch the video above.

The industry is at a crossroads…people are waking up by the thousands to the reality of how the industry really works.

There are some who are embracing the opportunity to change, make the industry better, allow people to make more money, with less work, less politics, less B.S.

And then there are the majority who are resisting change, trying to keep the status quo, and those profiting with big teams in place are acting in fear of losing everything they’ve built.

Which side are you on? Your gut tells you what’s right…stay with the way it’s always been, or see the opportunity to be a part of a huge shift in giving people true time and financial freedom, without the downfalls of traditional network marketing.

If this resonates with you, click here to learn more about how you can work with our team to start achieving the types of results we talk about in the video above.

Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on, I absolutely wish you nothing but the best life has to offer you in all you do!

Live Life On Your Terms,

Brent Wehmeyer

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